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Solar eclipse 4/12/2021
by signingstar

The Solar eclipse on December, 4 at 12 degrees Sagittarius in conjunction with Mercury and in quincunx with Uranus in Taurus seems to have an impact on the signs/ascendants of the mutable axis (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces) born on the second decanate.

The eclipse is an opportunity for new beginnings because it instils vision and optimism for the future. This means that you are called upon to weigh the financial aspect, which might push you to be chained in your current situation, on the one side and your mental freedom, which you wish to cherish, on the other. These two elements might not be tuned currently so you are called upon to decide which one will be your priority in an effort to decide which course to take.



The Sagittarius Solar eclipse could be your way out so as to escape a tight and pressuring daily programme. You may plan a trip; go on an excursion somewhere close or further; decide to cope with your hobbies; and be more sociable with your environment. You should not ignore the financial aspect of every move of course.



The Sagittarius Solar eclipse makes you consider the impact of your words and plans on the other side. Perhaps your partner contradicts you and you are accused of being too selfish lately. Perhaps you must share your thoughts and realise that there are people near you whom you drag along as they cannot easily follow your plans. Perhaps you must talk about the new facts of your personal life and shock people who are used to seeing you in a different way.



The Solar eclipse opposite you will be an opportunity to make changes in your interpersonal relationships shall you be ready to accept others’ propositions or challenges. Perhaps your partner refuses to carry on as usual and this is the source of a new situation in your life. Perhaps something new begins on the professional level that changes the habits you had until today and makes you set priorities anew.



The Sagittarius Solar eclipse seems to influence your relationship with people you meet at work daily and is probably an alarm that something goes wrong and it is about time you changed it. You must talk about your intentions and find solutions so as to take distance from an unpleasant situation. Perhaps you realise that you are very busy during the day and as a result, you have no time left for your personal life. This disturbs you and makes you want to lash out on somebody.



The Sagittarius Solar eclipse could invigorate your life since you have the opportunity to cope with something more than your professional affairs and daily life issues. You can find time to do your hobby, spend time with your better half, and go on an excursion that will help your relationship. Perhaps you come closer to children and childlike innocence which you also seek. Thus you take distance from extreme seriousness and demureness in your life.



The Sagittarius Solar eclipse will be a crucial moment to realise that you are called upon to decide whether to move on with certain plans regarding very important changes in your life. You must decide whether to look for a new house and move in in a space that is more convenient. Perhaps there are professional challenges and you ask yourself whether it is time you made a move that will upset stability in your life. Remember that a period of changes is close so you cannot be indifferent to the challenges.



The Sagittarius Solar eclipse will be a good opportunity to plan a trip and dare to consider the possibility for studies in the future that will second your professional expertise. You have the opportunity to look beyond the obvious, to be open-minded in view of new prospects, and to get in touch with people who help you to see things from another perspective. This means that you alienate close people and you change your way of thinking and communication with them because you want to prove that you do not agree with what they represent.



The Sagittarius Solar eclipse will challenge your finances and make you seriously consider a professional change. You may receive a proposition you cannot immediately reject because the remuneration will help you to stand on your own feet. Perhaps your expenses are increased and you try to set priorities. It is not easy though because you have started many things which you cannot complete as easily as you thought you would.



The Solar eclipse in your sign will make you realise that you have the discretion to move at will and that you can take initiatives which will help you to stop being cornered. You will express your intentions and dispositions, you will decide to be more assertive, and you might choose to leave daily routine by the wayside. Dare to look at the bigger picture and stop being consumed with elements of an unsuitable routine. A new beginning is about to take place so make sure you plan it as best as possible.



The Sagittarius Solar eclipse will make you realise that there are professional problems which you are called upon to touch upon. It is not the right moment to retire into yourself. You should be decisive and cope with whatever you drag along even though it is not your choice. You will hold a discussion with collaborators and this could help you find the answers you seek. At the same time, you will become aware of your pattern of behaviour that you are called upon to change shall you wish to collaborate with and not alienate your surroundings.



The Sagittarius Solar eclipse will help you to find allies in an effort to stand on your own feet in an unfriendly environment. You could spend your time with friends, do pleasant and relaxing activities, and be more sociable. If you have problems in your personal life, dare to ask for your friends and acquaintances’ support. Do not retire into yourself because if you do so, problems in your head will grow out of proportion.



The Sagittarius Solar eclipse will be an alarm regarding your role in a professional environment that evolves and moves on in the coming period. It is time you decided whether to follow the path that opens up ahead of you and calls you to change your course or not. Perhaps you want to make changes on the domestic level by deciding to change course and find yourself in a new track. This could surprise your close people.

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