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New Moon 23/12/2022
by signingstar

The New Moon on December, 23 in Capricorn in square with Jupiter in Aries seems to highly influence the signs/ascendants of the cardinal axis (Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn) born on the first days.

You will likely make a new beginning with courage and optimism but you are also called upon to be grounded and prepared for upcoming challenges. Perhaps a series of occasions trouble you and you cannot wait for tomorrow but you are not ready to run and fulfil your promises. Finally, try and avoid being involved in too many issues because you will soon realise that time is against you and you cannot beat it no matter how hard you try to satisfy everybody.



The Capricorn New Moon is an occasion for you to realise that a new era begins when you are called upon to make true what you think, you plan and you have promised. Perhaps you are about to change work environment and it is time you did something to upgrade your role. Perhaps you try to find balance between professional pressure and improvement of your personal life; two prospects for which you must be devoted and spend time.



The Capricorn New Moon will make you focus on your business affairs and you will try to find solutions to financial troubles. It might be extremely difficult and demanding so you had better be disciplined in view of situations that have been shaped by society. Finally, you may go on a business trip and this could be the beginning for a new professional role. Thus you are optimistic but there are also traps which you are called upon to decipher.



The Capricorn New Moon seems to shed light into your relationship. You try to listen to the other side so as to find your footing regarding the balance between yourselves. Perhaps you can hardly find ideal conditions so as to feel sure about yourself and you may be troubled because there are conflicts between yourselves that cannot be solved unless you realise that you must compromise your personal egos. Finally, on the financial level, try and rely on somebody to guide you and do not ask for the help of many others.



The Capricorn New Moon will be an occasion to ask for a serious discussion at work and see whether your surroundings are ready to realise that you enter a new era. You will ask for more and you will try to claim what you think you deserve and suits you. However, you are not willing to be satisfied only with promises. Perhaps you approach somebody who you think suits you and you may consider the possibility of a much needed collaboration.



The Capricorn New Moon will make you ask yourself whether you can do something to change facts at work. Perhaps you want to prove that you can pull strings even if this means that you will confront others. Perhaps you understand that you have shouldered a lot and you do not have enough time to yourself, thus you cannot cope with pleasant activities. Finally, you may start thinking about and planning a trip that you seemingly really need currently.



The Capricorn New Moon will introduce the next step in your personal life and will make you look for answers to difficult questions that you hold inside. Perhaps you measure yourself against your amorous ambitions and you try to answer whether you have feelings for your better half or you are in a relationship out of habit and in order to feel safe. Perhaps you come across an amorous challenge that is around you and you have to acknowledge that your heart does not agree with your mind; thus you cannot easily bring balance between them.



The Capricorn New Moon will make you think whether it is time you coped with problems in your life that keep you trapped in a thinking and action pattern which does not suit you. You will have to deal with inflexible situations in need of solution and ask yourself whether you have made the right choices on the amorous level. Perhaps you come across domestic issues which make you realise that you are in an environment that does not suit your ambitions and needs. This is also obvious due to the fact that there are challenges which make you compare everything to your present.



The Capricorn New Moon will be an opportunity to start thinking differently about the professional area of your life and to make sure you add some new parameters to your thinking. Perhaps a period begins when you speed up and you need to meet more people than usual. Perhaps you need to consider the possibility of a training related to your work and you may try to gain knowledge that will help you cope with upcoming new challenges.



The Capricorn New Moon seems to make you more grounded. You try to be realistic and see things from a different perspective. You are called upon to be careful with your expenses, to handle your obligations wisely and to avoid shouldering new weights on a daily basis. Perhaps it is time you claimed amounts of money that others owe you and you tried to change some balances that have taken shape and aim at not disturbing your relationships with people with whom you have been alienated.



The New Moon in your sign will be the beginning of a new period in your life; an occasion for important decisions. Perhaps you realise that it is time you left people and environments behind since they stopped being safe and essential in your life. You may be more cynical and react based on your survival instincts by leaving others by the wayside since you cannot persuade them to follow your example. Finally, a new job prospect may come around that could result in something very good next month.



The Capricorn New Moon will make you face reality and realise that you are part of a system for which you are called upon to work and offer. Perhaps you need to set your priorities differently since you are called upon to invest time and effort in a professional venture which forces you to follow others’ orders without being able to move at will. Perhaps you need to help others and leave your individual needs by the wayside for some time.



The Capricorn New Moon will make you focus on your friends and acquaintances and consider whether you can share your time with them by putting your personal and domestic needs on the back burner. Perhaps you realise that you do not have time to go out and have fun and that you can hardly socialise and share your thoughts and feelings with people who used to be your friends once.

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