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New Moon 1/2/2022
by signingstar

The New Moon on February, 1 at 12 degrees Aquarius in conjunction with Saturn and in square with Uranus in Taurus seems to make things serious in the life of the signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) born on the second decanate.

You may have to come face to face with your responsibilities and you must protect yourself against others’ complaints about your absence, your weakness, and your denial to participate in a group effort. You might feel like a stranger in a system that is used to taking you for granted. Perhaps a chapter in your professional or personal life comes to a close and you decide to have a different overview about life. If you are ready to lay foundations, now is the moment to do so.



The Aquarius New Moon seems to inaugurate a new era about the way you work or participate in social actions. Perhaps you take on a different role in the system you are a member of and you take advantage of opportunities and occasions that alienate your interlocutors and collaborators. Perhaps you want to essentially screen out your friends as you seek to take distance from people with whom you disagree about the future of society.



The Aquarius New Moon seems to be a moment of crisis on the professional level and as a result, you are called upon to take action. Perhaps you are handed over responsibilities that you must fulfil knowing that it is a rather challenging task to which you must devote yourself. Perhaps you decide to take distance from an authority figure at work as you wish to avoid head-on confrontation. At home, you might have to support the elderly because it is obvious that time has an impact on them.



The Aquarius New Moon makes you look to the future with difficulty and you think there are obstacles and dead-ends which you are called upon to overcome with hard work and big effort. Perhaps you realise it is time you changed your intimate environment and you alienated people you did not manage to find a common way of action and living together. Perhaps an educational chapter comes to a close and you look for your next step. Perhaps you consider the possibility of taking distance from your familiar environment and you went somewhere far for your next professional plans.



The Aquarius New Moon reminds you that you need not try to improve a relationship or collaboration that will never make you feel safe. If the trials of last months come to an end, it is time you left a limiting and difficult environment that makes you feel redundant. If you start a new job or a new relationship, make sure you consider whether you can second the promises you are called upon to make and whether you can commit to some things that look pretty demanding from the beginning.



The Aquarius New Moon will be a crucial moment for the beginning of a new period; a new era during which you have the opportunity to move according to your own terms on the professional and personal level. This does not mean that you can adopt an arrogant and selfish behaviour and that you should make decisions based only on your own needs otherwise it will be difficult to participate in a relationship or a group. On the other hand, you can convince your surroundings about your plan and intended actions to achieve it so as to make those you are interested in follow you.



The Aquarius New Moon will make difficulties in the work routine visible and you will have to acknowledge that you need to invest time and effort in a job which you cannot ignore and put on the back burner. You might need to try hard to settle what you took on and it might be necessary that you are more devoted to the plan and its rules. Perhaps you realise that you must be wary of your health, limit exaggerations and pleasant treats, and try to lose weight so as to look after your neglected self.



The Aquarius New Moon makes you realise that your relationship with your children has changed. Perhaps you realise that they have grown up and they are more autonomous than you thought, thus you need to have a different relationship with them from now on. Perhaps there are new facts in your personal life and you are ready to acknowledge changes in your relationship and realise that an important chapter comes to a close. A simple fling might have a different meaning so remember that you are called upon to be prepared to discuss something more than what you had in mind.



The Aquarius New Moon will be difficult on you because you are called upon to leave a place in which you were used to be lately. Perhaps this means that you leave your current job, a cycle comes to an end, and you take the lessons you learnt with you. Perhaps you finish an educational activity and you can sell your knowledge for more. On the personal level, there is a thorn in your house and you had better talk about it in depth otherwise there are gaps you can hardly bridge in the future.



The Aquarius New Moon seems to obstruct your communicational skills and to make your contact with people in your environment difficult. Perhaps you find out that you must meticulously think of what you want to say before you actually utter the words. It is necessary that you have the bigger picture first and then set goals. Perhaps it is difficult to go on a trip you have in mind and you bump into obstacles which do not allow you to escape an environment you consider your house and permanent place of residence.



The Aquarius New Moon will be an occasion to lay new economic foundations for your life. Perhaps you decide to control your expenses, to refuse to go shopping as initially planned and to ask for money you have lent. Perhaps you can hardly manage your daily life and you realise that it is necessary to save up so as to use this money in the near future. On the personal level, you might find it difficult to express your feelings to the person by your side.



The New Moon in your sign seems to be determinative for work-related issues and for putting obligations in order. Perhaps it is useful that you hold a discussion with collaborators and find solutions to dead-ends which lead to the termination of your collaboration. Perhaps a professional chapter comes to a close and you leave a group whose member you were used to being. You need to remember that you are not alone because others abandon you but because you choose to be.



The Aquarius New Moon might make you suspicious and make you wonder whether there are people around you who sabotage your life. First of all, look for such disingenuous people at work and try to find out whether they are others’ informants. In addition, make sure you pay attention to your body and ask yourself whether you pointlessly waste your energy for other people and as a result, you need to look after yourself more than you used to.

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