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Predictions for 2016
by signingstar

Becoming beautiful from the inside out

It seems that 2016 is the first year after almost seven years when the planetary setting has no direct effect on you in the way that things happen leading you to a nervous breakdown or electrified mood, keeping you in constant alert, taking you to a never-ending battle. The afore-mentioned sentence is not valid throughout 2016 of course because the representatives of the second decanate will see some chinks in the establishment of their life during the first months of the year since the square of Uranus in your sign with Pluto in Capricorn fixes some last details or lay foundations anew. The representatives of the first and second decanates will stand against rapid developments at personal and professional level after summer as Jupiter in Libra will add speed and enthusiasm to their amorous and professional life.

What mostly matters in 2016 is to deal with the connection of your inner world with your way of thinking because changes must start from your inside so as to have an impact on your outside. The challenges you will receive from people around you in order to react may seem silly if you start listening better to your soul, if you make sure you pay attention to your body which changes and asks you to redefine your life based on your physical endurance. This year, at least during the first nine months, you will have to prioritise rendering service to people you wish to remain in your hug by the end of this year. If these people consist of your children, your partner or just your newborn self, it is something you know better than all of us. What I know is that from September onwards you can present an image you will adore because it resounds with your deep sentimental needs and it finds reciprocation in relationships that can last for the rest of your life.



In 2016, Jupiter will be for about nine months, until September, 8 in Virgo and from that point on it will enter Libra until the end of the year with the wish to give you new opportunities at personal and professional level.

It seems that the first eight months of the year are somehow more tiring than expected because with Jupiter in Virgo you will have to bring to the light the area of daily routine so as to clear it out and maintain it in a condition that does not sicken you. First of all, it is a very good period to deal with your physical as well as mental health. In February and March in particular, you can deal with diets, medical examinations as well as an inward quest which gets bigger and forces you to look for a new meaning in a life that you do not wish to end up being a repetitive daily routine. You will have to bring to surface fears related to your career but to also deal with obsessions regarding professional issues which are related to a job that does not satisfy you psychically or does not correspond to a lifestyle alien to your needs for physical action and targets to overcome obstacles and challenges. The above-mentioned issues may be tackled successfully a little bit before summertime; a season when a professional jump is favoured related not only to the change of work in the sense of environment but also to the change of subject which brings forward creativity to your life.

Jupiter enters Libra on September, 9 and will stay until the end of the year which is a very good prospect for you. Aries of the first and second decanates may discover opportunities to change their personal and professional life even through acquaintances and offers that are like an electroshock. What you must keep in mind is that you must trust the other side so as to make a move that changes the situation of your life. If you feel that there is a person across from you that complements you sentimentally, your relationship will speed up and many things may take place in a few months. If you are in a relationship or professional partnership that bogs you down, no behind-the-scenes games are necessary but boldness and honesty so as to escape from an imprisoning environment. Aries of the third decanate will have to wait for 2017 to deal with such opportunities but they had better keep their eyes open because the pattern on which they will be based is right beside them, in people who decide to break free from the establishment.



Saturn will be in Sagittarius throughout 2016. A placement which is not difficult and painful for you because it offers you the opportunity to better found your viewpoints and ideas regarding the way you want to be seen by others. With Saturn in Sagittarius you will have the chance to finish your studies or to frame the way you offer to people around you which has a meaningful return in your life. It is also a very good period to widen your social circle with people from abroad or with mentors who could pass a new philosophy on to you regarding amorous or professional matters that you cannot digest. Mainly during summer, you had better arm yourself with patience and endurance because a fast educational programme on a subject or your distance from your better half may test your endurance in terms of time and distance, law and rules with a view to taking serious decisions regarding your public image after September.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, what you must keep in mind is that you are called upon to accept others’ diversity and to dare to discuss and meet people who widen your horizon. Trips should be combined with professional goals because recreation comes through education and the experience with people who could be considered as authority figures that decided to train you. What you must avoid with Saturn in Sagittarius is the fanaticism tendencies because they will just alienate environments that can teach you a lot.



The first set of eclipses in 2016 takes place in March with the Solar eclipse in Pisces on March, 9 and the Lunar eclipse in Libra on March, 23. The Solar eclipse asks you to turn your interest to your health because you can easily have a burn-out unless you put limits in your daily programme. You must also deal with your inner world and explain the reason why you react towards people of your everyday life making them the expiatory victims for situations related to you but mostly related to your past. The Lunar eclipse will force you to take some decisions aiming at balancing more your life, explaining issues in your personal life without screams and tensions. During this eclipse, it is a good idea to finish a chapter so as to understand the role of a person or an activity in your life even through a break with instructive purpose.

The second set of eclipses in 2016 takes place in September with the Solar eclipse in Virgo on September, 1 and the Lunar eclipse in Pisces on September, 16. The eclipses have left the axis of your sign at last and this means that they have an indirect effect on you because changes at your work environment take place. Beware of what lies behind the scenes and make sure you use your logic faced with discussions that aim at mobilising your heart. In addition, you had better deal with your health time and again and stop believing that you are invulnerable and unbeatable. During this set of eclipses, it seems that you seek for answers in the professional field but remember that the point is not to change job but to discover a new professional mission in your life.


True Node

North Node will stay in Virgo throughout 2016 and respectively South Node will be in Pisces. New paths are opened in the field of career and in the way you deal with the balance between physical and mental health. You may find yourself in a new working environment, in a job where you must support a collective effort and not lead. It is also likely that you have two jobs at the same time which means that you need to take care of your health, deal with your physical integrity and arm your organism in face of exhausting schedules and intense mental as well as physical fatigue. At the same time though, a period of the past comes to the fore. A period when you did not care about covering your basic needs as at this stage of your life you are the one who takes care of people who cannot serve their needs. Comparisons with the distant past may bring to surface hidden feelings which, following summer, may be the base on which you will establish your new amorous life. 


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