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New Moon 23/11/2022
by signingstar

The New Moon on November, 23 in Sagittarius seems to upset the life of the signs/ascendants of the mutable axis (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces).


You will have to be pretty careful with the discussions and agreements you make, read the small print without focusing on the big headings, and avoid making promises you will have to retract later on. The opportunities you are presented with at the current juncture feel like godsend but they could also be unrealistic wishes which you insist on considering as steps of progress. Finally, a trip could be the answer after all the pressure you have been through so long as you remember that you do not know whom you will go with yet because they may change until the last minute.



The Sagittarius New Moon will give you the opportunity to look beyond the obvious and to break free from a tiring routine. Perhaps you are ready by now to see the opportunities you are presented with and could be the base for your new life. Therefore you may try and make a new plan and see whether you can rely on words and promises of people who will be part of your life in the coming period. A trip could clarify many doubts at the current juncture.



The Sagittarius New Moon could be a trap for you shall you wish to spend too much. Try and control your optimism and do not make promises about actions that you are not certain you can realise in the coming period. In addition, check an agreement very carefully because it is not certain it could unfold with clarity and careful steps. Finally, a new amorous acquaintance may give rise to big promises but make sure you discern love from sexual interest.



The New Moon opposite you is an excellent opportunity to avoid doubt and ambiguity that you go through on the amorous or professional level lately. Try and put the person you are interested in to the test so that the real dimension of this opportunity comes to the surface. At the same time, make sure you settle unfinished business and move on with the new facts because otherwise you add several parameters to your already overcharged life. As a result, the possibility for you to be considered superficial and untrustworthy is higher.



The Sagittarius New Moon seems to make your routine even more hectic with additional obligations and you have to speed up so as to catch up with everything you have taken on. Perhaps this means that you must be careful with time management, set priorities, and avoid being involved in activities that will lead to an impasse unless you have properly planned them and framed them.



The Sagittarius New Moon will be an opportunity to take some important steps in your relationship with your better half and hold a discussion that seems to make your relationship more interesting. You are called upon to invest time in this relationship and leave socialisation with friends and acquaintances by the wayside for a while. You want to prove that you can set your love life in priority. Perhaps it is time you were more careless about your job and you tried to find reasons for optimism and pleasure in the future without trying to make everybody around you happy.



The Sagittarius New Moon will be the opportunity you seek to get rid of responsibilities you have assumed and you cannot keep on shouldering. You had better make your position clear about certain issues that come up at home or at work and express your opinion which may differ but may also prove that you can escape a limiting and oppressing environment. Remember that certain discussions may evolve in the wrong direction shall you insist on ignoring details.



The Sagittarius New Moon seems to give you the opportunity to make a move that makes your life more lively and communicative. Perhaps you express your intention to plan a much needed trip that you have not gone on for a long time. Perhaps you openly talk about your need to find yourself amongst people. Perhaps you need to push forward with your education and be fast in situations which need your attention and in which you should grab the opportunities presented to expand your circle of influence.



The Sagittarius New Moon seems to be a good opportunity to make a financial move that will help you escape the tight frame you have found yourself into. You can claim your belongings and make some moves which prove you are ready to sign certain beneficial agreements. Perhaps you wish to go shopping but it might seem a little hasty so do not complete them unless you have the big picture of the situation. You see, you could be exposed and find yourself in a difficult position in the long-run.



The New Moon in your sign will help you make decisions which you can express and announce to your surroundings bearing in mind that they might not be definitive. Perhaps you want to prove that you are ready to take initiatives and actions which help you escape a stifling environment. However, you should also remember that some people in your surroundings will disagree. If you are ready to hold such a clarifying discussion, move ahead. Otherwise organise the plan you have in mind but wait for reactions so as to improve it before you turn it into an action plan.



The Sagittarius New Moon might upset your routine and bring about tension at work. You will have to be careful with balance at work and avoid big statements and plans that could expose you in the long-run. Perhaps it is more preferable to listen to your colleagues and collaborators, try to go with the flow, and avoid laying your cards on the table because you wish to prove that you can be at the helm. Finally, pay due attention to health-related signs.



The Sagittarius New Moon seems to give you the opportunity to go on a trip or to socialise; to be a member of a team that helps you express your identity. You need to get in touch with people, share your thoughts and ideas and flee the tight frame of a relationship or professional collaboration which is limiting and makes it difficult for you to express yourself. Perhaps you make interesting amorous acquaintances that may make your current situation more complicated though. You see, you may have many choices that you cannot discern.



The Sagittarius New Moon will be an opportunity to flee a limiting environment that forces you to admit you seek a way out. You may plan a trip which could change as time goes by or invest your time in the professional area of your life because you wish to leave difficult domestic issues by the wayside. Finally, you may decide to approach people with a wide horizon and alienate familiar people who make you lose your personal identity.

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