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New Moon 6/10/2021
by signingstar

The New Moon on October, 6 at 13 degrees Libra in conjunction with Mars and in opposition to Chiron in Aries seems to mostly impact on the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) who were born on the second decanate.

You be called upon to implement your plans, move forward with your thoughts, and make moves which prove you are decided to complete your projects. In this effort your opponent will be yourself and your impulsiveness as they might expose you to people whom you would not like to disappoint. On the other side, perhaps you struggle with your insecurity, you must overcome your personal obsessions, and you dare to take initiatives which you would hardly manage under other circumstances.



The Libra New Moon will directly impact on your interpersonal relationships since you are called upon to decide whether to follow somebody and the proposition they make or not. Perhaps you fear commitment but on the other hand, you might have found the ideal person to stand by your side. Perhaps you hesitate to accept a professional challenge which, however, would breathe new life in you. What matters is that you reply whether you are willing to leave selfishness by the wayside and be altruistic.



The Libra New Moon will help you to improve your relationships with people from work so as to be able to have a better daily life. Try and really connect with collaborators, improve the climate in your relationship, and be a team member. Perhaps you fear exposure and as a result, you seek to be in collaborations of the kind so as to avoid being exposed to people who will be very judgemental of your efficiency.



The Libra New Moon seems to bring you closer to your better half so long as you are willing to listen to them and not to your social circle. Try and experience your relationship through your communication with one another and express your feelings without filters. Perhaps you must stand by your children, consider their problems, and build bridges of communication and connection with them.



The Libra New Moon will be a good opportunity to cope with your house or your personal space so as to make repairs or changes in it. You must likely correct what is wrong, get rid of useless objects, and look for a way to renovate. Perhaps you wish to improve your relationship with somebody from your family and start a dialogue with them so as to resolve a misunderstanding. Finally, on the professional level, you can hardly reach an understanding with somebody who aspires to be a leader.



The Libra New Moon will motivate you and make you plan trips somewhere far from home mainly due to professional obligations. You must properly programme your life so as to do much in a little time and settle unfinished business. At the same time, you must communicate with relatives and work through a topic that impacts on your relationship without being offensive and arrogant.



The Libra New Moon will make you cope with your finances, calculate your income, and try to settle unfinished business. Perhaps you must support your partner and hold a discussion about the way you manage expenses in your life. Perhaps you hold a discussion about your remuneration and you want to increase your income since you think that what you give is more than what you receive.



The New Moon in your sign will put you in the spotlight as you must resolve your differences with close people. Perhaps you give your relationship a second chance and you accept somebody back into your life after having taken distance with them. You want to see whether you can overcome the trauma in your relationship. Perhaps something new begins on the professional level but you should bear in mind that what is valid today might not be realistic in a little while from today. Finally, try and find your footing, proceed with self-criticism, and leave people who keep you chained in a stifling present by the wayside.



The Libra New Moon will act behind the scenes and will impact on your mood at work. Perhaps this is a juncture when you discuss some plans that should not surface. They should remain in the dark until they are definitive. Try and protect the plan you have in mind from prying eyes because it is not the right moment to be announced. If you must look after your health, make sure you protect yourself against tensions which are not essential for your life.



The Libra New Moon will help you to be more sociable and extrovert and get in touch with people who could help you to break free from a state of mind and your doubts about your amorous life. Perhaps you meet friends and acquaintances time and again and you become a member of a team that could unlock you and make you feel more alive. Perhaps you want to work through some differences with friends and resolve misunderstandings which upset your personal life.



The Libra New Moon seems to colour a period with intense professional worries, to disturb stagnant waters, and to make you stir what is bogged down. You could be a leader, stand out, and seek to be the one whom others follow. Perhaps you bring a family topic to the surface which is an open wound for you that you cannot keep on hiding from your surroundings.



The Libra New Moon will make you break free from a protective frame and take distance from a daily programme that traps you and makes you lose your orientation. You have the opportunity to reintroduce yourself to people who are used to a certain image about you which, however, is not what you want to show. You could plan an excursion to a place which helps you take distance from close people whom you cannot stand to have with you all the time.



The Libra New Moon seems to introduce a new dimension for your finances and to signal a period when you want to balance your expenses with your income. Try and reduce unnecessary expenditure and be more realistic by leaving utopian needs by the wayside. On the amorous level, somebody from the past returns who could upset your life and make you compare your past with your present.

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