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Lunar eclipse 8/11/2022
by signingstar

The Lunar eclipse on November, 8 in Taurus in connection with Uranus, in opposition to Mercury and Venus in Scorpio and in square with Saturn in Aquarius seems to highly influence the signs/ascendants of the fixed axis (Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius) that were born at the end of the second decanate.


You will be called upon to do something that will change the facts and will upset an establishment that is dysfunctional by now. Perhaps you must function without thinking about yourself. You should rather take on a role which is bigger than you and more demanding than you can handle. Perhaps you are the representative of a tendency or situation which aims at awakening and upsetting a society that becomes more and more conservative. On the other side, if you try to maintain stability in your life, you will understand that it is pretty impossible because there are external circumstances which do not allow you to be calm considering that everything goes smoothly.



The Taurus Lunar eclipse seems to bring about big changes in your finances and you have to keep your eyes widen open in view of new facts. You will have to handle developments with courage and decisiveness because you are obliged to change your priorities. Perhaps it is time you held a discussion that has been long postponed and is related to your remuneration which needs to be realistically readjusted.



The Lunar eclipse in your sign will be an important moment when you are called upon to move toward the development of your personal life. It is time you stopped hiding, you expressed your needs and convictions, you stood out, and you asked for something more than what you are given. Perhaps you take the initiative to express your objections and complaints and you may try to leave a limiting and difficult environment. It is a rather risky and insecure move but it could also be the beginning of your life from now on. Finally, look after yourself and do not avoid tackling health issues which should be tackled immediately.



The Taurus Lunar eclipse will be an alarm regarding professional issues which cannot wait any longer for the conditions to mature before they change. Some people decide to take an initiative to awaken you from your idleness and make you confront reality without embellishing it. Perhaps you must handle health-related issues because there is no more space and time to wait in order to make your decisions.



The Taurus Lunar eclipse seems to make you decide whether you are more sociable or you continue retiring into yourself. You have the opportunity to clarify a friendship and express your feelings to somebody who may not expect you to open up your mind and heart. Perhaps it is time you made decisions about the next step of your relationship and you sought to initiate a discussion about the direction you will take with or without your partner.



The Taurus Lunar eclipse will bring about sudden and unexpected professional developments and you will have to acknowledge that it is not easy to keep your cool in view of others’ complaints. Perhaps there is a rift in your relationship with authority figures and there is tension that leads to decisions which seem to be the final answer to the problem. Perhaps you make a move that changes facts and makes you reintroduce yourself to your audience. Finally, pay attention to domestic issues that could have an impact on your position in the coming period of time.



The Taurus Lunar eclipse seems to bring some news to the surface that can hardly remain in the dark. You may express your worries and objections and make a move that changes the facts and makes you create a rift in your relationship with colleagues and collaborators. Perhaps there are developments regarding a trip and a topic of your interest because it will be an occasion to review how you handle your professional obligations.



The Taurus Lunar eclipse seems to disturb the balance on the financial level and to make you ask yourself whether you are in a situation in which others take advantage of your labour. You will have to spend a lot and you realise how unfair this is to you. You will come across a disturbing and seemingly limiting situation. Perhaps there are tensions and disturbances in your relationship due to the sexual aspect because somebody appears who seems to be able to dangerously disturb the stagnant waters of the last period.



The Lunar eclipse opposite you seems to be a good condition to upset your interpersonal relationships. You will be called upon to decide whether you can stomach the new facts and move on without creating tension. Compromise is not currently helpful but you should bear in mind that a rebellion against new facts is an action that will lead in a direction without return. If you are ready for rifts of the kind, you should not be afraid of tomorrow.



The Taurus Lunar eclipse seems to make you focus your attention on the material aspect of life and you carefully assess the new facts at work. You must be more careful in the way you manage work and pay attention to obligations so as not to create a bad image to people who judge you. In addition, remember that you must pay due attention to your health, look after yourself and avoid exaggerations that could endanger the daily flow of your life.



The Taurus Lunar eclipse seems to bring about developments on the personal level and to change the facts in your relationship. Perhaps there is an unexpected development and you realise that it is time you assumed your responsibilities without fearing that this practice could indicate you move on to the next stage of your life. Perhaps it is necessary that you are extremely careful and moderate with your finances so as to avoid making moves which will endanger your belongings. Finally, remember that it is a good period to try and bridge the gap in your relationship with your children or young people with whom you have a professional relationship.



The Taurus Lunar eclipse seems to be an opportunity to clarify some limiting and bothering professional issues of the last period. You will be called upon to take an initiative to end a situation which seems unhealthy and has an impact on your own health and to escape a limiting and oppressive environment that wears you out. Perhaps you need to handle an urgent situation and take action which proves that you are ready to be at the helm of an occasion that should not be managed by others.



The Taurus Lunar eclipse will be an occasion to say some things that can cause a turmoil in your relationships with relatives. You may seek to express your extreme views and confront people who have a different way of perception from yours. Perhaps you want to take distance from a limiting and difficult daily life and try to change certain disturbing facts that make you lose touch with your true self. A trip at the current juncture could be your answer to difficulties.

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