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Full Moon 22/8/2021
by signingstar

The Full Moon on August, 22 at 29 degrees Aquarius in connection with Jupiter seems to favour the signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) born on the third decanate.

The Full Moon favours group gatherings and actions and could help you to be more sociable and stop hiding from people who once used to be your friends. A professional proposition might come up which introduces you to a team and helps you to have a role that will make you conquer a goal which seems too ideal. Perhaps you decide to be more extrovert, you want to meet people, you break free from the familiar framework, and you take distance from a familiar and repetitive daily routine.



The Aquarius Full Moon could help you to be more sociable, get in touch with friends and acquaintances, and become a member of a bigger team. Perhaps you need to go out and have fun, mingle with people, and break free from a pattern of isolation. If there are tensions and disagreements between yourself and your friends, make sure you respond bearing in mind whom you would like to keep by your side. You need not necessarily agree with everybody and participate in activities which once used to suit you.



The Aquarius Full Moon seems to bring about professional developments and forces you to acknowledge that you are at a point of important decisions. You will be called upon to decide whether you are ready to take the next step in your career, to dare to spread your wings, and to find yourself in a new and rather bold environment. Perhaps an opportunity comes up which you cannot ignore and you take advantage of occasions so as to take a step which will yield better financial results.



With the Aquarius Full Moon you will be somewhere far from your base, you will dare to go on a trip that you have long postponed, and you will break free from routine. Perhaps you travel for professional reasons and you visit a place that could be your life base for the upcoming period of time. Perhaps you go on a trip with your better half so as to empower your relationship, you find your footing, and you decide whether you will take the next step together.



The Aquarius Full Moon will be an occasion to calculate your income and assess whether you can make the investment you have in mind. A professional collaboration might be judged on the basis of whether you feel good in it, whether you are yourself, or you are overwhelmed by the other side’s personality. On the personal level, your connection with your better half is the main element of your relationship which is definitely assessed through sexual chemistry between yourselves.



The Full Moon opposite you will be an opportunity to improve your social life and come closer to people you have taken distance from since you wish to fix this reality. You could take part in a group effort and make new friends. You could be a member of an effort to change things in your social surroundings. Perhaps you improve your love life, you flirt, and you fall in love or you take steps in your existing relationship even by planning to have a child.



The Aquarius Full Moon may add certain parameters to your daily life and make you split your time in an uncontrollable way. Perhaps you must be in many locations at the same time and you must multitask so as to respond to many activities. Thus you might lose your orientation. You must also look after your nutrition, avoid exaggerations, and set up a schedule for working out. Remember that your physical wellbeing begins with the way you think about your future.



The Aquarius Full Moon seems to activate your personal life and change certain facts related to your relationship and family. Perhaps you pay attention to your amorous life, you come out of your shell, and you want to make new acquaintances. Perhaps you must spend time with your children and invest in your relationship with them through joint activities since you are called upon to be near them in potential problems that will come up next months. It seems that their life changes and they inaugurate the beginning of a new era.



The Aquarius Full Moon could clarify several domestic and family issues and could be an opportunity to change speed in your life shall you be chained and devoted to a stifling living pattern. Perhaps you contact family members so as to resolve your differences and set a situation in motion as it is stagnant and does not help you to see the future clearly. Finally, it is time you considered a renovation of your space or you even looked for a new house which you so much need for practical as well as psychological reasons.



The Aquarius Full Moon touches upon issues of travels and communication with people with whom you have taken distance between yourselves. Perhaps you plan a trip, you are far from your base, and you enjoy the company of people whom you miss in your everyday life. Perhaps you share your thoughts with people who can help you make important decisions regarding the next step on the personal or professional level. Make sure you listen to what the other side tells you even if it does not suit your views.



The Aquarius Full Moon touches upon your finances and certain moves you make so as to improve your income. Perhaps you decide to sell something, to take advantage of the profits, and to invest some money in something that will pay off in the long run. Perhaps you discuss the possibility of a pay rise and you are in touch with somebody about a professional transfer that could improve your income. Try and be a team member with a team spirit and you will realise that your profit will be bigger in comparison to what it would be if you operated individually.



The Full Moon in your sign seems to colour a decision you are called upon to make following several months of thinking and negotiations. You must put pressure on yourself and try your endurance in view of situations which you cannot control and lead in your preferred direction. Perhaps you break up from a difficult relationship and you seek to meet people who do not resemble the partner you are used to having by your side. Take advantage of the occasion and make a choice which helps you to escape the tight frame you find yourself in. You have the opportunity to enjoy yourself so long as you are willing to use it.



The Aquarius Full Moon might make your daily life hectic and might try your endurance in view of this reality. Perhaps your day is more complicated, you must contact many people, and you must trial your endurance in view of everybody else’s different way of thinking. Perhaps you ask for the support of people who can add useful parameters to your way of thinking so as to avoid dead-ends and personal isolation.

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