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Annual Horoscope 2021
by signingstar

Your personal growth cannot wait


2021 is an extremely important year for you because you have the opportunity to make commitments and take action that lead to a change of scenery in your life. With Jupiter in your sign almost throughout the year, you will have the chance to broaden your circle of influence and to try and create new relationships. An amorous relationship might move forward pretty quickly and will make you look at the future much more optimistically in comparison to what has been taking place thus far. Perhaps you take distance from your existing place of residence so as to live with your better half or perhaps you make plans to have a child. At the same time, Saturn is in your sign and you are called upon to make small and stable steps. You should avoid exaggerations and big promises and prove that thought and action are not always interlinked.

On the professional level, it is time you dared to give shape to your own workplace as long as the people near you are trustworthy. If you have the chance to be at the helm, you will be tested for this ability. Do not react to people who control you because they are there in order to confirm that you are experienced enough. In January and in February, you must settle unfinished business otherwise you are trapped in your own life. In June and in July, you have the opportunity to open the door to your future. Finally, in November and in December, you will put your ability to shoulder weights to the test.



Jupiter will be in your sign almost throughout the year except for the period between May, 13 and July, 28 and as from December, 29 onwards when it moves to the sign of Pisces and your 2nd Solar house.

Jupiter in your sign gives you the chance to make new beginnings, to dare to expand your living space, and to form relationships and collaborations which inaugurate new chapters. You have the opportunity to make the next step in your life, make your relationship official, and relocate. Perhaps you are even ready to have a family and this will take place at the same time with the aforementioned actions. If you are single or you are in a relationship that is bogged down, amorous challenges show up and intrigue you. As a result, you are very prone to casual amorous challenges with little chance for longterm prosperity. If you meet somebody who will make your frozen heart beat anew, your enthusiasm may result in great expectations and you may decide to invest in this acquaintance. You have not verified, though, whether it is reliable.

On the professional level, dare to make the next step toward a new workplace where you must also be trained. If you are ready to launch your own business, make sure you are surrounded by a team who will support you and will give you room to express your talents. Perhaps you pull the wires but remember that the rest of the team members have great expectations from you. Thus, you cannot be irresponsible and not acknowledge how important your mission is. If you are in a stifling workplace or a workplace that has reached an impasse, you are called upon to dare to make the next step. It might seem like an escape which proves that you are willing to set your life in motion time and again. Perhaps this means that you are ready to relocate somewhere far where there is hope for personal growth.



Saturn in your sign throughout the year seems to have an impact mostly on the representatives of the first decanate due to big pressure for changes which prove that you are aware of the end of a lifecycle. You will be under pressure in the workplace because your boss does not probably allow you to have any discretion to act and deprives you from liberties you were used to. Perhaps there is financial uncertainty in your existing workplace and as a result, you feel very insecure about the future of your everyday life. Therefore, you must check whether you are ready to look for a new workplace being forced, at the same time, to reduce your remuneration needs. Perhaps your salary is reduced and you compromise with the idea of earring less instead of losing your job and seeking something better in a work environment that is downsized.

Saturn puts your personal life to the test because you are called upon to realise that you are at a juncture when you are called upon to make the next step. You must prove that you mature in a relationship that has lost its spark and makes the next step. Getting married seems like a pretty fixed commitment at the current juncture since you choose somebody who you know can second your common future. On the other hand, if you are in a relationship and you are estranged from your partner, make sure you close this chapter as painlessly as possible. There is future shall you decide to open the door and leave. Time is not your ally anymore. It is rather an opponent you cannot dupe so make sure you befriend it in your effort to lay solid and stable foundations.



The first set of eclipses begins on May, 26 with the Lunar eclipse at 5 degrees Sagittarius in conjunction with the South Node and in square with Jupiter in Pisces. It seems to bring issues with your friends to the fore. Perhaps you realise that you waste your energy in favour of people who will not stand by you in the end shall you need them. Thus, you start being irritated. You will try and avoid some meetings with friends or you want to give up an activity. At the same time, you will question yourself as to whether you are too selfish and egoistic. On the personal level, you are likely confused with an acquaintance that is not clear whether it is friendly or amorous. You want to be able to discern your feelings but it is not at all easy. The Solar eclipse that follows on June, 10 at 19 degrees Gemini in conjunction with retrograde Mercury and in square with Neptune will make you hold a dialogue so as to draw the conclusions you seek. Start the conversation you need and try to express your thoughts in view of somebody who tries to understand how you precisely feel. Bear in mind, of course, that you are probably not clear and as a result, the other side is not precise either. Thus, mission is not completed. On the financial level, make sure you reduce your expenses because you may be easily carried away with pointless moves.

The next set of eclipses begins with the Lunar eclipse on November, 19 at 27 degrees Taurus in square with Jupiter in your sign. It has an impact mostly on the representatives that were born on the last days of the third decanate. You will be called upon to justify your expanding plans and be persuasive about your words. Try and be truthful and realistic so as to avoid scaring people who are involved in your narrative. Your decision to relocate or have a professional transfer might be the basis for a discussion that will change your role in your existing relationship or workplace. The Solar eclipse on December, 4 at 12 degrees Sagittarius in conjunction with Mercury and in quincunx with Uranus in Taurus seems to support your efforts to find allies for your plans who are to be found not among familiar faces. Perhaps you seek the support of friends and you leave discussions with family members by the wayside. Perhaps you can see the professional potential of an offer that reaches you from afar and pushes you to leave a workplace that has walled you out lately. Perhaps you need to take distance from your demanding everyday life and your decision upsets people who take you for granted.


The axis of the Moon’s Nodes

The North Node will be in Gemini throughout the year and the South Node will be in Sagittarius respectively throughout 2021. It signals that you need to introduce new elements into your life and to feel that you can make some steps toward rebirth through new amorous experiences, a boost in your existing relationship, or professional steps which consist of innovation and youthfulness. Perhaps you have the chance to meet people with a fresh way of thinking and perception. It will be intriguing to approach them and even give room to amorous sparks between yourselves. Such an acquaintance could set your life on fire and even alienate you from your existing relationship if the latter has reached a dead end. Perhaps you want that your relationship makes the next step by having a child. You grow more optimistic about the future in comparison to what you have been used to lately.

On the professional level, perhaps you have an idea that is an excellent opportunity to become your next step in your career. You must invest in knowledge and the way you handle your ideas because you may not be experienced to turn the idea into action. What matters is that you feel like rediscovering your talents. Based on them you should be able to create something with your own stamp on.


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