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Annual Horoscope 2022
by signingstar

What for do you carry on living?

2022 will challenge your commitment to conditions and facts that took shape in the last two years and your willingness to leave your comfort zone or not. Saturn is in Aquarius throughout the year and it seems that you are not targeted anymore with difficult situations or decisions which you are called upon to make but you cannot handle. At the same time, the fact that the eclipses of the year take place in the axis of Taurus/Scorpio seems to test your endurance in view of financial turmoil and whether you could decide to get rid of belongings and acquisitions which lay heavy on you. You must also be understanding of reality and remain in a professional team that does not fulfil you but offers you a much needed financial security.


The main question of the year, though, is Jupiter in Pisces almost throughout 2022 with a trial period in your sign from May to October. You should consider whether it is time you set up your next step in career or personal life making sure that there is balance between heart and mind. Perhaps this means that you seek psychological support, you participate in philanthropist actions that touch your soul, and you consider escaping earthly routine so as to find inner balance. The aforementioned will be more intense at the end of the year when the square of Jupiter in Pisces with retrograde Mars in Gemini will struggle to make your mind communicate with your heart so that you may proceed with shocking-to-your-surroundings beginnings in 2023.



Jupiter in Pisces from the beginning of the year until May, 10, as well as between October, 28 and December, 20, suggests that 2022 is a very good year to cope with your inner world and try and settle issues which impact on your unconscious choices.

Perhaps you are devoted to an action which aims at healing your soul be it in the philanthropist area or in a focused psychotherapy where you would like to open up parts of your soul which remain closed. In any case, you try to find your footing so as to make the next steps in your life which will emerge from some invigorating shots of optimism you look for. Perhaps you approach somebody who can give you vision and hope and who could open up new ways of thinking or help you to focus on your future in a different way. Perhaps you participate in a group effort, which aims at helping those who are in real need, or in a professional challenge, which could integrate your personal aspirations into a common goal. Be that as it may, you had better stop focusing on yourself and try to be connected with your surroundings as you wish to dissolve phobias and obsessions that are hard to overcome.

The trial period of Jupiter in your sign between May, 10 and October, 28 will help you to realise that new paths open up before you and that you have the opportunity to break a frame, in which you are lost, so as to find your life direction. With Jupiter in your sign, you can make much-needed new beginnings so as to feel that you free yourself from stagnant situations. Mainly between end of May and beginning of July, with the help of Mars in your sign, you will acknowledge elements of power, will, eroticism, and creation of conditions of challenge which you cannot restrain. Remember that you cannot make many and parallel beginnings because, following summertime, a period of several responsibilities and obligations begins which you are called upon to settle before you start anything new.



Saturn in Aquarius, throughout the year, is a good opportunity to establish your position in social groups and activities which may give shape to a new public image for you. Perhaps you feel you are not an equal member of a team in which you try to participate but, in reality, you must remember that there is no absolute identification with the team members, thus your roles are different. Perhaps you are not satisfied with the tasks you have been assigned and you want to express your disagreements bearing in mind that your main problem might be the content of the group’s goal. Perhaps the beginning of the effort was based on something different from the current vision and you realise that you are in a group which has changed its worldview. You need not rebel and be peculiar. Try and speak with arguments about this lack of harmony between goal and actions. If you are not understood, you might feel lonely in this group and the way out is to simply leave.

On a practical level, Saturn in Aquarius signals the need to screen out your friends and take distance from some people with whom there is lack of connection by now. Perhaps this means that you will alienate people with whom you had a long-lasting relationship mainly because you see life from a different perspective or because you have different priorities. On the other side, you make more room and time to yourself so as to acknowledge your own needs in a social group which is about to be reborn and change its coordinates.



The first eclipse of the year is a Solar one that takes place on April, 30 at 10 degrees Taurus in conjunction with Uranus. It puts your financial stability to the test. Perhaps you realise that you are not fully in control of your life and that you cannot pull the wires in the direction you wish on the professional level. As a result, you must follow the course others impose. Do not fall into the trap of operating fitfully and without a plan because you may be easily lost and endanger your belongings. On the other side, you cannot overlook the challenge of a new professional beginning or shut your eyes and ears to the sirens around you which call upon you to escape from an unsatisfactory professional or amorous frame. The Lunar eclipse on May, 16 at 25 degrees Scorpio in square with Saturn in Aquarius indicates that it is not easy for you to remain in an environment which undermines your personal needs. Perhaps a professional cycle comes to a close and you are called upon to take lessons and experiences with you as they will be useful for the next step you plan. Your need to discover yourself is big and you cannot ignore the fact that you would like to take initiative so as to build your next professional step. On the personal level, there are difficulties of understanding and communication in a relationship that does not suit you so make sure you are honest about your feelings and you discern sexual pleasure from your need for a real relationship.

The next set of eclipses begins with the Solar eclipse on October, 25 at 2 degrees Scorpio in conjunction with Venus and in quincunx with Jupiter in your sign. It puts the balance in a relationship or a professional collaboration to the test. You will pass over the effort of the last semester in review and you will write down the pros and cons of an amorous relationship which tries your personality. If you are in a stagnant relationship, an acquaintance could act as a catalyst for its termination. If there are financial problems in a professional collaboration, you had better stop thinking and behaving selfishly and consider the benefits of cooperation. You cannot be autonomous yet and you will take this lesson throughout the year. The Lunar eclipse that follows on November, 8 at 6 degrees Taurus in conjunction with Uranus, in opposition to Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, and in square with Saturn in Aquarius indicates that you are called upon to learn from the new financial facts that take shape around you. You will take notice of new coalitions, you will realise that some promote financial gain more than personal will, and you will learn that some collaborations are based not on common thinking but on common interest. If you can stand being in a group of people that offers you a kind of security, make sure you can second the need to downgrade your personal desires. If you are ready to escape, be prepared to donate some belongings so long as this action provides you with the necessary personal freedom you seek.


North Node

The North Node enters Taurus and the South Node enters Scorpio respectively on January, 18. This change denotes a year during which you will be called upon to focus on financial issues. With the simultaneous presence of Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius, you must understand whether you can rely on your own power and abilities or you will be part of a group of people. Perhaps you feel restrained as a member of a team that moves in a specific rhythm when you seek to operate in a completely different one. Perhaps you decide to get rid of belongings and acquisitions that you had had for many years because they weigh you down and they are an obstacle to your personal growth. Perhaps it is real estate inherited by your parents; perhaps it is objects from the past that you no longer need; or perhaps it is precious data which you could use to your advantage so as to make more money. If it is a crucial period for your personal life, try and avoid absolute ego and look at the other person straight in the eyes. You want to understand whether your relationship helps you to better find your footing. If you feel trapped, there might be challenges in summer which you cannot ignore and may give room to somebody else to invade your life. If you are in a relationship that has passed the tests, the next step might take place completely out of the blue. Thus, be prepared for developments in your life that will lead you to a completely new environment at the end of the year.


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