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Full Moon 20/9/2021
by signingstar

The Full Moon on September, 20 at 28 degrees Pisces in connection with Neptune may help the signs/ascendants of the mutable axis (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces) to dream and travel beyond the obvious.

You could go on an excursion and take distance from daily routine and the harsh and practical side of life. Perhaps you need to mingle and become a member of a bigger organisation which aims at helping humanity or setting an example for people who have lost their purpose. Finally, you may want to turn to a higher power considering that you will derive power and hope so as to handle the difficult situations before you.



The Pisces Full Moon seems to make you turn in the direction of a group of people or a whole society. You ask yourself whether it is worth living based on personal gain or you should second the weak. Perhaps you want to work for free and invest time and labour in an activity with a higher purpose and goal. Perhaps you lose yourself in a work environment which suits you and is convenient for the time being since you do not want to confront people you try to avoid.



The Pisces Full Moon will help you socialise and become a member of a team that consists of people who seem to suit your idiosyncrasy. You could make new friends, decide to invest time in activities which respond to your actual needs, or take part in social activities that help you to come out of your shell. At the same time, though, beware not to fall victim to financial scam from people whom you consider close but they might behave in a way which could harm you.



The Pisces Full Moon could be a good opportunity to find solutions on the professional level and take steps that remove any visible problems. Perhaps you find a solution to a specific issue by receiving unexpected help from an unknown sender. Perhaps you hold a professional proposition which seems to make you stand out from the crowd since you assume a role that could be a very important opportunity to make you known. On the personal level, a new acquaintance is exciting but there are also several hidden aspects that could lead the way.



The Pisces Full Moon could help you escape from a closed environment in which you are trapped. You can go on a much needed trip, take distance from situations which prevent you from thinking about the future positively, or receive an offer that gives you the opportunity to cope with something that suits you. You need to think beyond daily routine and you should follow your urge.



The Pisces Full Moon might make you wear tinted glasses and make you believe in people who aim at carrying you away with their dispositions and aspirations. Try and be open-minded, think rationally, and ask for arguments which can convince you about what others say. You may easily fall victim to financial or amorous deceit unless you decide to let somebody play with your feelings. On the amorous level, an acquaintance may get you involved in a situation you cannot easily escape from.



The Full Moon opposite you will help you to feel emotionally complete and highlight your need to be in a relationship which fulfils you and nourishes you. An acquaintance might move forward and you might feel ready to take the next step in your life. If you take on more responsibilities at work, try and discern people around you because they are not all truly happy about your progress. Finally, dare to become a member of a team with high goals and ambitions by filling your life with a vision that you miss.



The Pisces Full Moon requires your attention because you may be involved in professional paths that are not at all clear and safe. It is time you realised that you are in an environment you cannot control and as a result, you are carried away with others’ intentions which are not always clear. Try and put your thoughts in order and use reason when you feel you are carried away by your emotional world. With regard to your health, make sure you look after your nutrition and you avoid letting go and being carried away with bad habits of which you will hardly get rid in the near future.



The Pisces Full Moon could give you the opportunity to approach your better half and bring overwhelming feelings to the surface. An acquaintance you have made might turn into a pretty fruitful relationship so long as you are ready to let your feelings surface. If you are emotionally confused, you may be easily involved in dilemmas and parallel relationships. This will make you lose your rhythm and lead you in directions from which you cannot easily return.



The Pisces Full Moon seems to help you travel somewhere far from daily routine and take distance from the material side of life which wears you out. You have the opportunity to jump into a way of thinking and action that makes you dream away, to be passionate about tomorrow, and to lose touch with difficult reality. Perhaps you plan to move out, you plan a long trip, and you try to fill your mind with beautiful pictures from another era. You are in danger, though, of being carried away in a path which seems idyllic but leads to utopian dead-ends.



The Pisces Full Moon might carry you away to a discussion without rules and boundaries which seems theoretical but may easily turn into a story with no beginning, middle, and end. Try and concentrate and set reason in motion unless you seek to escape from daily issues. In such a case, you could go on a trip some place where you can look at the future much more optimistically than today; where you can dream without necessarily having realistic dreams.



The Pisces Full Moon highlights the need to be wary with your finances because you may be carried away in a path which entraps you in the sphere of impossible. Make sure you avoid serious discussions about money; you refuse to be involved in shopping which you cannot tell with certainty is necessary for you or your close people; and you try to participate in humanistic actions which are relieving for you since you offer from your short supplies. At the same time, it is a good period to sell what you do not need and get money so as to cover your practical needs.



The Full Moon in your sign seems to help you expand your sphere of influence and be close to somebody who makes you dream and overcome your personal boundaries. Perhaps a professional effort is completed and you look for your next professional step which you would like to be on a different track. Perhaps there are many opportunities and challenges which you cannot delimit and as a result, you are lost and without concrete timelines.

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