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Annual Horoscope 2022
by signingstar

What if happiness exists?


2022 seems to be a good year for you mainly due to the presence of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces almost throughout the year. You have the opportunity to stop being alone and to find your ideal better half so long as you are willing to see life from a more optimistic viewpoint. You can meet somebody who could meet the requirements you look for in a partner. You might be scared, though, because you do not believe in miracles. You are called upon to live your life by integrating this parameter into your worldview and by being obliged to accept gifts without considering how to pay back. If you are in a relationship, you stand before the next step so long as you are ready to second it and you have realised that a marriage or having a family bear responsibilities too.

The question is to appreciate the gift you are given without overestimating your abilities. If you have greater expectations than what is real, you will understand, as time goes by, that you stand before a gift that you do not really need. If you insist on believing that there is something better down the road and therefore you do not accept to open the gift right in front of you, you might lose an opportunity to feel complete and fulfilled. The essence is that, at some point, you are called upon to try and live your dreams and not simply deconstruct them in smaller and smaller pieces so as to find their imperfections. Would you dare to say yes to an opportunity without fully deconstructing it?



Jupiter in Pisces from the beginning of the year until May, 10, as well as between October, 28 and December, 20, will be a good opportunity to improve your interpersonal relationships or find somebody who will become the better half you seek. You need to stop believing that you are a solitary person and that there is nobody out there who could be your ideal better half. Jupiter in Pisces, in combination with Neptune in the same sign, seems to be a gift outside your door without having asked for it or knowing where it came from. An accidental meeting could be an occasion to have faith in interpersonal relationships time and again, to believe in love which you have removed from your options, and to realise that there are gifts without a sender which you can enjoy without remorse and guilt. If you are in a relationship, the next step seems like a natural thing to do and as a result, you make your transition to your next role within the relationship. This transition can take place smoothly, thus do not be scared and do not be afraid of the respective responsibilities. On the professional level, Jupiter in Pisces will bring about a new unexpected professional offer which you are called upon to decide whether you trust or not. Reason cannot answer because your instinct knows better.

The trial period of Jupiter in Aries between May, 10 and October, 28 will be an opportunity to share a situation with somebody who could give you security and certainty. A new relationship that came up some time ago might move forward pretty fast and you need to live together. Perhaps you prefer to be single but this does not mean that sex is not part of your life because it might be your main pursuit in every new acquaintance you seek to make. On the professional level, a collaboration will process the way you share profits so make sure the other side is ready for that.



Saturn in Aquarius throughout 2022 will be an occasion to try and improve your daily conditions and avoid adding new obstacles. You are called upon to set priorities and stop wasting your time in small and various actions which leave you with a feeling of imperfect management of situations of your concern. You had better grade important aspects of your life differently and focus on whatever gives you pleasure. Perhaps this means that you focus on your career in which you want to make steps of progress and which will help you to ask for something more in the future. Perhaps you change job or subject and you try to take on more responsibilities because you wish to prove that you can be an important member of the team. Perhaps you want to invest time in your personal life by seeking to lay foundations so as to stabilise it. You have been trying to do so for some time now but you could not succeed.

You must bear in mind that you are called upon to listen to your body and focus on yourself because you cannot keep on living in the way you were used to. Look after your nutrition and health, take some rest, and use your endurance and stamina more wisely shall you wish to change your daily life. Everything mentioned above are important parameters in your effort to prove that you mature and abide by the rational use of time in your life.



The first eclipse of the year is a Solar one that takes place on April, 30 at 10 degrees Taurus in conjunction with Uranus. It could translate into a travel that changes your perspective on things. A trip could widen your horizons and help you realise how big or small you are in view of things. Perhaps you want to take up an educational activity you have overlooked so as to flee a stifling work routine. Perhaps there is a new professional challenge which calls upon you to test your capacity in a new subject. Shall it be combined with a good remuneration, you may decide to change job. The Lunar eclipse on May, 16 at 25 degrees Scorpio in square with Saturn in Aquarius and in trine with Mars and Neptune in Pisces could be an opportunity to shut the door behind you as you set sail for something new. Perhaps you move to a new neighbourhood following somebody who has entered your life as the partner you looked for. Perhaps you dare to make the professional step you have been proposed which challenges you to take on more initiatives than what you were allowed to until today. Perhaps you clarify an issue with relatives because you want to prove that you are strong enough as a personality to stand on your own two feet.

The next set of eclipses begins with the Solar eclipse on October, 25 at 2 degrees Scorpio in conjunction with Venus and in quincunx with Jupiter in Aries. You seem to be confused about the decisions you are called upon to make. Perhaps you are carried away with your emotions and you can hardly be rational, thus you quarrel with your better half or your collaborator. Perhaps you find it hard to combine reason and feelings in an acquaintance that has come up which means that your thinking is not lucid at all and you likely jump to wrong decisions. In any case, you must keep your cool so as to cope with challenges around you so try and gain time if possible. The Lunar eclipse that follows on November, 8 at 6 degrees Taurus in conjunction with Uranus, in opposition to Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, and in square with Saturn in Aquarius makes it difficult for you to express yourself because there are people who seem to make your decision difficult. Perhaps you can hardly express yourself openly to relatives because feelings get on the way of words and make your decision to escape much harder than it really is. Perhaps you have a lot on your mind and as a result, you cannot be fully efficient at work. This means that you make room for criticism by people who need not have a bad opinion about you.


North Node

The North Node enters Taurus and the South Node enters Scorpio respectively on January, 18. It will be one of the occasions to focus on the change of your way of thinking and to start being more practical in the way you cope with gains from your professional course. Perhaps you realise that you must focus on education and implement your educational plans which are related to knowledge you can exploit financially in the future. Perhaps you want to take a break from work routine and try to live somewhere far where you can test your ability to work in environments with a different operational pattern. Perhaps a period begins when you travel often for work reasons, thus you will see things from a new perspective.

Another important chapter is your relationship with relatives and discussions that must take place between yourselves. You had better bring to surface what has not be spoken of and turn it into an honest dialogue that may clear shadows. Perhaps you must acknowledge your mistakes and omissions and cope with issues you had buried in the closet time and again. Only then will you screen out and get rid of every sick aspect of a relationship that should finally move on to a different level.


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