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New Moon 28/7/2022
by signingstar

The New Moon on July, 28 at 5 degrees Leo in trine with Jupiter in Aries seems to be favourable for the representatives of the element of fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) who were born on the first decanate as they may take up a habit that gives security and pleasure.

You will have the opportunity to express your personal aspirations and desires, be visible to your surroundings, go after and conquer your goals. Perhaps you decide to change the flow in your personal life seeking to approach somebody in whom you are seemingly interested and who you would like to be by your side from now on. Finally, remember that you may seem more selfish and arrogant in comparison to the past and this could upset your surroundings.



The Leo New Moon will be an exceptional opportunity for you to express what is inside your heart, approach somebody you are interested in, and spend time with your better half. You have the opportunity to enjoy some moments, have fun and be reassured. Perhaps you decide to take professional and financial risks, try to make an impression and so have longterm financial gain.



The Leo New Moon seems to bring about tension to your personal life because it is time you decided how to move forward. Perhaps you decide to set new rules in your relationship with your better half and you may wish to be at the helm. Perhaps you must confront somebody who keeps on tripping you, who seeks to be in the spotlight and who wishes to lead you in directions that do not suit your desires and intentions.



The Leo New Moon will be a good opportunity to plan an excursion and to go on a trip to a far-off destination. Perhaps you meet with friends and you spend time with them which seems to be necessary at the current juncture. Perhaps you decide to speak up about your views on certain topics related to your circle of relatives as you seek to stop using funny excuses and doubts to avoid it.



The Leo New Moon might be the beginning of a period when you focus on your finances and you settle unfinished business. It is time you stopped living in ambiguity and you made sure you ensured your income so as to make longterm plans. Perhaps you receive a professional offer which you are called upon to assess but not only for its financial aspect. You are called to be aware whether you are satisfied with this offer regarding the improvement of your public image or not.



The New Moon in your sign seems like an opportunity to do something pleasant and like a prospect to dare to do something unusual. Perhaps you decide to go on a trip that will make you forget about difficulties at work; perhaps you explore the possibility of taking on a professional challenge that will take you far off from your familiar environment. Perhaps you need to come out of the tight frame of your personal life and dare to flirt or be available for acquaintances that you may easily make.



The Leo New Moon might ask you to prove you are strong enough and able to respond to challenges. You can hardly be lively though and have the stamina to do what you are told. Perhaps you can hardly fit in with a system that is defined by people with a different mindset. Thus you are burdened and angry and you can hardly express these feelings appropriately.



The Leo New Moon could be an opportunity to make your presence felt and announce the decisions you have made which lead you far off from your current environment. Perhaps you are about to make a professional transition and you accept an offer which seems to open up new horizons. Perhaps you seem ready to make the next step in your personal life and you show to your friends and social acquaintances that you start something new. This means that you reprioritise your life in a different way.



The Leo New Moon might be an opportunity to consolidate professional gain and conquer a goal that you set before. You likely express your needs and you cause a stir in your professional environment because you seem to ask for something more than you are currently offered. Perhaps you assume the role of the leader in a specific system as you seek to prove that you can be at the helm without fearing responsibilities you shoulder.



The Leo New Moon could be an opportunity to change your way of thinking and express another side of yourself. You have the opportunity to escape a tight and small framework of thinking and action; to prove that you focus on the bigger picture; and to leave small and pointless details by the wayside. Perhaps you want to go on a trip which gives you the opportunity to get in touch with people who better suit your way of thinking.



The Leo New Moon will put pressure on you to see things from another perspective, to put yourself in the other side’s shoes, and to try and see developments from their own perspective. It is not easy because you are called upon to confront your own obsessions and difficulties and you must question your own convictions and beliefs. Your opponent is nobody else than the image of yourself in a mirror which probably distorts reality.



The New Moon opposite you is an opportunity to travel far off from your neighbours and relatives, find yourself in new and different places, and change your way of thinking regarding issues that have an impact on you. Perhaps this means that you need and claim time to cope with your relationship and that you are at a crucial point regarding the next step in it that could change your life direction. Perhaps you simply want to take distance from work-related issues so as to find the right solutions.



The Leo New Moon seems to create a new status in your daily life and is an opportunity to adopt new habits. Perhaps you take up a new professional activity that will help you settle your finances in the coming months. Perhaps you decide to go shopping which means that you must settle unfinished business and know what your exact income is in the coming period of time so as to avoid surprises that might expose you to close people.

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