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Full Moon 24/7/2021
by signingstar

The Full Moon at 1 degree Aquarius on July, 24 in quincunx with Venus in Virgo might make it difficult for you to put your thoughts in order.


Stubbornness is ill-advised because it will lead to unrealistic dogmatic perceptions and convictions. You are called upon to open up your mind and have arguments regarding dilemmas and difficult balances instead of being chained to ideas which do not correspond to the present situation. Perhaps you want to control everybody around you but you had better realise that this entraps you in a living pattern which makes your interpersonal relationships difficult.



With the Aquarius Full Moon, you will come across friends’ opinions and views that might make you confront situations of daily life. Perhaps you want to dissociate yourself and take distance from them because you believe they have a different way of thinking. Perhaps you try to include your social life in your daily routine which is something pretty difficult and challenging.



The Aquarius Full Moon will force you to admit that you are under pressure to make necessary changes so as to be more flexible with developments. Perhaps you hardly fit in in the frame of your personal life, you are sick and tired of the repetitive routine, and you seek something new. Perhaps you are at a crucial point regarding the next step in your relationship and you discuss this possibility without easily reaching safe conclusions. You are called upon to tune in your ego to a group of people you must trust otherwise you will have to go it alone.



The Aquarius Full Moon is your opportunity to escape a stifling environment that forces you to repeat a series of actions. You want to leave home knowing that there are obligations you cannot ignore. You want to leave professional weights by the wayside for a while bearing in mind that you cannot be completely careless since you must focus on the big picture.



The Aquarius Full Moon seems like an opportunity to trial the other side’s trust in you. Perhaps you want your thoughts to be accepted and see whether you can persuade the other side about the way you see your relationship. Perhaps you want to talk about a trip and see whether it is feasible to spend money for an escape that will renew your relationship. On the professional level, keep on discussing the offer you have received without jumping into safe conclusions because certain details make it difficult on you to make the final decision.



The Full Moon opposite you will be an important moment when you can clarify professional issues. Perhaps you trial the degree to which you can influence colleagues and collaborators and consider whether you can take the helm and lead things in your desired direction. Perhaps you hold discussions about financial issues with close people as you try to protect your belongings without being trapped in an unfitting environment.



The Aquarius Full Moon will make you wonder whether you can combine your professional affairs with your personal ones. Perhaps you must work longer hours so as to complete what you have taken on without putting your love life on the back burner. Perhaps you try to fit your professional ambitions in the comfort zone of today knowing that it is not easy to be a winner in everything without taking risks.



The Aquarius Full Moon may help you to achieve goals for which you have been trying for long unsuccessfully. Perhaps somebody close to you supports you but you do not allow them to enter your life since you do not decide to open your heart. Perhaps you benefit from the risk you take. Perhaps you receive a positive answer for a job application you have submitted. Perhaps you realise that a work chapter comes to a close and a new one opens up very soon.



The Aquarius Full Moon will be an occasion for turmoil at home while the balance in a family relationship might be lost. Perhaps a quarrel takes place which brings emotions to the surface that have been long suppressed. Perhaps you must resolve the differences with somebody with whom you share a side of your life. Perhaps you close a professional chapter and it is time you moved on without looking back and without dragging along weights from the past. It is a period when you must settle the ground on which you move so stop believing that things will work out themselves.



The Aquarius Full Moon will help you to take distance from situations in which you do not want to be involved and from which you prefer to take distance. Perhaps you want to speak up and express your objections in occasions in which some operate without considering the rest of the members that are affected by the developments. Try and be objective with your judgements but also be empathetic enough so as to express yourself in the most suitable way to people before you.



The Aquarius Full Moon will help you to settle financial obligations and find solutions to problems you drag along for a long time. Perhaps it is time you organised your plans for a trip and you carefully planned your steps so as to avoid momentary excitement that could get you into trouble because of unexpected expenses. Perhaps the solution to a problem, which has gone through due process, comes up and the decision settles unfinished business that did not allow you to operate carelessly.



The Full Moon in your sign will be a dynamic moment for your interpersonal relationships because you will come across somebody who stands opposite you and narrows your horizon. Perhaps you want to disturb the delicate balance and cause a stir which the other side did not expect. Perhaps the other side has caused a commotion and you seem ready to make a move that will clear the landscape. Perhaps you decide to disturb stagnant waters at work because you want to test whether you can rely on people around you since you are not certain about whether to trust them unquestioningly.



The Aquarius Full Moon could upset your interpersonal relationships but you cannot explain or see where this turmoil stems from. You must listen to your instinct, avoid confronting people who can play with your mind, and see whether people close to you pull the wires without your knowledge. Some of their moves will raise suspicions so it is easy for you to understand whether you are involved in a situation that can manipulate your way of thinking. In addition, look after your constitution and avoid filling it with toxins and unnecessary ingredients.

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