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New Moon 7/9/2021
by signingstar

The New Moon on September, 7 at 14 degrees Virgo in trine with Uranus in Taurus seems to help the signs/ascendants of the earthly element (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) born on the second decanate to lay foundations for developments and changes.

You have the opportunity to analyse a situation and reach useful and necessary conclusions so as to get rid of whatever is useless and unnecessary. Perhaps it is time you coped with daily routine and you set a timetable with actions with reasonable continuity that do not make you lose your orientation. Finally, look after your nutrition, try to work out, and care for your health so as to take care of your psychical well-being.



The Virgo New Moon will make you spend more time for work-related issues and pay attention to the way in which you can resolve your problems. You could take advantage of an opportunity so as to improve work conditions and seize a prospect to improve your finances through a temporary work challenge. Finally, look after yourself and your health by going through with the planned examinations.



The Virgo New Moon may bring about new conditions in your personal life and help you to start something new which may be very invigorating for you. You may lay foundations for a new relationship, you may make it known to your surroundings, and you may dare to express your emotions without wanting to hide. Perhaps you are in a relationship that is about to move on and you might consider the possibility of having a child. If you are concerned with your job, perhaps you prepare something that entails many sides of your personality.



The Virgo New Moon seems to draw your interest in work-related issues and to make you realise that you are called upon to to settle certain things because the longer they remain the same, the more they turn into a mess of ambiguity and doubt. Try and listen to reason and focus on what really matters. Leave every secondary issue by the wayside because you are called upon to second your reality. Avoid being involved in occasions that are not of your concern because you may be involved in dead-end situations.



The Virgo New Moon seems to help you externalise what you keep in mind and express your thoughts without falling into the trap of emotional games. You are called upon to learn to express yourself without hesitation, to be clear and direct about your views, and to dare speak without hiding behind excuses and phobias. Perhaps this is difficult and pressuring for you but it will also be a very good opportunity to change your strategy in view of situations you cannot responsibly handle.



The Virgo New Moon will be the beginning of period when you are called upon to cope with financial and practical issues. Perhaps it is time you settled your financial obligations and you programmed certain expenses which will come up next months and you cannot avoid. Perhaps you receive professional offers which you are called upon to carefully and meticulously examine based not only on financial gain but also in the freedom they will give you.



The New Moon in your sign will help you to express yourself more openly, to dare to be yourself, and to try to set some priorities at will. You cannot run behind people who pull wires in their own way and simply be the recipient of developments. It is time you laid foundations for your new professional reality; you tried to be more open to challenges; and you considered the possibility of taking on obligations which make you the leader of developments.



The Virgo New Moon will disorient you because you must focus on daily issues following a change in your habits. Perhaps you must be involved in more than one group activities and become an equal member of society with a common, and not individual, goal. Perhaps you must be wary of your nutrition and look after your health because you should not let several signs go unnoticed.



The Virgo New Moon seems to help you be more extrovert and become a member of a team that can make you take distance from a habitual frame of action. It is not necessarily pleasant for you because you prefer to operate according to plan. However, it could help you expand your social circle. You need to revive your life, amorously or professionally, which also indicates that you need to change your way of living. You know it deep down but you might reject this option as long as you try to rationalise it.



The Virgo New Moon will help you to move on, develop professional issues and set things in motion so as to settle what is bogged down. Perhaps this means that you are called upon to spend time at work, focus on that area of your life, and leave your social life by the wayside for a while. Perhaps you are in a work environment where changes take place and you are called upon to redefine your role in it without seeking to confront people who are at the helm.



The Virgo New Moon seems to highlight the need to look at things from a different perspective and make sure you express your thoughts in a way which proves that you are ready to make changes. Try and avoid head-on confrontation and dare to be diplomatic in an effort to bridge the gap between rival views instead of going against them. If you need time and space, try and literally take distance from the events by going to a place which helps you clear your thoughts.



The Virgo New Moon is an opportunity to settle financial issues, put your transactions and unfinished business in order, and fix whatever hangs in mid-air. This means that you can fit in in the new situations that have come up in your environment and that you are ready to accept some changes that have taken place. Perhaps you pass over your personal life in review and you dare to criticise your relationship which will favour decisions that lead to a new way of action.



The New Moon opposite you will be an opportunity to talk about your thoughts regarding your personal life. You can make a new start in your relationship and lay foundations of understanding with your better half without any ambiguities and questions between yourselves. Perhaps you must be bolder with your better half, listen to what they say with an open mind, and try to live in the frame that they plan for the both of you. On the professional level, a proposition by a colleague might be intriguing but it might also be too bold to follow.

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