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New Moon 10/7/2021
by signingstar

The New Moon at 18 degrees Cancer on July, 10 in marginal opposition to Pluto in Capricorn seems to highlight the need to give priority to your instinct so as to communicate certain messages that are out of the picture lately.

You have the opportunity to come closer to your better half and get rid of a daily routine which seems to break you down and make you lose your optimism. You may grade your priorities differently, listen to your heart, and put your mind on the back burner. Perhaps you seek to be a member of teams that help you to feel safer, in comparison to what you feel like in your everyday life, and to give new meaning to your life following the new beginning you decide to make.



The Cancer New Moon will be an opportunity to cope with your house and improve certain situations in it. You may have to approach a family member so as to help them and stand by their side due to moments they go through since they seem to really need you. Perhaps you attempt to redecorate and get rid of objects which do not belong in it anymore. Finally, you might have to cope with a professional challenge by asking yourself questions the answers of which are based on your willingness to move on with inner changes.



The Cancer New Moon might set you thinking and make you weigh certain facts which call you to work through your relationship with relatives. Perhaps you want to communicate your decisions and you must be absolute regarding your intentions which might scare people before you. Perhaps your plans for a trip change and you are temporarily dissatisfied with the possibility to go somewhere far from your daily environment.



The Cancer New Moon seems to make you look after your finances more and make moves which prove you realise your position. It is time you settled unfinished business and you bought some things you need so as to stand on your own two feet. Perhaps you receive news about your remuneration at work and you must redefine your position in a professional group so as to protect your belongings.



The New Moon in your sign could make you more sentimental than usual and more sensitive. Perhaps you are confused in your personal life and you send mixed signals to your partner which they cannot understand. Perhaps you go through difficult moments at work and you realise that you cannot rely on everybody. You are called upon to make choices and move on with people who are clear about their intentions and with whom you can communicate without needing to read between the lines.



The Cancer New Moon calls you to pay attention to signs and your instinct and to screen out your environment. You must have clarity so as to alienate toxic people and take distance from situations that could expose you. Try and add the last pieces to the puzzle which you want to complete and which will be the work you bequeath to a group of people at work that you leave behind. Perhaps you must cope with your mental health and express what you hold inside that weighs you down.



The Cancer New Moon could be an opportunity to make a new beginning in the social area of your life. Perhaps you decide to be more extrovert and to get in touch with friends with whom you have lost contact lately. Perhaps you want to join a team with a big goal because you want to offer something to a society which is in turmoil. On the personal level, try and express your emotional world and stop alienating your better half because frigidity grows even bigger between yourselves.



The Cancer New Moon will be an opportunity to show off at work and to take on responsibilities which may change your public image in the long run. Perhaps you decide to openly speak, to be who you truly can be, and to operate in the way you have imagined but have not dared to bring forth yet. On the family level, try and shed light on a topic that has come up and do not allow people to cover up situations even if they try to avoid collision this way.



The Cancer New Moon urges you to speak up and clarify a situation you cannot maintain in a vague and doubtful situation. You must be diplomatic, of course, in order to achieve your goal and target the other side’s emotional world shall you wish to be a winner. Bear in mind, though, that there is always the right moment to make your move. If you want to plan an excursion, make sure you clarify when you have spare time for this need otherwise you might overload your schedule.



The Cancer New Moon trials your faith in close people with whom you have an intimate relationship or collaboration. Perhaps it is time you let others be at the helm and you considered whether you can resign from the wheel and let others take initiative. Perhaps you settle financial unfinished business which should finally stop being threatening. It is time you made a new beginning regarding the way you handle your finances.



The New Moon opposite you highlights that it is time you listened to your inner world and you tried to let yourself free in a relationship that scares you but could also be your guide from now on. You are called upon to talk with your inner voice and trust your instinct. You should avoid processing what comes to surface through reason. It is very difficult for you but it could also be a useful opportunity to see whether you can live this way.



The Cancer New Moon will put balance at work to the test because you are called upon to trust people whom you do not know for long or who may mislead you with their behaviour. Try and focus on the voices of people whom you should seriously take into consideration, grade your obligations, and remember that your health matters the most. This means that you had better add certain activities to your daily habits which help you to keep fit and have clarity.



The Cancer New Moon will be an excellent opportunity to have better contact with your children or focus on your amorous life. In the first case, you may have to second your children’s efforts, invest time in their problems and find solutions. In the latter, perhaps you decide to invest time in your personal life by leaving work-related issues by the wayside so as to find balance in situations which are currently out of your control.

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