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Solar eclipse 10/6/2021
by signingstar

The Solar eclipse at 19 degrees Gemini on June, 10 in conjunction with retrograde Mercury and in square with Neptune in Pisces seems to have an impact on the signs/ascendants of the mutable axis (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces) who were born at the beginning of the third decanate.

Perhaps you must hold an unfinished discussion anew as it has cast doubt and unclarity regarding your next step and you must redefine some parameters. Perhaps it is hard for you to discern reality from imagination and truth from lies. Perhaps your dilemmas are hard to solve. Perhaps you think you can play an interesting game with somebody you would like to make sure whether they are by your side or against you. This game could make you lose touch of reality unless you have specific rules and defined boundaries.



The Gemini Solar eclipse seems to favour a trip you have been dreaming of for a long period of time but you have not managed to realise. Perhaps you decide to dare to do something that you really need so as to have a change of scenery and be in a place where you will manage to leave cruel reality behind. Perhaps this is the moment when you speak and you express what you hold within which seems to cast a shadow on you and does not let you find peace.



The Gemini Solar eclipse will help you to talk about financial affairs and settle unfinished business which may make your communication with friends difficult. Try and be clear about your ambitions, honest about your demands, and claim what you think you deserve. Make sure you have your questions about your remuneration answered regarding a professional offer so as to be able to give your final answer without doubts which give rise to uncertainty.



The Solar eclipse in your sign will be an opportunity to escape from an exhausting routine. Perhaps you travel, you find yourself in a place you have been dreaming of for a long time, and you have a change of scenery. Perhaps you decide to openly speak to people around you and express your thoughts which, however, might be linked to unreliable information. Finally, perhaps something new begins in your life and you are filled with dreams and ambitions, thus you take distance from a heavy reality.



The Gemini Solar eclipse seems to put obstacles to your professional life and is a thorn you are called upon to accept. Perhaps something changes in your work routine and you must discuss a topic that welcomes your personal viewpoint. You must bear in mind that what you say may easily give rise to contradictions and be the foundation on which a new reality must be built. Make sure you are careful about whom you trust because there are people around you who you should not consider operate solely to your benefit.



The Gemini Solar eclipse could be your opportunity to get in touch with friends anew and be more extrovert than usual. Perhaps you have an opportunity to participate in group activities time and again but you may also evaluate your acquaintances following a long period of absence. This prospect may lead to an impasse and your definitive alienation. Finally, make sure you do not grow enthusiastic with a new acquaintance, at the current juncture, because appearances are deceptive.



The Gemini Solar eclipse could be an opportunity to reassess you professional image. Perhaps you must talk about yourself and claim your percentage of success which others try to steal from you. Perhaps there are obstacles at work due to unfinished business and as a result, it is time you did something so as to change things. On the personal level, you likely look for the lost innocence of your relationship by digging into your past that will bring buried memories to the surface.



The Gemini Solar eclipse will bring about the possibility for an escape far from daily life and make you look for ways to take distance from your life as is. Make sure you find healthy ways to let the steam off because otherwise you will lash out on people and situations that should not be your target. On the personal level, try and explain your thoughts and complaints in a comprehensive way otherwise you will initiate a fruitless monologue.



The Gemini Solar eclipse could make your amorous life confusing because you may easily get in touch with somebody from the past who will make your future decisions difficult. Perhaps you are involved in unresolved dilemmas, you can hardly find your balance in unclear choices, and you lose precious time and a lot of energy in situations which seem at least like a dead-end. On the financial level, make sure you are clear about your debts and you terminate any activity which costs too much.



The Solar eclipse opposite you will be an alarm bell about your personal relationships and will be the starting point for reviews. You are called upon to pay greater attention to what your partner says and to ask yourself whether there are reasons why you have lost contact between yourselves. If you are in a new professional environment, perhaps some facts must change and you must take up training and education on certain parameters that will be rather useful in the near future. Finally, if you are about to start a new relationship or professional collaboration, you had better be cautious and delay any potential decision you are called upon to make.



The Gemini Solar eclipse is an opportunity to fix some situations in your daily life which make the flow of your day difficult. You could change some of your habits, do some things in a different order, or decide to focus on your nutritional habits. You had better look after your health and give up on some habits which deteriorate your physical well-being so that they do not go too far and turn into problems in the future.



The Gemini Solar eclipse will be an opportunity to cope with your personal life, sense the problems in your relationships, and try to resolve them. You are called upon to pay greater attention to your communication with your better half and be more open to the other side’s thoughts which you oppose after all. Perhaps you try to spend more time with somebody you have met and has entered your life by trying to share with them some situations. They might be the source of quarrels but you should not be afraid. You should rather see them as opportunities to bridge your differences.



The Gemini Solar eclipse will be an opportunity to take action regarding your house and make moves which prove you are willing to change some things in it. Perhaps you want to redecorate and get rid of objects which remind you of a past that has ceased to be part of your life. Perhaps you decide that you want to move out which means that you look for your new place of residence. On the professional level, try and overcome some disagreements that could turn into quarrels you can hardly manage in the future.

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