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Annual Horoscope 2022
by signingstar

The fear of giving up on habit


2022 seems to be a crucial year for you because a series of events aim at taking you out of your comfort zone and forcing you to acknowledge that you can start over. With Saturn in Aquarius, you find it hard to close chapters in your life and to fit in in frames that have taken shape as time has gone by and have become habits by now. Perhaps you try to end your relationship, shut the door behind you as you leave home, and look for a new place of residence. Perhaps it is difficult for you to fit in in the new professional facts and as a result, you struggle to prove that you have an opinion and the ability to pull the wires without other team members necessarily understand and accept this.

With the South Node in your sign from the beginning of the year, try and avoid falling into the trap of maintaining belongings you consider important but in reality, are only convenient because they are part of your habits. What matters is that you try to change your living pattern either by trusting your partner or by seeking to let others be at the helm of your career. It is a scary thought but, at the same time, it could be an extremely important educational activity. What matters is that you understand that you will be a completely different person at the beginning and at the end of 2022. Thus make sure you understand that there are changes before you you cannot resist.



Jupiter in Pisces from the beginning of the year until May, 10, as well as between October, 28 and December, 20, is a good opportunity to improve your love life and spend time with somebody who fulfils your emotional needs. Perhaps you have found your ideal better half and you are in a relationship that helps you dream again. Perhaps you think you can share what you feel without being threatened. Perhaps you discover the meaning of love time and again because somebody carries you away to dream about the future even if it is not absolutely identical to reality. Perhaps you idealise somebody new and you dream of situations without having fully known one another yet and gone through tests that will strengthen your relationship. If you break up, you are in no mood of looking for something stable so you decide to live without thinking about the future but only about casual relationships in the present. If you are in a relationship which has been tried and grown stronger over time, having a child is a fact that could take place and be the reasonable next step.

On the professional level, you have the opportunity to become the member of a team that copes with a subject that touches you. Perhaps it is related to your hobbies but you will soon realise that this activity could turn into your future professional occupation. The trial period of Jupiter in Aries between May, 10 and October, 28 will check whether you can integrate two different work activities into your life and whether you can shoulder the respective weight. You will be called upon to work hard and try the boundaries of your stamina as well as to confront situations that give you an adrenaline rush. Perhaps you must look after your health and add activities to your life which are beneficial and suit your new lifestyle.



Saturn in Aquarius throughout the year will be an obstacle to your carelessness because you are called upon to end situations which you keep dragging along even though they are ankle chains. Perhaps it is time you clarified things in the family, you confronted the parent who seems to represent the authority figure at home, and you resolved issues of many years back. Perhaps you find it hard to feel comfortable in the same house with somebody who insists on pulling the wires and setting rules. It is somebody who probably breathes down your neck and leaves no room for manoeuvre. Perhaps you seek to move but it is pretty difficult or even impossible because you cannot afford moving in a new house and covering the needs without the support of close people.

On the professional level, perhaps you can hardly fit in in a group of people who set the rules and be a team member since you disagree with the way others think. You will have to look deep inside to find the reasons why you cannot share with others and why it is difficult, or even impossible, to accept authorities in your environment. Such an occasion could lead to the conclusion that you are not appropriate for working in teams and that you rather rely only on yourself.

On the personal level, if you are in a relationship that does not move on, make sure you start taking distance from your better half and you close the chapter. The longer you stay in a relationship that has completed its cycle, the more you make it hard on yourself. In reality, you need to believe in love again and not be unrealistically secure in a relationship with no emotional bond anymore.



The first eclipse of the year is a Solar one that takes place on April, 30 at 10 degrees Taurus in conjunction with Uranus. It impacts on the interpersonal relationships of the representatives who were born at the end of the first and at the beginning of the second decanate. The ground will shake beneath your feet since you will be called upon to answer questions or to others’ criticism that put your ability to handle the unpredictable to the test. Perhaps there is turmoil in your relationship and your partner escapes or disappears, thus you must realise that you are left alone. Perhaps a new acquaintance comes up that disturbs the stagnant waters of your life. Perhaps it is somebody who awakens your sexual instincts and make you focus on new parameters. On the professional level, perhaps there are new financial facts which make you seriously think of leaving or rebelling against complaints that you consider unfair and irrational. The Lunar eclipse on May, 16 at 25 degrees your sign in square with Saturn in Aquarius and in trine with Mars and Neptune in Pisces impacts mostly on the representatives of the third decanate by bringing forth the end of an era. Facts in your personal life likely change, a chapter closes, and you must cope with the practical aspects. Your children’s support could make the break up easier than you thought but you must also cope with social stereotypes. On the other hand, a new acquaintance may shake the foundations of your life and lead you to decisions that you would hardly make under other circumstances.

The next set of eclipses begins with the Solar eclipse on October, 25 at 2 degrees your sign in conjunction with Venus and in quincunx with Jupiter in Aries. It mostly impacts on the representatives of the first decanate. You will be called upon to focus on yourself, cope with your image, and find pleasure in things you do solely for you. Perhaps it is difficult to fit in in the new work facts of your life and as a result, you try to control your surroundings so as to stop being in uncharted waters. Perhaps you want to make a new professional beginning by trying to include many things in one day without it being necessarily simple and easy. The Lunar eclipse that follows on November, 8 at 6 degrees Taurus in conjunction with Uranus, in opposition to Mercury and Venus in your sign, and in square with Saturn in Aquarius will be an occasion to clear the landscape in your life and close a topic that has worn you out. You have the chance to break free from the protective shield around you, to make your personal revolution, and to come out of the prison you have found yourself into so long as you burn whatever you take for granted in your life. It might seem like a bold and scary idea but it could also be a way to prove that you can be reborn from your ashes. Get rid of anybody who forces you to live differently than usual and you will realise that you will reinvent yourself.


North Node

The North Node enters Taurus and the South Node enters your sign respectively on January, 18. It will signal the beginning of an one-and-a-half-year period when you have the opportunity to take your life in the direction you have dreamt of so long as you are aware of limitations in your ambitions. You will have the opportunity to find your ideal life partner; somebody who suits what you really need even though this does not necessarily translate into stability. Uranus in Taurus, at the same time, reminds you that some things are not up to you and that you may wish and hope for something but this means that neither you receive such a gift nor does it remain in your life forever. You are called upon to live in the here and now and to fill yourself with momentary feelings and pleasures without being able to keep them for long. A new job could reinvigorate you and make you shine but you might be fired after some time because you do not suit the rest of the environment. An acquaintance might give you huge amounts of sexual pleasure and emotional identification but the other side might disappear after a while without leaving any trace behind. The end of your career in the field you were used to being might be harsh and difficult. However, you will feel free and capable of living at will after a while without being scared of the fact that you have lost your safety net.

In a nutshell, you learn to live according to the facts that pop up, to enjoy every little moment, and to make small steps in the direction which suits your aspirations. Life is too short to plan your future so carefully and in detail, so dare to lose everything so as to realise how much you are worth. The last sentence might sound scary but it could also become your motto in your effort to build the life you have always wanted but you never dared to make true.

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