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New Moon 25/9/2022
by signingstar

The New Moon on September, 25 at 2 degrees Libra in opposition to Jupiter in Aries seems to mobilise the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) who were born on the first decanate.

You likely decide to associate or collaborate with somebody from whom you realise you are different but you also understand that you can form a very strong bond thanks to your differences. Perhaps you see the potential you look for in them so as to look to the future more optimistically and cope with the challenges before you. Perhaps it is time you made a move to free yourself from a difficult and limiting situation or an environment that makes you admit you are carried away by others who do not necessarily lead you to your goals. It is not an easy thing to do though because you will have to insist and argue before this person.



The New Moon opposite you seems to be crucially important regarding the way you will handle challenges. You are called upon to decide whether you pay attention to somebody who has come into your life and seems to want to upset it. You could try and be involved in an exciting professional reality which however seems to make your daily life more hectic. There are many prospects so beware not to operate without clear boundaries between reality and imagination.



The Libra New Moon reminds you that you need to pay attention to your body and look after yourself. You likely have to slow down and be careful not to exhaust yourself. You might have to look after your health, put your nutritional habits in order, and try to moderate some habits that have a negative impact on you in the end.



The Libra New Moon seems to be an opportunity to clarify whether somebody by your side is a lover or a friend. It is perhaps a period when you widen your social circle and you increase the amount of group activities you take part in. As a result, you may easily meet interesting people. The question is whether you are ready to flirt and start a relationship that could change established situations in your life.



The Libra New Moon will be an occasion to realise that you stand before challenges you are called upon to handle. Perhaps you can hardly manage all daily obligations which means that it is time you set priorities. Do not forget about your personal life, too, which you cannot overlook otherwise you create problems that you can hardly solve in the future.



The Libra New Moon could be an occasion to decide to change the way you see certain situations in your life. Perhaps you want to take up a new educational activity and be involved in a mission that aims to widen your horizon. Perhaps you seek to go on a trip, which you seem to need, and you might want to add much needed short excursions to your daily life. Finally, it is important to remember that relatives might need you and you will have to stand by them.



The Libra New Moon makes you be involved in discussions about investments or financial agreements of which you had better beware though. Perhaps a rather favourable job offer comes up but you must be able to handle a lot of things in a short period of time. Perhaps you must invest a lot of time in a long-lasting action that could make you put other areas of your life on the back burner. Perhaps buying something seems like a very good move actually because somebody near you will support you.



The New Moon in your sign will open up new pathways and prospects for you and will help you to make moves that will guide you out of the impasse. Perhaps something new comes up on the amorous level; an acquaintance that will help you find your lost optimism time and again and believe in a better future. Perhaps you start a professional activity that will expose you to a wider audience and will help you prove your hidden abilities.



The Libra New Moon might give rise to behind-the-scenes action and might fog the environment at work. You are called upon to be careful with others’ words as you might be in the spotlight due to things that will expose you. You are called upon to avoid trusting some people you meet too soon because you need time and several tests so as to evaluate their personality. Finally, try and put your obligations in order so as to avoid having unfinished business that will suffocate you in the future.



The Libra New Moon is a good opportunity to widen your social horizons and open up so as to look to the future more optimistically. Perhaps you hold discussions with friends and acquaintances so as to attempt a professional venture together. Perhaps you take part in a group activity which helps you to express your skills and talents. Finally, you might make an interesting acquaintance that could change your personal life.



The Libra New Moon seems to set up the frame for something new on the professional level and to open new prospects for the future. Perhaps something interesting begins professionally and you might discuss with other people about your participation in an effort to create something pretty important in your career. Perhaps you must stand out and resolve work- or home-related issues by shouldering responsibilities that others renounce for the time being.



The Libra New Moon seems to help you start a process or activity that could support you in your effort to open up your mind to new facts. Perhaps you decide to take up an educational activity that could be the beginning for something new on the professional level. Perhaps you want to travel and meet people from abroad. Finally, you might try to get in touch with people who will support you in your discoveries and this will introduce you to a different worldview.



The Libra New Moon could be an opportunity to discuss and agree on a specific financial plan and projection which also involves somebody else. Perhaps this means that you agree about your participation in a group that seems to help you stand on your own feet. Perhaps you want to go shopping and make investments that you need and you think you can afford at the current juncture considering your financial situation.

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