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Lunar eclipse 19/11/2021
by signingstar

The Lunar eclipse on November, 19 at 27 degrees Taurus in opposition to Mercury in Scorpio and in square with Jupiter in Aquarius seems to question the foundations of the signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) that were born on the third decanate.

There will be a possibility for you to change the facts as established today, to question your choices, and to endanger your belongings. At the same time, you realise that you are in an environment which makes you look at the future pessimistically; which corners you and holds you captive; and which makes you burn your dreams and ambitions. You will also understand that there are important changes in the area of social values and that new facts take shape regarding your remuneration. You are called upon to decide whether you go against them or you become a member of this new system which is born and takes shape.



The Taurus Lunar eclipse seems to challenge your resources and belongings and makes you wonder whether you waste much more than it is worth. Perhaps you have too many obligations and as a result, you lose money and energy which means that you may be defensive toward the challenges in your life. Somebody tries to properly advise you but perhaps you raise walls and you are defensive because you confuse allies with opponents.



The Lunar eclipse in your sign will inaugurate a new era for your interpersonal relationships since you are called upon to find balance with the new facts. Perhaps you are ready to change professional environment or make a different move which proves you are ready to dare to do something different. Perhaps you receive an offer which makes you seriously consider whether you are in a relationship which obstructs your professional advancement. Thus you question the choices before you. You are at a juncture when you want to break free from chains which you have probably created yourself.



The Taurus Lunar eclipse seems to raise questions about your next professional moves and possible traps which are deceitful. Try and interpret others’ intentions and avoid making hasty decisions. Give time to some situations so as to avoid inevitable dangers. Finally, look after yourself and do not forget to take care of your health because it is not the right moment to play around with this area of your life.



The Taurus Lunar eclipse seems to make you assess your social life time and again and consider whether you are trapped in a living pattern that does not give you what you have imagined. Perhaps you need your friends so as to make decisions about difficult questions. Perhaps you decide to invest time in social actions and missions. Perhaps you receive professional propositions which create dilemmas and make you acknowledge that financial security is not always the rule for your choices.



The Taurus Lunar eclipse seems to inaugurate a new period in your life and to make you cope with the next step in your career very seriously. On the one side, there is likely an interesting challenge before you which offers you bigger financial security in relation to your present condition. On the other side, you think whether you get to prove your abilities time and again which means that you will put your personal life on the back burner although you should not leave your relationship by the wayside.



The Taurus Lunar eclipse signals the need to change your perception and the request to attune to your environment since there are new facts that you need to handle differently. Perhaps you must see things from a new perspective and understand that the value of things is not the one you had in mind. Perhaps you need to go on a long trip and find yourself in a place where you can take deep breaths and leave demanding routine by the wayside for a while.



The Taurus Lunar eclipse will have an impact on your finances and it seems that you need to change your priorities. You are called upon to be open-minded when you discuss with your partner. You must try together to see whether your priorities are different and whether you can agree in certain common issues. On the professional level, there might be changes in your remuneration and it is beneficial to hold a discussion that will help you prove your merit.



The Lunar eclipse opposite you seems to intensely upset your interpersonal relationships and make you realise that your personal life walks a tight rope. You need to open your heart to somebody near you or opposite you knowing that such a move may bring about a big change in the flow of things from now on. At the same time, try and set priorities in your professional life so as to avoid being lost in a plentitude of occasions which simply waste your energy.



The Taurus Lunar eclipse seems to have an impact on your work routine since you are called upon to wisely handle your disorientation. Try and realise which moves are necessary so as to focus your physical and mental capacity in that direction and avoid being involved in harmful situations. At the same time, look after yourself, take care of your nutrition, and avoid exaggerations which may bring about unnecessary threats.



The Taurus Lunar eclipse seems to help you express what is in your head to your partner or come closer to your children. You may improve your relationship with close people, be more condescending with others’ dispositions and desires, and realise that there are ways to improve the conditions in your professional environment. On the financial level, you may invest in something regarding a future plan that could be the source of income you need.



The Taurus Lunar eclipse will make you confront the end of a situation and the fact that the curtain falls. There are likely problems with close people; you might see your parents growing older; there might be rifts in your relationship and you might realise that you do not follow a healthy path; or you might have problems with your boss at work. It will be helpful if you let the steam off but deep down you know that difficult and important decisions are necessary that will lead you in a new direction in your life. Make sure you are ready to properly screen out your life and leave superficial impressions by the wayside.



The Taurus Lunar eclipse will be an occasion to want to talk and express what you keep inside which are only scattered words of a discussion that should take place. Perhaps you are rather demanding regarding your claims and you decide to go after things which you used to give away for free to others. Perhaps you can hardly see the wider perspective of things and as a result, you are under pressure to fit in in the facts that have come up and are defined by relatives.

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