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Full Moon 20/10/2021
by signingstar

The Full Moon on October, 20 at 27 degrees Aries in opposition to Mars in Libra and in square with Pluto in Capricorn seems to challenge the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) to measure themselves against their ambitions and decisiveness.


You will be called upon to deal with the challenges before you as it is time you proved you can take initiative which seems impossible to others. Perhaps close people set obstacles time and again as they tend to obstruct freedom of movement and they are weights which hold you back in your effort to run ahead. Perhaps you meet someone who makes you lose your mind and could become an obsession. Thus you are willing to risk a lot of facts and belongings.



The Full Moon in your sign seems to impact on the balance of your interpersonal relationships and makes you confront people who have an opinion and wish to affect your decisions. You must prove that you can pull the wires even if this means that you measure yourself against people with a big ego. On the personal level, an acquaintance seems to be very tense and amorously provocative so passion will spark the fire and will not necessarily lead in a safe direction. This does not mean that you will avoid being involved in the adventure because it is a fact that danger and the unknown are always intriguing to you.



The Aries Full Moon seems to disturb the climate at work and to stir a commotion. You had better take distance from heated situations, refuse to be involved in occasions that could harm you, and avoid measuring yourself against people with a powerful ego. If you conceal certain secrets, you will have to be careful because some have decided to disclose certain parts of your life that you would rather keep secret.



The Aries Full Moon seems to upset your friends, stir a commotion and create tension that would result in words which can be hardly erased. Try and screen out your surroundings, maintain people you can reach an understanding with, and refuse to start a dialogue which aims at letting the steam off. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to go after somebody, who intrigues you sexually and makes you feel like losing your mind, with fervour.



The Aries Full Moon will stir a commotion on the professional level because it is the right moment to clarify certain relationships which should not use excuses to hide. You are called upon to show up, take on your responsibilities, and stop running after others’ choices who aim at defining your identity. On the domestic level, there might be changes which aim at reminding you that harmony and balance are two elements that should not be taken for granted.



The Aries Full Moon seems to bring about quarrels in your interpersonal relationships and to spice things up. You have the opportunity to express your objections, change the image others have about you, and claim more on the professional level. You need to remember that you can be a winner so long as you have arguments to second your thoughts and complaints. Finally, bear in mind that if you go too far, you will likely lose so make sure you know up to which point you can go with your claims.



The Aries Full Moon seems to highlight financial issues and makes you admit that it is time you found the balance you could not find lately. Try and listen to the other side, put yourself in their shoes, and then speak about your personal needs. On the amorous level, passion is necessary so that a relationship begins or moves on no matter how much you think that everything is filtered with logic.



The intense Aries Full Moon seems to set your life on fire and makes you acknowledge that you are at a juncture when you have the opportunity to resolve problems that obstruct your moves. Perhaps you want to take initiative that you know will disturb some people who could bring some difficult balances in your relationships with specific people to the surface. Perhaps you want to get rid of some obligations that others have put on your shoulders and this can be an occasion to dissociate yourself from a relationship that weighs you down and boxes you in.



The Aries Full Moon demands your attention and steady steps shall you decide to make professional moves. You had better avoid tension with people in the same environment, observe the way they handle difficulties, and refuse to confront them. Perhaps you must cope with health-related issues and it is necessary to look after your body instead of being at the mercy of time and of your choices which seem to completely ignore this area.



The Aries Full Moon seems to flare up passions in your life and makes you seek pleasure. Perhaps your sexual senses are awaken and you want to conquer somebody around you who intrigues you. Perhaps you are surrounded by several amorous stimuli in your environment or a friendship turns into an amorous relationship; the latter could evolve pretty fast. On the professional level, you want to cope with a field which touches upon your talents so you will try and find time to do so.



The Aries Full Moon seems to stir a commotion in your life because there is disturbance in your domestic or professional environment. Perhaps there is tension with close people; things that cannot be easily revoked are said; and there is tension for which you must take immediate action so as to resolve it. Perhaps you decide it is time you made professional moves and you want to mobilise the circle of your acquaintances so as to find your next job. However, you must think whether it is time you actually changed career.



The Aries Full Moon seems to make you more extrovert and ready to express your thoughts and troubles. Perhaps you confront people who maintain a very stable and persistent opinion and you want to confront situations head-on. This means that you will be criticised and as a result, you are called upon to have arguments against the criticism otherwise you initiate fights without any actual reward. On the other hand, you could avoid verbal tension shall you be willing to refuse to respond to complaints that could target you personally.



The Aries Full Moon seems to upset financial issues and makes you admit that you must settle unfinished business. Try and talk through your differences with the other side logically and diplomatically so as to avoid creating a gap between yourselves which could be the starting point of a rift you are not ready to deal with. On the personal level, try and avoid ego and head-on claims. This does not mean that you will adopt a highly passive role in view of challenges.

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