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New Moon 8/8/2021
by signingstar

The New Moon on August, 8 in Leo in conjunction with Mercury, in opposition to Saturn in Aquarius and in square with Uranus in Taurus seems to upset the established foundations of the signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) born on the second decanate.


Perhaps it is time you spoke, you expressed your personal needs, and you became yourself without trying to smoothen situations or finding it difficult to be yourself. You could be absolute with your intentions and dispositions and behave somehow selfishly in view of occasions in need of compromise and commonly accepted solutions. Truth be told, you cannot keep on being under pressure. You would like to show who you really are and see whether you are likeable or not. Your personal needs are more important than common intentions and this is something you cannot keep on concealing.



The Leo New Moon will help you to express yourself directly and you will seek to take distance from people and situations that obstruct your way. It is time you set new rules in your relationship and you asked for more time to yourself by leaving your social life by the wayside. Perhaps you are decided to take the next step with a new acquaintance or to have a child. On the professional level, you might feel ready to move on with your ideas and thoughts but you should seriously consider the price of the effort you make.



The Leo New Moon will upset the foundations of your life since you must hold a serious discussion on the domestic or professional level. Perhaps you realise that it is time you finished a tiring and burdensome chapter and you are called upon to take distance from it. Perhaps you want to clarify your position on a work-related issue since you decide to shoulder responsibilities others refuse although they are their own. Finally, if you want to take distance from your daily routine, you have the opportunity to do so as long as you take a suitable small company of people with you.



The Leo New Moon makes you extrovert and ready to lay your cards on the table regarding situations which demand that you are yourself. Perhaps you make statements of specific importance that impact on the climate of your life since they also influence relatives. Perhaps you want to dissociate yourself from the way of thinking of close people and be seen as somebody who operates autonomously. Finally, it is time you completed an educational cycle and you decided how to use the acquired knowledge.



The Leo New Moon seems to establish a new reality on the financial level and lay the new foundations on which your next moves will depend. You likely want to change your priorities and include some common obligations with your partner or collaborator in your plan. Perhaps you realise that you have taken on disproportionate weights and you seek to change this situation by making sure you express your objections and you state that you are not willing to keep on operating in a disturbing and demeaning way.



The New Moon in your sign seems to inaugurate a different period since you decide to operate based on the new priorities you will set. Perhaps you decide to improve your existing relationship which means that you will invest time and energy in it and you will seek to come closer to your better half so as to find your balance. Perhaps you terminate a professional chapter that lasted long and you wish to leave behind a situation that is not beneficial for you anymore.



The Leo New Moon will be an occasion to cope with your physical endurance, to look at yourself in the mirror and to realise whether you like what you see or not. Perhaps you need to rest and to stop following a specific daily programme which makes you lose your excitement. Perhaps you feel retired into yourself and you look for a way out. Perhaps you want to travel somewhere far but it is not that easy at the current juncture. If you prioritise your obligations though, you have the opportunity to set up the right frame so that you can define the way you will spend your spare time in a couple of days from today.



The Leo New Moon could be a good occasion to approach friends and to find time to be sociable time and again. Perhaps you want to take part in a group activity which helps you to get in touch with a side of yourself in need of companionship. Perhaps you find an opportunity to see friends and acquaintances but you also need to cope with your tense mood swings and your tendency to retire into yourself.



The Leo New Moon could be a good opportunity to clarify an important topic regarding your domestic or professional life. You must confront somebody who is an obstacle to your intentions and dispositions. You must argue about a topic which impacts on your moves from now on. Perhaps you must take distance from home because works must take place in it so as to transform it to your liking and imagination. Finally, beware of balances at work because there is unfinished business which influences your right judgement and pushes you to make moves that do not favour the creation of the right alliances.



The Leo New Moon urges you to take distance from daily situations as it reminds you how important it is to alienate people who operate in an unbearable way. You want to take distance from relatives even though it is not very easy because you cannot get rid of certain connections. Perhaps you process plans about your next educational step. As a result, you are in a dilemma you can hardly clarify since there are people who want to influence your final decision.



The Leo New Moon seems to impact on your finances since you try to weigh the new facts and decide whether you are prepared to make an investment that is neither funny nor temporary. You must prove whether you trust the person by your side who asks you to jointly plan your next step. Perhaps it is hard for you to stand on your own two feet and as a result, you let go and count on the support which this person by your side offers you. They try to be an important piece of the puzzle. However, trust is earned through various tests and you do not simply give it away.



The New Moon opposite you seems to be a good occasion to make important decisions about your personal life and clarify whether there is somebody before you whom you could fully trust and with whom you can move on together. Perhaps a new acquaintance comes into your life that could play an important role. Perhaps you meet somebody you cannot simply overlook. On the other side, are you ready to commit to something new when you have not yet overcome the recent turmoil?



The Leo New Moon will be an important occasion to cope with daily affairs since you try to overcome the obstacles before you which do not allow you to be optimistic about the future. Perhaps this means that you quarrel with people who do not understand your need and you might operate in a way which proves to be hasty and selfish. You see, you need to be heard and to stop going after others’ dispositions.

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