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New Moon 2/1/2022
by signingstar

The New Moon on January, 2 at 12 degrees Capricorn in square with Chiron in Aries seems to mobilise the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn).


You will be called upon to decide whether you are willing to keep on moving within a specific frame of expression and action or you will decide to break free and escape. Perhaps you are under pressure to oppress your desires and dispositions but this should not be an occasion to rebel and object rules which were set by people you are not ready to confront. On the other hand, it is time you made amends at work, you changed your behaviour toward colleagues and collaborators, and you assumed your responsibilities.



The Capricorn New Moon could set new professional goals and make you record behaviours and intentions that may impact on your public image as you do not wish to repeat them. Perhaps you seek to review your relationship with people at work and you try to settle unfinished business that brings about tensions. Finally, try and control yourself and avoid quarrels with people who may determine a large part of your career.



The Capricorn New Moon might be an opportunity to reconsider an educational plan you had in mind and might be a goal for the new year. You will have to commit to an effort that you will set in motion, to realise that you must spend more time alone, and to look deep inside to find answers to questions you ask. A trip at the current juncture might be invigorating but it will also bring about a lot of professional unfinished business.



The Capricorn New Moon will make you reconsider some financial aspects and will help you to settle unfinished business. You will have to reach an understanding with your partner or collaborator so as to make difficult decisions and readjust your goals based on the new facts. On the amorous level, somebody from the past has reappeared and has probably confused things so try and clarify what goes on because things are not what they look like.



The New Moon opposite you could be an opportunity to make a new beginning in your interpersonal relationships. Try and screen out your environment from people who influence your relationship and keep close only those who agree with your choices. You will likely decide to make some changes at work and alienate people who you think keep you chained in a past that you leave behind. Everything seems pretty hopeful for your present and future so long as you are courageous enough to try and make your desires and choices happen.



The Capricorn New Moon might add obligations to your life that you try to avoid although it does not seem to be easy. Perhaps you decide to review your daily priorities and seek more time to yourself although it is not easy. You will have to settle unfinished business and close the door to situations that others make you shoulder although you believe they are not your own obligations. Finally, look after your body and do not exaggerate.



The Capricorn New Moon might be a new era in your personal life so long as you are ready to take on your responsibilities. You have the opportunity to take your relationship to a new era and to make choices which prove that you are prepared for the challenges ahead of you. If you are in a dilemma, it is time you stopped daydreaming and you tried to give shape to your plan. Try and be realistic about facts and make a decision based on the real dimension of life.



The Capricorn New Moon seems to highlight that it is time you did something to change the facts in a difficult situation on the professional or domestic level. Perhaps this means that you will raise to the occasion without being stressed that this might translate into raising walls. Perhaps you decide to change balances at home and you might make decisions which seem to disturb existing roles and to bother some people who are used to moving within a specific and safe framework.



The Capricorn New Moon seems to make you express yourself in a way that will disturb your relatives. You might have an opinion that will be hardly implementable; you might become unpleasant to people who are used to seeing you in a different way; or you might decide to attack instead of waiting for the storm to pass. On a practical level, try and be wary of hasty decisions about trips and excursions because some things are not what they look like currently.



The Capricorn New Moon seems to make you consider the prospect of changing something on the financial level and make decisions that will definitely grade your priorities somehow differently. You might be under financial strain and you might have to make sacrifices for the benefit of your family. Perhaps you realise that you are at a crucial point regarding your house and you seek to make changes in it or you decide to buy something new. This seems to be pressuring so try to evaluate it within the timeframe of next month.



The New Moon in your sign seems to be the alarm bell which indicates that something is wrong and that it is time you assumed your responsibilities and you changed the facts of your personal life. You will have to end a relationship that does not move forward which is not that easy but it could also be the moment of awakening. If somebody from the past returns, you had better not grow enthusiastic too soon. You should try and recall the memories of the past and compare them with the reality of the present.



The Capricorn New Moon could be an alarm bell and makes you promise to yourself that you will listen to your inner world and follow what it prompts you to do. You might have to reconsider the way you handle your stamina and focus on empowering yourself. Perhaps you decide to persistently look for health-related signals so as to find the root of all evil and have a holistic change of your lifestyle. Finally, make sure you are careful with your associations on the professional level and you avoid laying your cards on the table in front of people you do not know well.



The Capricorn New Moon seems to whisper that you start a new social period in your life and that it is time you screened out your friendships and acquaintances. Perhaps you alienate people you were used to having by your side but your interests change and you want to open up your mind to new information and ideas. Perhaps there are professional challenges that you cannot completely assess yet. You should simply collect information and decide next month.

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