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Full Moon 13/7/2022
by signingstar

The Full Moon on July, 13 at 21 degrees Capricorn in opposition to Mercury in Cancer and in marginal conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn seems to motivate the signs/ascendants who were born on the third decanate of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn).

You will be called upon to hold discussions in which you must find the balance between reason and instinct. Perhaps you must search deep inside to find answers for people who are not necessarily ready to listen to your thoughts. This means that you need to speak a language that the other side understands otherwise you will come across walls which can be hardly broken down. If you are ready to shut a door behind you, make sure your decision is definitive and do not rely on an easy and sloppy solution in order to avoid getting in touch with your inner world.



The Capricorn Full Moon will make understanding and communication with people at work difficult. You will find it hard and your existing relationships might be threatened. You must prove that you can listen to others’ opinions and views, that you can find balance in ambiguous situations, and that you can justify the behaviour of people who can neither forget nor move forward.



The Capricorn Full Moon might change your plans about a trip and make you look for solutions to problems which seem to change your priorities. Perhaps you must moderate the time you spend at work so as to focus on your personal life. Perhaps it is necessary that you explain your ideas to people who need to understand that you value them; only then will they listen to your views.



The Capricorn Full Moon seems to activate difficult balances on the financial level and to bring about expenses and investments which you are called upon to explain to people of your intimate circle. You must discuss your partners’ complaints, soothe their objections, and try to find solutions to impasses which you thought were impossible to overcome. Truth be told, there might be somebody opposite you who is not ready to listen to your thoughts and so they keep their distance.



The Full Moon opposite you makes you more sensitive to issues of interpersonal relationships that involve people who expect your decisions. You will have to employ reason to be able to give the right answers and stay cool to complaints that might make you more introvert. Finally, it is time you answered professional questions without thinking whether you make others feel uncomfortable.



The Capricorn Full Moon might be difficult for you because you are called upon to keep your cool regarding work-related topics. Perhaps this means that you must be strong when you confront people who have decided to raise walls against you, you must have a clear head, and you must avoid pointless tensions. On the other side, you cannot keep on oppressing what disturbs you because you only harm yourself.



The Capricorn Full Moon will help you to clarify certain issues of your personal life and get rid of shadows which manage to cast doubts and ambiguity. It is time you asked for proofs of devotion from somebody in your life and you sought to find reasons why you should carry on trusting them. Perhaps you must hold a discussion with friends so as to listen to their opinion about topics of your concern and to clarify what their role in your life is.



The Capricorn Full Moon is a difficult period for you because you must confront relatives and try to settle unfinished business which give rise to doubts and dislikes. You might have to hold an in-depth discussion which makes you acknowledge that you must take steps towards the remediation of your relationship with a particular person. Perhaps the balances on the professional level are difficult and as a result, you can hardly operate at will. This means that you are called upon to water down your claims.



The Capricorn Full Moon will create a tense climate of doubt and questioning in your head and as a result, you will not be able to argue with people who criticise you. You must be extremely careful with your decisions and make sure you weigh your words and avoid big statements. You should follow your gut without prioritising it at the expense of reason.



The Capricorn Full Moon seems to be an important moment for your finances because you might decide to settle unfinished business and move on. It seems necessary to clarify your debts without shouldering others’ mistakes. Perhaps you realise that it is time you asked for the help of somebody who is close to you but whom you keep on ignoring and thus alienating.



The Full Moon in your sign is an important moment for your interpersonal relationships because you will be at a juncture when you prove what your priorities are. If you keep on alienating your partner, it might seem that you move ahead alone without somebody who has been on your side until today. If you understand that you cannot fully rely on your potential, it is time you asked for help and support without thinking about weaknesses and insecurities.



The Capricorn Full Moon might create intense behind-the-scenes action and bring issues to the surface that should finally be disclosed. You might confront somebody who conceals their ambitions because you realise that they are your opponent. Perhaps you understand that you have gone too far without receiving the reward you think you deserve. Finally, you might close a chapter in an unexpected way because you are ready to move on without, however, having given any signs before.



The Capricorn Full Moon seems to upset your friendships and cast shadows on relationships which seem to be on autopilot. Perhaps you are not interested in certain people of your environment anymore since you think you have nothing in common to share. Perhaps you acknowledge that society becomes crueler and crueler and as a result, you look for a way out through new contacts and acquaintances that make you dream about the future time and again.

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