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Full Moon 17/1/2022
by signingstar

The Full Moon on January, 17 at 27 degrees Cancer in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn seems to highly influence the mood and emotional world of the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) who were born on the third decanate.


You will be called upon to deal with your emotions and assess whether it is feasible to measure yourself against your inner feelings that might bring about explosions in your interpersonal relationships. Perhaps you feel the need to ask for more freedom and to take distance from a stifling situation that forces you to be a different person from who you really are. Perhaps you stand before the end of a situation which you terminate since you realise that you must have power and endurance from now on in order to kick start your life.



The Cancer Full Moon seems to have an impact on the balances at home and to give shape to new facts in your relationships with family members. You must realise that some people cannot easily follow the imposed changes and as a result, they lag behind in this race of self growth. On the professional level, if feasible, try to spot and alienate people who are toxic for your intentions.



The Cancer Full Moon will make you consider some things since you want to examine the other side. You might change your way of thinking and express different thoughts and perceptions and as a result, you might confuse your surroundings with your intentions. You might want to listen to your gut that sends you a different signal from that of reason and you might be in an unsolvable dilemma. Finally, remember that you need not shout to be heard. You should rather use arguments to convince others.



The Cancer Full Moon will be a difficult moment for your finances since you might realise that some people try to take advantage of your belongings in a very unpleasant way. Perhaps you have a conflict with specific people and you want to impose your thoughts and views. You might be more selfish with your relatives’ intentions who seem ready to rob you of your time. On the professional level, make sure you consider a collaboration much better even though it is not properly planned yet.



The Full Moon in your sign will be an occasion to understand that you must do something to claim much more in relation to what you earn lately. If there are changes at work, make sure you are prepared to fight to maintain your belongings and do not let others take advantage of the occasions. On the personal level, if you are decided to give a situation a second chance, make sure you attune your mind to your heart about the mission you take on.



The Cancer Full Moon is perhaps a thorn in your daily life because you are called upon to handle certain weights that should not overwhelm you. Try and spot the people who act like parasites and might harm you so as to alienate them. At the same time, make sure you look after yourself, work out, and be more careful with your nutrition so as to avoid exaggerations that will fill your constitution with unnecessary weights.



The Cancer Full Moon will help you to solve differences and problems with friends and to find explanations about topics that confuse you and make you constantly quarrel with close people. Try and be condescending with others’ words and include your emotional world in your thoughts and arguments. If your better half complains that you have no time for your relationship, try and change your priorities and prove that your relationship is on the top of your priorities.



The Cancer Full Moon will upset the professional area of your life since you are called upon to prove that your abilities are not questioned by your surroundings. Perhaps this means that you are called upon to take initiatives and complete missions which others hesitate to touch upon. Perhaps it is time you settled domestic issues and you expressed your thoughts even if they look like grenades in an environment that is not really calm but also not at all a battlefield.



The Cancer Full Moon seems to urge you to speak up and express your thoughts knowing that this will cause reactions and contradictions. If you are ready, you may open the bag of winds but you should know that some relationships will never be the same following this situation. If you go through an educational process, you are called upon to realise that you have a long way and you must be mentally strong to complete the mission and reach your ultimate goal.



The Cancer Full Moon seems to upset your finances and make you measure yourself against the other side so as to find solutions to problems regarding your belongings. Perhaps you realise that you cannot rely on somebody else about your financial security and you had better protect yourself. Perhaps you have a lot of expenses at home and you try to share the weights with your husband/wife. Finally, there might be disturbances at work and you might have to be careful so as not to endanger or have your belongings questioned.



The Cancer Full Moon will be an important moment for you since you are called upon to decide whether you are willing to keep on being at the helm or step aside and let others take the wheel. Try and make your final decision based on practical aspects and thinking that time is crucial so as to avoid being selfish and stubborn in view of developments that cannot be delayed anymore. If you are ready to quit a specific group of people, remember that there will be consequences which you should properly assess.



The Cancer Full Moon highlights how careful you must be with health issues and that you must pay due attention to your physical well-being and avoid acting hastily and carelessly. Try and protect yourself, watch your back, look after your nutrition, and avoid going too far as it might be dangerous for you. On the professional level, there might be intense action behind the scenes and as a result, you need to watch out for the moves of people who might have a double role in occasions you are involved in.



The Cancer Full Moon seems to bring your deepest emotions to the surface and make you worry about your close people. You might have to cope with the life of people from your intimate circle and you might want to consider whether they have problems to which you could contribute and give your help. At the same time, you might decide to take the next step in your relationship and be decisive and direct so as to resolve problems that persist and prevent you from feeling happy.

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