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Predictions for 2016
by signingstar

Do you believe in fairytales with a happy end?

It seems that 2016, and mainly the first eight months of it, focuses on your personal life as you will have the opportunity to discover reasons to add erotism and happiness to your life. In your existing relationship, having a child or taking the next step which entails cohabitation and marriage or any other kind of commitment is the main point. With Jupiter as your ally for personal growth through a birth that changes the way you see life, make sure you grab the opportunity which is not as easy as you think because you are faced with the perspective of changing priorities. If you are single or in a relationship that lacks enthusiasm, a new love will knock on your door in a way that makes you believe in fairytales again. Experience what you are offered because it seems that you really need something like this following three years when you had to obey rules and limitations that did not suit you even if you sought for them at the beginning.

At professional level, you may be tired and labour, you may have to work longer or with programme and planning. This prospect does not scare you as through such a procedure will you be able to practise your talents even more so as to clearly see an opportunity to do something new that could lead you to a new professional reality. In 2016, you may be tired but at least you will be rewarded so long as you are ready and self-confident.



Jupiter will remain in friendly-to-your-sign Virgo until September, 8 while from September, 9 and for about 12 months it will be in Libra and your 6th Solar house.

It seems that with Jupiter in Virgo you bring a better balance to your daily routine as you have the opportunity to organise your schedule, to grade your priorities more substantially and to add some activities to your life that give you pleasure and enthusiasm. At amorous level, a new acquaintance may be the opportunity to start a romance that will make you believe that there are also fairytales in your life. Remember though that mainly in February and March, you had better also keep in mind the words of people from your friendly circle who try to bring you back to realism at moments when you lose touch with reality. With regards to the professional area of your life, the period of the first eight months of 2016 is exceptional to be educated in something that could be the new subject of your career, to deal with something you had left aside for long while you laid foundations for your changing life. The first eight months of the year are an excellent opportunity to add love and creativity to your life so do not miss the boat.

Jupiter enters Libra on September, 9 and stays there until the end of the year. Your attention now is focused on work and daily routine as you are called upon to work longer or to shift your attention to professional relationships. You may focus on changing your professional relationships or find the opportunity to get a second job. A new amorous interest may come up at work that progresses faster than usual but you should be careful of what lies behind the scenes. At professional level, you had better keep in mind that whatever takes place during this period will not be necessarily maintained forever. It takes place in order to awaken you and give you the opportunity to renew your daily routine. Finally, with Jupiter in Libra you had better focus on your health mainly through physical training as well as activities and habits that are compatible with your age and physical endurance. Your image may change and this means that it must go hand in hand with what you do.



Saturn will be in Sagittarius throughout 2016 in a placement that does not seem to be scary for you as it does not affect any crucial area of your life. What seems to change though, mainly during the first nine months of the year, is your amorous life as it adds a new meaning to it through your need to have meaningful relationships. You will have to dig deep down inside of you, to wonder whether there is mental identification with your partner and to deal with the pattern of your past relationships so as to look for familiar situations and processes that seem to be buried in the last three years that changed you. If you are in a relationship that in your opinion becomes deeper, a sincere dialogue should take place with your partner regarding its development because having a family is a crucial point for your future. Having a child may be of huge importance for your life and the difficulties to this direction are the obstacles you must overcome to better discover the elements in your partner that make you stay with him/her or that start alienating you. A new acquaintance during the first eight months of the year will most probably make you lose touch with reality and live in a way that is foreign to people near you. The sexual attraction to a person may change the way you see life because having a lover who breathes new life into you makes you reconsider your thoughts regarding your existing relationship.

At professional level, your remuneration from the company where you work may enter a new level as you may be asked to connect your wages with the way you handle the company’s image to the outer world rather than with what was agreed at the beginning. In such a case, it is likely that you assume a new position that you must learn from scratch, to be trained or to even move from your place of residence. What you must keep in mind regarding your finances is that you will have to discover new sources of income, to believe more in yourself and your talents and to prove that you can build something new based on your own abilities and not on people that may not be part of your life in some time from now. Saturn in Sagittarius aims at strengthening your self-confidence and arming you with courage to ask to share your dreams with people who are worth a lot and not with people you can manage.



The first set of eclipses in 2016 takes place in March with the Solar eclipse in Pisces on March, 9 and the Lunar eclipse in Libra on March, 23. It seems that the Solar eclipse brings to the forefront an issue related to your friends, a question of trust and taste to clarify something bothering. If people from your friendly circle are involved in your decisions about your personal life, angry words may be said. If the question is purely amorous, remember that your heart should have the last word and not the compromises you will make by sacrificing your amorous dispositions. The Lunar eclipse of March, 23 is the last one in the Aries/Libra axis and it seems that it raises a commotion at work because some things must be said so as to feel that you are appreciated in an environment that you sense leaves you behind the scenes. If a new professional offer comes up, do not hurry to accept something that does not necessarily express you because you must also discuss with your partner about your decisions. In the area of health, you had better schedule some examinations that must take place so as to get rid of worries that have grounds.

The second set of eclipses takes place in September with the Solar eclipse of September, 1 to strike like the moment of catharsis at amorous or financial level. Following a test that took place during the first seven months of 2016, it is time you relaunched your personal life through decisions that bear your personal stamp regarding the way you wish to share and dream about tomorrow. Returning to a past with no life seems like a desperate move, like committing hara-kiri so do not allow yourself to do something like this. At professional level, dare to set your dreams in motion even through the termination of professional relationships that you consider to be your safety net. The Lunar eclipse in Pisces on September, 16 may put you off your goal because it seems that some people magnify your fear in view of new beginnings. Always keep in the back of your mind that you are in a process of screening out your close environment so do not be surprised if your positions are far from those of people with whom you were in excellent terms in the past.


True Node

North Node will be in Virgo throughout 2016 wishing to give you opportunities to add love to your life or to take the necessary steps to have a family. It seems that your personal life has a new dynamic that allows you to make small and reluctant steps towards happiness. On the other side, you may alienate people of your friendly circle because you spend more time at work while you may wish to widen your social circle through new activities.

It seems that the beginning of summer, mainly the period from the second half of June until the end of July, gives you opportunities to add erotism to your life as long as you are discreet with whatever comes to your way. You will have to alienate people who look like a hurtful past and to approach new opportunities that show up in the horizon. At the same time, the opportunity for a professional beginning may come up based highly on your talents and potential so focus on this prospect because it may be the chance to change your public image following summertime. 


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