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Annual Horoscope 2022
by signingstar

Putting your endurance to the test in view of risks


In 2022, it seems that you live more lightly in comparison to the last three years. Saturn is in Aquarius and the eclipses take place in the axis of Taurus/Scorpio. You need to ask yourself whether your personal life is profound or you have chosen a life that is based on financial security. You think about having a family, mainly if you are in a relationship which has survived challenges and difficulties, unless you already have a family and you realise that your role in it changes. The financial aspect of every decision you are called upon to make is crucial so do not jump into conclusions.


On the other side, Jupiter in Pisces and in Aries will make you consider the possibility of professional growth either by acquiring knowledge or by starting up your own business. Perhaps you take on a position of power and authority which means that you are called upon to prove your ability to guide others in the way they think and operate. Perhaps you reach the point of wanting to change career and you dare to do something you have long thought about but you did not dare to realise before. You should not hurriedly move into action so plan your next steps carefully. Do not forget that financial security is a very important parameter no matter what you decide to do.



Jupiter in Pisces from the beginning of the year until May, 10, as well as between October, 28 and December, 20, will be a good opportunity to cope with educational issues which should be the basis on which you build your new professional profile. Perhaps you decide to focus on a field you had always thought as your way out, thus you find time to cope with your true inclination and you have the flow you were seeking in your life. Perhaps you focus on this field exclusively because you feel you belong in it or you get in touch with people who absolutely suit your worldview. As a result, you leave the familiar aspect of your life by the wayside. Perhaps you find a way out of your existing problems or you have great hopes thanks to a new education you go through, thus your interest turns in this direction. At the same time, with Jupiter in Pisces, you have the opportunity to go on a trip that was postponed, to escape routine, and to meet people you have not seen in a while. This trip could be the gift you have not made to yourself for a long time; a gift that could pump you with much needed oxygen. In any case, remember that the conjunction of Jupiter with Neptune in Pisces, mainly in April, will create big expectations that will turn out to be utopian as time goes by. Therefore, you should beware of how much you raise the bar.

The trial period of Jupiter in Aries between May, 10 and October, 28 and its final move to this sign on December, 20 will impact on your career. Your cycle of education will come to an end and it is time you made use of what you learnt. You should dare to make a professional step that could result in a different job position. Perhaps it is time you showed off and you were a leader for groups that lost their orientation. Perhaps you should talk about your abilities to be at the helm and drive the vehicle in the new direction. On the domestic level, you must likely take on a different role from the one you are allowed to have because the torch is passed to you and you are called upon to prove that you have matured so as to settle responsibilities you have shouldered.



Saturn in Aquarius, throughout 2022, will be a good opportunity for you to avoid head-on confrontation and demanding claims on the personal or professional level. With Saturn in Aquarius, you are called upon to consider whether you can feel like a deeply connected member of a team you have joined; whether it is feasible to feel safe with your remuneration; and whether you can open up your mind and heart in a relationship that does not necessarily fulfil you. Perhaps you have financial difficulties because you must cover the expenses of close people and not necessarily yours. Perhaps you bleed financially so long as you have properties in your name that you do not exploit, thus you consider the possibility of selling them. Perhaps there are sexual problems in your relationship because you cannot easily identify yourself with your better half or you go through a phase when your relationship does not give you what it used to in the past.

With Saturn in Aquarius, you will learn to bid people and objects that have stopped offering you security farewell without necessarily feeling guilty about this decision. Perhaps it is time you matured and you proved that you can take distance from toxic situations which means that you use reason more than feelings.



The first eclipse of the year is a Solar one that takes place on April, 30 at 10 degrees Taurus in conjunction with Uranus. It seems to activate the area of your social relationships. You have the opportunity to shock your friends, to widen your circle, or to openly talk about your feelings to certain people. A professional offer could come up which is tempting and makes you acknowledge that you do not stand on your own two feet in the existing environment. You had better beware of explosions of ego, make sure you reduce your arrogance, and protect your friendships from unnecessary disturbances. The Lunar eclipse on May, 16 at 25 degrees Scorpio in square with Saturn in Aquarius and in trine with Mars and Neptune in Pisces puts the endurance of your amorous life to the test. Perhaps you are disappointed with the outcome of a relationship or a flirtation mainly due to the lack of sexual chemistry. Be that as it may, you have the opportunity to avoid this disappointment by going on a trip that could bring you in touch with unknown people. On the professional level, you have the chance to go after your dream shall you decide to leave your present by the wayside; it might give you financial security but it is also stifling.

The second set of eclipses begins with the Solar eclipse on October, 25 at 2 degrees Scorpio in conjunction with Venus and in quincunx with Jupiter in Aries. It highlights that you should focus on your amorous life. Perhaps you find it hard to fit everything in your life and you try to bridge the gap in your personal life due to the time you spend at work. Perhaps you must cope with your finances and ask for more because you consider your contribution much bigger than what the ones who pay you think. Remember that if you start questioning others, you must be strong enough to deal with people who will stand against you and who might have a dynamic you cannot overcome. The Lunar eclipse that follows on November, 8 at 6 degrees Taurus in conjunction with Uranus, in opposition to Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, and in square with Saturn in Aquarius will put your ability to avoid difficult discussions and conflicts to the test. Perhaps you feel financially threatened because professional developments are not what you had in mind. Perhaps you can hardly fit in in the new work conditions but, at the same time, you can suggest something that will intrigue the interest of many people. If you are tired of struggling to prove that you can do many things, try and take distance so as to let others participate in a fight you cannot second.


North Node

The North Node enters Taurus and the South Node enters Scorpio respectively on January, 18. It will be an occasion to cope with matters related to your social status and the developments of your personal life in the next two years. It seems that you are highly concerned with the benefits you get from your career, mainly your remuneration. Perhaps you want to increase your profits and you seek a pay rise which could also happen if you changed work environment. Perhaps you decide to be at the helm of a team at work which means that you can be unpleasant to people who are used to seeing your mild and condescending side. If you think that the boat is about to sink, you have no other choice but to disturb stagnant waters and to be at the helm of situations which should be others’ responsibility. On the other side, perhaps you decide to make the next step in your relationship and you have a child, thus your priorities will completely change. This means that you are called upon to be prepared for expenses, to safeguard your child’s future, and to provide whatever is necessary. If you are in a relationship that has lost its spark, you must ask yourself whether it gives you other elements that are necessary for you to feel safe. If you feel ready to take risks to find somebody who stimulates you anew, you are called upon to be ready to come out of your shell and to try to be in relationships in which you will feel much more vulnerable than usual.

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