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Annual Horoscope 2021
by signingstar

Adaptation to the new facts


2021 does not seem to put extreme pressure on you or challenge you in some way unless you were born on the last five days of the sign/ascendant, thus you must cope with Pluto that has decided to structurally and deeply transform you. There will be activity on the financial level since you will be called upon to redeem the professional efforts of last years and dare to be in an environment that is far too different from what you were used to. Perhaps you struggle to fit in in an environment that you are forced to be and you have to collaborate with people with a different way of thinking. It is hard on you but it will also help you to feel financially secure.

However, you are also called upon to prove that you can integrate a new pattern of thinking, change the way you see things, and get rid of everything unnecessary and useless. If you refuse to do so, you will have health problems so that you understand that your body cannot respond to the hectic rhythms you impose on it; this is why it rebels.



Jupiter will be in Aquarius and your 2nd Solar house almost throughout the year except for the period between May, 13 and July, 28 and as from December, 29 onwards when it moves to the sign of Pisces.

Jupiter in Aquarius is a good opportunity to improve your finances. You are called upon to have faith in your participation in a group and operate within a specific context so as to feel the pleasure of participation and contribution to a bigger cause. Your profit does not only translate into material goods and a remuneration. It could also include acquaintances, expansion of your horizon, and the realisation that you contribute to something bigger than everyday life affairs. Perhaps you have the opportunity to get rid of objects which you maintain for a long time but have started to weigh you down. Thus you make more room for your personal life and this is a great benefit for you.

The trial period of Jupiter in Pisces will give you the opportunity to travel and add certain much needed travels to your everyday life. Perhaps you decide to leave routine by the wayside and go on short but refreshing trips that help you to have a change of scenery. Perhaps you decide to follow some educational programmes and invest in knowledge that will assist in your moving out from a stifling environment. Remember that you must first settle unfinished business with relatives and then you may decide to go away.



Saturn in Aquarius throughout the year is an indication that you pass over your principles in review starting off with the financial field. Perhaps money is tight and you feel you have no discretion to act as you have had until today because you are called upon to think of others’ desires and will. Perhaps you must plan your next steps bearing in mind that you cannot be at the helm and you cannot ask others’ opinion. Perhaps it is time you realised that you participate in a group effort as an equal member since there is no leader. Perhaps you realise you are called upon to reduce your expenses and compromise with less. You are called upon to be attuned to what takes place in society around you.

On the other hand, Saturn in Aquarius will help you to establish a safer economic framework if you realise that you are called upon to invest in the lessons of the last three years. You must prove you can be a team member and you have clarity so as to look at the future, not be focused on a dying present, and stop talking about the past. You will be called upon to prove whether you have faith in the future which means that you must grade your values differently. If you feel safe in a professional group, make sure you prove it and you dare speak of group effort instead of relying only on yourself and practices that were powerful once but outdated now.



The first set of eclipses begins on May, 26 with the Lunar eclipse at 5 degrees Sagittarius in conjunction with the South Node and in square with Jupiter in Pisces. You ask yourself what it is you must get rid of or leave by the wayside so as to free space in your mind and heart. You must stop coping with professional issues which consume your time and energy and forget about useless activities which aim at serving others. Perhaps it sounds somehow selfish but you are also called upon to realise that you spend too much time in many directions without any real benefit. Perhaps you must tackle health problems and start thinking differently although it is not easy to find your footing in this new world view. The Solar eclipse that follows on June, 10 at 19 degrees Gemini in conjunction with retrograde Mercury and in square with Neptune might make your everyday life confusing because there are added parameters which are hard to control. You are called upon to bring together a lot of information which is upsetting and does not allow you to handle everybody. As a result, you feel the need to attack people of your everyday life. Perhaps something new begins on the professional level which is greatly vague and makes you question whether you can put things in order and do something which is not based on rules and concrete steps. If this whole situation makes you sick, try and take distance and have a change of scenery so as to clear your head from shadows and obscurity.

The second set of eclipses begins with the Lunar eclipse on November, 19 at 27 degrees Taurus in square with Jupiter in Aquarius. It highlights your need for something new to be born in your life. Perhaps there are developments in your personal life, your relationship moves forward and the possibility of having a family comes to the fore. Perhaps an interesting acquaintance comes up but you must prove whether you have faith in it or not. You see, intimacy between yourselves might be risky. Finally, you must have a lucid mind to clarify whether you can believe in a professional offer since you must cooperate with people you do not know or you must operate in a group of people whose rules are not that simple for you. The Solar eclipse on December, 4 at 12 degrees Sagittarius in conjunction with Mercury and in quincunx with Uranus in Taurus will make you acknowledge that you cannot manage everything you have introduced into your life. You are called upon to clarify and discern things. Some developments in your personal life might upset you and make you admit that you are not totally in control. However, this is a step toward having faith in time as it acts independently and not based on the boxes of your head.


The axis of the Moon’s Nodes

The North Node will be in Gemini and the South Node will be in Sagittarius respectively throughout 2021. You have the opportunity to be more flexible in a pretty hectic everyday life. You must have more mental clarity, learn to communicate with people who speak a different language, and prove that you can change your way of thinking and responding according to the environment you are in every time. Perhaps you must become a student, time and again, in a work environment in which you cannot be the person who knows it all. You obviously have knowledge that is useful to the group but you cannot dissociate yourself from everybody else by taking on roles that will disturb existing balance. If you start working in a new environment or you are given a new role, make sure you prove you are willing to be trained and you have discretion to ask questions without fearing your image might be harmed.

You will also be concerned with your health and you will implement new techniques to its benefit. You will be called upon to reconsider your nutrition and see whether it is time you updated it. Perhaps you link physical health to mental insight. You will start asking yourself whether it is time you followed some training that will keep you up and going. You had better remember that a young brain has an impact on physical health so do not only focus on exercise and work out programmes.


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