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Full Moon 10/9/2022
by signingstar

The Full Moon on September, 10 at 17 degrees Pisces in marginal conjunction with Neptune seems to be an opportunity for the signs/ascendants of the mutable axis (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces) to feel they belong to an environment that suits them and helps them relax.


Perhaps you are in a relationship or collaboration that is bigger than you thought and might help you to be in the spotlight. Perhaps you meet people you did not think you could approach and you are in an environment that is wider and bigger than you thought it would be. On the other side, this Full Moon might befog the atmosphere, create illusions and hallucinations, and lead you to decisions that are not thought through in the end. Try and tone down extreme optimism and elan and look at potential dangers with a clear head.



The Pisces Full Moon might hypnotise you, make you relax and go with the flow of developments without being in the mood of controlling them. Perhaps this is convenient at the current juncture because you seek moments of relaxation and rest but you might also fall victim to others’ dispositions to lead things in a specific direction. Remember that you can neither cope with everything nor trust everybody.



The Pisces Full Moon might give you the opportunity to get in touch with friends and listen to their useful advice. Perhaps you need to spend some moments of relaxation with them and participate in activities that help you chill and have fun. Perhaps you fall victim to others’ intentions and you are involved in disorienting situations. Thus you will lose time and sight of your initial goal in the end.



The Pisces Full Moon might be a big opportunity for you to achieve your professional goal so as to stand out through your job. Perhaps you are in the spotlight and many people see you. Perhaps you get in touch with people who open up new horizons in your life and you do something that is bigger than you. However, you might also fall victim to others’ manipulation as they aim at making you lose sight of your course and at leading you to impasses which you did not imagine were there.



The Pisces Full Moon might be a good opportunity for you to get in touch with people who can open up new routes for you. A journey at the current juncture could be an opportunity to look to the future from another perspective while contact with acquaintances from abroad could give you new hope. If you need to have fun, you can do so by going on an excursion.



The Pisces Full Moon asks for your attention because you may be involved in financial transactions that will easily expose you in the future. Try and control yourself before you buy unnecessary things and do not be carried away with something that seems to be pleasant due to your big excitement. Perhaps you fall victim to somebody’s amorous interest who is not who they say they are. Thus you make unrealistic dreams about a potential relationship.



The Full Moon opposite you could be an opportunity to approach a group of people who seem to be able to help you feel better with your role. Perhaps you connect with your surroundings more smoothly; you realise that you are an inextricable part of the team; and you can be in more harmony with your everyday life. Perhaps there are developments in your personal life and you must open your eyes.



The Pisces Full Moon might be confusing and disorienting and might introduce a routine without boundaries, thus you feel like losing your footing. Perhaps this means that the volume of your work increases; you are involved in a system with no rules; and you are responsible for others’ support. Therefore you lose touch with your personal life. Perhaps something big begins at work and you feel nice in your new role although you cannot understand yet the responsibilities you shoulder.



The Pisces Full Moon could be an opportunity to be carried away with an amorous acquaintance and a potential relationship that will be your answer to an overwhelming and limiting routine. Meeting somebody new seems like the present you looked for but you must also think that you might be involved in a story without a clear framework.




The Pisces Full Moon might make you lose touch with home and your family because you are uncertain about a prospect that is not at all safe at the current juncture. Perhaps you must leave home, alienate close people, and find yourself in an unknown but pleasant environment. Perhaps you want to make important decisions about work or family which are not certain at all because you cannot know what the stable parameters will be in the coming days.



The Pisces Full Moon seems to make it hard on you to be reasonable and find much needed arguments. Perhaps you still think of and reminiscence your holidays. Perhaps you cannot take your mind off the acquaintances you made far from your daily environment. Perhaps you want to keep clear of a difficult everyday life. Perhaps you want to listen to the opinion of a close person if you are about to make an important decision because your perspective is not complete and well-structured.



The Pisces Full Moon seems to have an impact on a financial issue and to make you admit that you cannot handle your next steps wisely and reasonably. Perhaps you can hardly control your elan in view of a challenge. You do not realise that there might be a trap and that there might be a prospect that could expose you. You had better be more careful and avoid moves which result in risks you cannot control or you think you control because some people you barely know have told you so.



The Full Moon in your sign seems to make you want to admit that it is time you found solutions to problems that are bigger than you. You had better try and ask for help and stop acting alone in view of trials and challenges. You should consider delegating certain responsibilities and stop acting on your own. On the other side, you cannot keep avoiding the consequences of your actions and try to blame others for them without taking responsibility. It is time you listened to others’ nagging and make sure you second your actions.

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