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Annual Horoscope 2022
by signingstar

Seemingly fine. In reality?


2022 seems to be a good year for you shall you decide to cope with yourself and make sure you attune your body to your spirit. On the one side, there are developments in the domestic and professional areas since you have the opportunity to make steps of progress. Perhaps you receive a good professional offer which makes you consider whether it is time you changed career or you followed your heart and you focused on the subject you wish. Perhaps you choose to focus on your personal life and your intimate circle of people. If you are about to come of age, moving in a new house will help you have more space to yourself and show off your ability to respond to daily basic chores without depending on others.


On the other side, with the eclipses in the axis of Taurus/Scorpio, you are called upon to realise that your physical well-being is interlinked with your psychological state. Perhaps you experience mood swings and you lose your interest in work since you retire into yourself. Perhaps you refuse to carry on with the routine you had chosen in the past because you feel trapped in a living pattern that does not suit your disposition anymore. Remember that many things that you feel and discover about yourself stem from older unresolved situations. As a result, you need to cope with them shall you wish to make decisive steps of personal growth.



Jupiter in Pisces from the beginning of the year until May, 10, as well as between October, 28 and December, 20, will be a good opportunity for you to cope with domestic and family issues since you wish to find joy and optimism in these two fields. Perhaps you have decided to move which means that there are practicalities you must work on but you also dream of your new life. You will cope with the decoration of your new space and you will do an extensive search so as to find the right objects that will embellish your home. However, you must be careful so as to find a place with solid foundations. If there are developments in your family life, perhaps you have children and you enlarge your family or you move in with your partner so as to live together. If your relationship has lost its target, it is rather easy to be involved in a new relationship that will be an obstacle to every attempt to handle problems in your marriage. Things might be even more confusing in April so try and be clear and honest so as to avoid unmanageable confusion.

On the professional level, you have the opportunity to find a temporary job or see potential for growth in your existing one mainly due to favourable coincidences and occasions. Perhaps you are involved in a situation that results in your recognition so long as you remember that you cannot act selfishly and egoistically. You should rather be an altruist and aim at the common good. The trial period of Jupiter in Aries between May, 10 and October, 28 will be an opportunity to show off your personal skills and express your personal aspirations. Perhaps you wish to discern your position from the group’s you are a member of and cope with something else that gives you pleasure. On the amorous level, a new acquaintance at the current juncture could set your life on fire and be the spark that will light a fire you can hardly control. If you remain in your existing relationship, you will most likely have a child unless you already have children which means that you must meticulously cope with their life.



Saturn in Aquarius throughout 2022 will be a favourable occasion for you because it does not seem to have a direct impact on you. You are called upon to learn a new language, literally or figuratively, that will help you to communicate in a new circle of people that takes shape around you. Firstly, you will have to resolve issues related to your relatives, take distance from them, and make sure you are clear about your intentions. Perhaps inheritance issues come up and quarrels and rifts take place. Perhaps you must make your role known in this area so as to avoid more confusions. Perhaps you want to move far from them and look for a new house in a place in a great distance from the area you grew up or you were used to live in.

Another important point you must cope with is the way your mind operates. Perhaps you can hardly communicate with your surroundings which means two things. The first could be that you are in a society which becomes more and more conservative and as a result, you feel like a stranger in your environment. You could rebel and express your objections but remember that this could marginalise you, target you, and turn you into the black sheep. The second could be that you must learn a new language so as to be able to communicate with your surroundings. You must be attentive and patient because it is not a simple procedure. In this case, remember that you need time and you might have to operate with rules you do not necessarily approve of.



The first eclipse of the year is a Solar one that takes place on April, 30 at 10 degrees Taurus in conjunction with Uranus. It seems to upset your routine due to news and facts that may change your habits. News at work could change the facts in your relationships with colleagues and could upset existing situations. Perhaps you suspect certain things from others’ behaviour who are linked to you only through financial interests. This means that changes are about to take place which you are called upon to guess through their change of behaviour. If you cope with your health, bear in mind that changing nutritional habits could be the solution. The Lunar eclipse on May, 16 at 25 degrees Scorpio in square with Saturn in Aquarius and in trine with Mars and Neptune in Pisces forces you to close a professional chapter or measure yourself against people who challenge your interests. You must be well-prepared shall you decide to speak up, raise to the occasion, and have arguments that are essential and well-structured. If you must learn something, use your instinct and do not trust anybody unless you are certain about your opponent.

The next set of eclipses begins with the Solar eclipse on October, 25 at 2 degrees Scorpio in conjunction with Venus and in quincunx with Jupiter in Aries. It highlights the difficult balance between the end of a period and the beginning of a new one. Your enthusiasm about a new situation will come against your difficulty to remain in the existing environment. This will bring about confrontations that you can hardly manage. Perhaps you must work on a subject that puts pressure on you and you cannot avoid unless you risk your belongings. Perhaps you find it hard to accept others’ rules and you want to rebel but it is pretty improbable at the current juncture. The Lunar eclipse that follows on November, 8 at 6 degrees Taurus in conjunction with Uranus, in opposition to Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, and in square with Saturn in Aquarius will upset you within because you are called upon to operate in a way that opposes your way of thinking. Perhaps you must discuss a professional issue that seems to make your integration difficult in a group of people who operate in a specific way. Perhaps you plan something different at work and it is necessary that you act behind the scenes by even avoiding people who can harm your plans. Try and realise that an era comes to a close so it is important that you prepare your next step without making it known to people you will leave behind in the near future.


North Node

The North Node enters Taurus and the South Node enters Scorpio respectively on January, 18. This will signal the beginning of a period of almost one and a half year when you are called upon to cope with your health and settle unfinished business which unnecessarily consumes your energy. Perhaps there is turmoil at work and you must cope with the new professional facts as your remuneration or your role changes. You had better be honest shall you reject the offers you receive and refuse to be involved in something that probably changes your daily life because you are not ready for it. Perhaps you decide to change your nutrition and you choose one that is differently structured because you decide to attune your health to your way of thinking. Perhaps you consider seeking therapy more and more by finding a therapist who can bring those sides of yourself that you denied in the past to the surface otherwise they can be obstacles to your future.

You are called upon to get rid of whatever is useless and might add unnecessary weight to you. Physical and psychological detoxication is necessary but this does not mean that you should go too far by refusing to be fed materially and emotionally. You want to change some things in your life, such as your professional occupation, but this will take place only if you change your way of thinking.


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