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Full Moon 8/12/2022
by signingstar

The Full Moon on December, 8 at 16 degrees Gemini in conjunction with retrograde Mars seems to bring about tension to the signs/ascendants of the mutable axis (Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo/Pisces) who were born on the second decanate.

The tension of last days seems to come to its peak and lead to the solution of a problem that cannot exist without any sort of development. Perhaps you cut the painter with somebody with whom you have too many differences and you cannot keep on pretending that your relationship is good. Perhaps you confront people at work so as to clarify your position and change your role but it is not the right time yet to make final decisions. Finally, there might be news that will upset certain people because things are said that definitely introduce a new reality for their life next month.



The Gemini Full Moon in conjunction with your ruler, Mars, in retrograde transit may be an occasion to bring information to the surface that may bring about rifts and tensions. You will have to be highly resistant so as not to disclose your thoughts because it is not the right moment yet. However, you also try to be diplomatic and screen out the environment. Perhaps the plans for a trip change and this is stressful. There is inner tension that you may express to unsuitable people in the wrong way.



The Gemini Full Moon may bring about unexpected expenses and extravagant spending that make you acknowledge you need to be more cautious and serious.Perhaps you decide to settle some unfinished business without ending a situation because you think you are not responsible for everything you are obliged to shoulder. Perhaps there is unexpected expenditure which you are called upon to handle because you cannot keep on postponing a situation that wears you out.



The Full Moon in your sign in conjunction with retrograde Mars will make you express yourself in a way that is probably unsuitable for the occasions. Truth be told, you need to let the steam off, hold discussions and take action that helps you let the steam off. Perhaps you lash out on an easy target because you want to be heard by somebody with whom you have personal differences and whom you have not confronted all along. Perhaps you try to initiate something different on the personal or professional level starting off from a familiar place and a familiar person because you want to give the whole situation a second chance.



The Gemini Full Moon seems to disturb your routine because you will have to confront people and situations that upset your familiar framework. Perhaps you must clarify a case of your concern that makes you question the other side’s intentions. Perhaps you receive ambiguous messages that make you acknowledge it is not easy to reach a conclusion. Perhaps you must simply get rid of heavy situations that force you to cope with a past that should not exist anymore.



The Gemini Full Moon may upset your plans with friends and acquaintances and may disturb the balance of your relationship with people from your social circle. This could be a reason for conflicts and disturbances in your contact with somebody in particular with whom it is time you clarified your relationship. With regard to your love life, try and discern sexual desire from emotional needs otherwise you will still be confused within a difficult context.



The Gemini Full Moon will be an occasion to clarify a professional issue with somebody who keeps on wanting to criticise you and guide you. Perhaps it is time you made your role clear, you were promoted or you had more status and power in your hands. Perhaps it is the right moment to confront people you can handle and to stop undermining yourself. Finally, if you see that the cycle in a specific professional environment has come to a close, it is time you looked in new directions.



The Gemini Full Moon will make you speak up and express your thoughts which may be difficult to come to surface. Perhaps you want to see the other side of the picture before you because you seek to make others, with whom you associate, to get hold of full reality. Perhaps you have accumulated a lot of anger that you will express directly. This could disturb balances in your relationships and could make you confront somebody before you.



The Gemini Full Moon seems to make your routine tense and make you want to lash out on everybody. Perhaps you realise that you have harmed yourself, you have exhausted your constitution and it is obvious that you need the right sort of treatment which starts from setting priorities in your daily life. Perhaps you need to retire into yourself and alienate people around you who have become weights in your life; thus you may be more aggressive against them.



The Full Moon opposite you will make you tense and you will measure yourself against somebody with whom it is high time you resolved your differences. Perhaps you need to express what you keep inside and bring your thoughts and feelings to the surface since you refused to cope with them before. Perhaps you need to handle intense criticism at work but you have to express your own view on a matter of your concern. Finally, a new beginning currently may seem hopeful but it will not necessarily last in the long-term.



The Gemini Full Moon will be an occasion to measure yourself against colleagues so as to dissociate yourself from situations you would rather avoid. Perhaps you seek to keep clear of certain practices and show how different you are from your colleagues and collaborators. Perhaps you are pretty tired and you want to avoid certain occasions that wear you out without giving you anything back.



The Gemini Full Moon will be an occasion to clarify an amorous issue that has concerned you lately. Perhaps somebody you are interested in is arrogant and you want to criticise their behaviour; thus you will argue. Perhaps you decide that it is time you clarified a topic related to your past and you sought to end an unclear situation. Finally, if you have children, make sure you are close to them so as to support them with their decisions or help them reach conclusions.



The Gemini Full Moon will upset you and trouble you regarding domestic issues. Perhaps you quarrel about financial issues and you want to cancel some shopping which you consider risky or which you cannot afford in the long-run. Finally, it may be necessary to make your relationship clear and discuss a family-related topic which brings about tension at home and has an impact on your work performance.

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