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Full Moon 12/8/2022
by signingstar

It seems that the Full Moon on August, 12 at 19 degrees Aquarius in conjunction with Saturn and in square with Uranus in Taurus is a key-moment for the lives of the signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) born at the end of the second and at the beginning of the third decanates.

You will be called upon to be serious and decisive so as to cut off tiring and exposing habits and actions that give you no substantial benefits and no security. Perhaps it is time you dissociated yourself from a group of people because you realise that you are ready to spread your wings and fly away. If you went through a trial period, your presence would be established in an environment that helps you feel safer and makes you believe that you can kick-start your life.



The Aquarius Full Moon will be an occasion for you to screen out your friends and take distance from people and situations that are exhausting for you. You must be prepared for a sort of criticism by people who wish to highlight your weaknesses. You might also realise that this process is costly for you.



The Aquarius Full Moon might be an important moment when you are called upon to set rules in your career. Perhaps you realise that you can hardly express your professional ambitions or that you can hardly fit in with the work frame that others have set up. Perhaps there is a conflict in your family and you might have to take on a role which you did not think was your responsibility. In any case, it seems that you grow up and this should be reflected on your responsibilities and obligations.



The Aquarius Full Moon seems to bring about tensions with your surroundings. Perhaps you are judgemental about the course of society and so you measure yourself against people who hold a different perspective. Perhaps you try to take distance from people and situations because you wish to retire into yourself so as to better know yourself and answer heavy dilemmas.



The Aquarius Full Moon might be a moment when you must settle unfinished business on the financial level and you must start saving up. Perhaps you must discuss this topic with your better half and find solutions together about issues which have an impact on both of you and cause a stir in your relationship. Perhaps it is time you seriously coped with your amorous life and you asked yourself whether there is sexual chemistry with your partner or you are excited with somebody else and so questions are raised about your course from now on.



The Aquarius Full Moon seems to stress your interpersonal relationships and the way you handle difficult balances. You had better approach the other side and fully understand their problems and complaints before you make your final decisions. Perhaps you decide to end a tiring situation and so you start moving towards a break up or you leave a collaboration that have made you feel there are no more indications you could approach them.



The Aquarius Full Moon will make you want to take distance from work routine and stop thinking about work-related issues. If you must work, try and take distance from situations that are not of your concern and that could expose you in the future should you decide to be involved in them. Finally, you had better beware of health issues so as to anticipate situations that could be extremely intense and hardly manageable in the long run.



The Aquarius Full Moon seems to bring about an opportunity to clarify the situation in your amorous life, solve misunderstandings and disagreements, and make you aware of the way forward. Perhaps an uncertain situation is established and you make your intentions known. Perhaps you must cope with your children and realise that they are already older and as a result, you need not be all over them; you may allow certain liberties.



The Aquarius Full Moon is somehow harsh on you regarding domestic affairs and choices you make that do not agree with your beliefs. Perhaps you are under pressure to obey others’ rules and to operate within a limiting and difficult frame. Perhaps you decide to rebel and leave a scary and disturbing environment which means that you acknowledge the difficulties of such a decision. Make sure you are responsible regarding your choices.



The Aquarius Full Moon might be an occasion to say harsh things in discussions with relatives. Perhaps it is time you expressed your objections and you disagreed with situations that challenge your moral and mental values. Perhaps you must be silent because every word you say has got consequences that you cannot handle. Thus you seek an opportunity to escape an explosive environment. If you cannot go on the excursion you have in mind, try and slow down at work so as to rest physically and mentally.



The Aquarius Full Moon will be an occasion to seriously cope with your finances so as to resolve problems that make you acknowledge you are not fully in control of developments in your life. Perhaps you decide to finish with an obligation that endangers your material security but you will miss the opportunity to be at the helm of a professional collaboration. Finally, you might want to speak up within the frame of a team because you want to set rules and boundaries which not all members can accept. Thus there will be disagreements that should lead to concrete actions.



The Full Moon in your sign will be an opportunity to change the flow of things. Perhaps you are rather tired and disappointed with the whole situation and you seek to take distance from a limiting and difficult environment. Perhaps you make an important decision in your personal life and you move forward with your relationship knowing that this will bring about bigger changes to your surroundings. You are called upon to prove that you acknowledge the seriousness of the situation and you are not afraid to assume respective responsibilities.



The Aquarius Full Moon consists of difficulties, obstacles and a turmoil that might be the result of bad assessment of your endurance. You must find time to rest, find yourself time and again, and hold a discussion with yourself so as to cope with the challenges set by your surroundings. Perhaps you need to go on a trip far from your work routine which exhausts you and makes you live one-dimensionally.

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