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Lunar eclipse 26/5/2021
by signingstar

The Lunar eclipse on May, 26 at 5 degrees Sagittarius in square with Jupiter in Pisces seems to favour the signs/ascendants of the mutable axis (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces) born on the first decanate so that they dare do something that could change their life track.

The current juncture seems to favour plans for a trip and be an alarm bell for the beginning of a new reality that is necessary so that the rhythms in your life change. Perhaps facts come up that change your knowledge in the fields of medicine and travels. Perhaps you must second weak groups of society. Perhaps there is a real need to be in touch with one’s emotional world and find a way to make the mind collaborate with the needs of the heart of every human being. What matters is that personal will stops being in the spotlight and steps are made toward global solidarity.



The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse is an opportunity to dream and live outside the ordinary so as to escape earthly reality. You have the opportunity to go on a trip so long as you bear in mind that some of your plans might be more ambitious that what you can actually do. Make sure you are surrounded by people with both feet on the ground so as to avoid living in a bubble and distance yourself from situations which could expose you later.



The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse seems to have an impact on your finances and makes you look for reality in a plentitude of prospects. You are called upon to have faith in the person by your side, share your worries with them, and prove that you can live with them without fearing that you must be continuously in control. On the other side, perhaps there are professional developments and you must set boundaries in offers you receive that seem pretty challenging.



The Lunar eclipse opposite you is the first alarm bell which indicates that there are clear developments on the personal and professional level. Balance in your relationship is challenged and you are called upon to hold an unfinished discussion. Perhaps somebody from the past shows up and you have to consider promises you made and realise that you are at a juncture when you are called upon to decide in which direction to go. Perhaps you try to hold two watermelons in one hand but remember that this game will soon come to a close.



The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse will be an alarm bell regarding your daily life and its rhythms. Perhaps you understand that you need a break and that it is time you had a change of scenery on a daily basis. Perhaps it is time you looked after your physical health, you took care of your nutrition, and you followed a different lifestyle. Perhaps you are professionally challenged and you are called upon to be wise about it because enthusiasm and speed are two parameters that will not help you to make the right decision.



The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse will be a good time to cope with your personal life and seek to shed light in unclear situations. Perhaps you must come closer to your better half, express your thoughts, and show hidden feelings. Perhaps you must be more giving and stop operating based on whether you are at the helm of the relationship. If you are single, look around you and you will understand that there are opportunities for flirtation and acquaintances so long as you invest time in your personal life.



The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse colours a situation related to your personal life that has worn you out lately. Perhaps you are under pressure at home and you are about to rebel and ask for something different. Perhaps you really need to go on a trip far from familiar pictures and people you meet on a daily basis. Perhaps you have objections on the professional level and you seem willing to prove that you are worth more than what people you associate with think.



The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse will make you more extrovert, thus you will express what you have in mind and you want to highlight to your surroundings. Perhaps you must hold a conversation with relatives so as to answer any questions that have come up and put unfinished business in order. Perhaps you want to take a break from the professional area of your life and go on a much needed vacation even if you go alone. Finally, make sure you invest time in your professional training by taking up studies and seminars that will be rather useful in the future.



The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse seems to disturb your finances and make you realise that you probably risk too much. You will seek to settle unfinished business, stop worrying about pending issues, and safeguard your belongings. A professional offer at the current juncture might be rather ambitious and unrealistic so make sure you pay attention to detail.



The Lunar eclipse in your sign seems to bring your interpersonal relationships to the spotlight and force you to admit that it is time you seriously coped with what bothers you and you would rather avoid or set aside. You must come to the fore and express yourself knowing that you will confront people who can change their attitude or people who used to bury their head in the sand all along. Perhaps it is time you coped with your life dilemmas and shed light to what you conceal and might expose you. It is time you screened out your life and you went in the direction of your choice, otherwise you will be a victim of the situations.



The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse is a loud alarm bell that indicates that something must take place on the professional level so that balances change. It is time you spoke up but be careful because whatever you say might turn against you. Perhaps you must be careful with a collaborator and try whether you can trust them or not. Perhaps you must cope with your health, look after your physical well-being, and decide to change several nutritional habits.



The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse seems to impact on your social life and make you deal with your friendly environment and your participation in group activities. Perhaps you want to take on a more responsible role in a social activity bearing in mind that you can have personal gain from it. Perhaps you must cope with your priorities and it is time you ranked your personal life in relation to the time you invest in your friendships. Try and be honest with your intentions and avoid excuses which only save you time.



The Sagittarius Lunar eclipse will be a big opportunity to make moves that will change your professional image. Perhaps a work cycle on a specific subject comes to a close, you leave a position, and a new chapter opens up ahead of you. Perhaps you are promoted and you take on roles you did not think about until today, therefore you probably dare to change your public image. Finally, something might change on the professional level and you must come to the fore so as to announce your decisions which should convince your surroundings too.

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