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New Moon 4/11/2021
by signingstar

The New Moon on November, 4 at 12 degrees Scorpio in opposition to Uranus in Taurus and in square with Saturn in Aquarius seems to upset the life of the signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) who were born on the second decanate.

It is the end of an era and you are called upon to decide whether you chart a new course or you become the piece of a puzzle in decay. You may give up and decide that you are not strong anymore to fight change and progress. You can stand on your feet, though, and shout out loud that you can guide things in a new direction so long as you are self-confident and decisive. The point is to know what you go after, to be aware of your power, and to be able to accept the consequences of the actions you are ready to implement.



The Scorpio New Moon seems to disturb financial issues and makes you ask yourself whether you invest more than you gain. Perhaps you hold a discussion at work and your contribution is assessed time and again so that you remuneration is adjusted accordingly. Perhaps you have a lot of daily expenses and as a result, you look for a way to delegate responsibilities and burdens to all family members. If you take up a new activity, make sure you are ready to assume its financial side too.



The New Moon opposite you will be an occasion to set new rules in your personal life. Perhaps your partner has decided to change the speed in which your relationship moves and they set new rules which you cannot necessarily accept. Perhaps an unexpected development takes place and you go through a break up which seems to shake the ground beneath your feet. On the professional level, make a new beginning at work so as to anticipate and not follow developments. You must remember that some have decided to move things forward even if you seem uncertain about your participation in them.



The Scorpio New Moon will stir a commotion at work because there are changes in existing balances. You will witness developments that could have an indirect impact on you for the time being since certain team members, who you thought had a crucial role to play, leave. Perhaps you must focus on your health and pay attention to signs which indicate that it is time you changed habits since you should not burden your body with useless things.



The Scorpio New Moon seems to bring about something different in your personal life as you might even decide to have a family. Perhaps it is a period when you are sick and tired of waiting for developments and you decide to make them happen. If you are single or in a stagnant relationship, a new acquaintance may change the facts and be the source of a shock in your life. As far as your friends are concerned, there might be challenges which change your relationship with somebody close to you.



The Scorpio New Moon will upset the balance between domestic and professional life following challenges which demand that you decide immediately. Perhaps you realise that you take distance from somebody in your life and you find it difficult to remain in a relationship and collaboration in the same way as you are used to experience it. Perhaps you must change place of residence or work space since you are called upon to assume a different role from what you are used to. Finally, some people might surprise you with their indecisiveness and you might have to make decisions you have not stomached.



The Scorpio New Moon gives you the opportunity to be more communicative, lay your cards on the table, and dare to express what is in your head. Perhaps your reaction is somehow harsh and unexpected for your surroundings and you might be the reason their thoughts are awakened. However, you could also be at the helm of situations in need of somebody with leadership skills. Perhaps you decide to take up an educational activity which you think will help you professionally. You must be devoted, though, and find this hidden inner strength.



The Scorpio New Moon will change financial facts and make you admit that it is time you did something so as to settle unfinished business. Perhaps you react decisively so as to stop experiencing ambiguous and dead-end relationships and collaborations. This could be an occasion to say certain things that your surroundings do not expect. If you make a financial negotiation, ask yourself whether you can risk a lot for the specific proposition and then make it happen.



The New Moon in your sign will be a crucial moment when you could be at the helm of developments. You can influence events shall you be decided to do things differently and operate without considering the other side. You want to highlight that you cannot accept to run behind others. Perhaps something new begins in your life that can disturb stagnant waters and be an example for the way people, who are bogged down, should move. You are called upon to remember that you are at the wheel so it is up to you to decide whether to act individualistically and selfishly or you will also take your surroundings into consideration.



The Scorpio New Moon seems to influence you behind the scenes since you are called upon to dig in order to find proofs about developments at work. Try to understand whether some make you lose your goal through disorienting news and announcements. In addition, make sure you find out what takes place behind the scenes that will likely impact on your position in the specific work environment. As far as your health is concerned, try and understand the signs which indicate that something goes wrong so as to do something about it soon and before you have serious problems.



The Scorpio New Moon seems to set social developments and your participation in group efforts in motion. You may be at the helm of certain efforts, be in charge of developments, and seek to move things forward. Perhaps there are interesting acquaintances which will not be solely friendly and social. They could consist of sexual stimuli too which will disturb the facts in your life in a way you are not used to follow and adopt.



The dynamic Scorpio New Moon will make you behave in a way that disturbs stagnant waters. You will be called upon to assume a different role which is intriguing but also terrifying since you do not seem to be in control. Perhaps bosses put pressure on you to do things that do not agree with your beliefs. As a result, there are tensions which could even end your relationship. On the domestic level, something changes and this means that you must take on a new role for which you were not prepared before. Thus you are stressed as to whether you can complete the mission.



The Scorpio New Moon seems to highlight the capabilities of your mind and makes you acknowledge that you are aware of limitations for which you can do nothing. Perhaps you decide to be trained in a specific subject as it will help your mind function in a different way. Perhaps you have come to a standstill regarding your studies because you are tired or you think you have not chosen a suitable field. Finally, you might realise that your way of thinking does not fit the one of your wider social circle and as a result, you are hostile toward those who question your theories.

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