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Predictions for 2016
by signingstar

Are there fairytales for adults?

It seems that 2016 is a year that will scar your life because a series of planetary events affect you substantially. On the one hand, you must stand against Saturn right across from you in Sagittarius which screens out your interpersonal relationships. Whatever lasts in time will be better founded and will be based on foundations that many people do not think you can lay. Whatever is superficial and occasional will be tested mainly during the first half of the year as you will have to stand behind your words and promises but also survive towards people who seem to be uncertain about their intentions and actions.

On the other hand, the eclipses in the Virgo/Pisces axis as well as True Node and Jupiter in Virgo during the first eight months of the year set up a favourable scene so as to seed on a ground on which you would like to give birth to a personal life that makes you feel safe and to a career that has all the prerequisites to lead you high. What you must remember though is that you are called upon to be consistent in your words. Whenever you show tendencies to escape from the contract you sign, it will be very easy to be set aside and to have to prove even more substantially your promises. The punishment for every possible breach of your promises will be the price to pay every now and then.

In 2016, you had better be careful of what you say, plan and in the end do. There will be challenges for the easy way out (mainly in May and June) and invitations from the past with a view to diverting you from your path. If the Saturnian path does not suit you, you may heroically flee in spring and seek for the Land of Promise after summertime when Jupiter is in Libra and favours you more than it did during the first eight months of 2016.



Jupiter will be in Virgo until September, 8 and it seems to pressure you to take decisions regarding your house or the space you consider to be your safety zone or your nest. You may live together or get married, and you will have to change your schedule and the way you handle and grade your needs and priorities. You may be about to escape from your current house due to studies or a break-up and this makes you lose control of the situations because you cannot plan your moves. You may be faced with the prospect of rebuilding your new professional reality which requires an array of actions that prove you have a plan. What you must keep in the back of your mind during the first eight months of 2016 is that you have the opportunity to essentially screen out your life getting rid of anything that brings chaos to your daily routine. At the same juncture, new opportunities may open up ahead of you and it is very easy to get involved in situations out of your control and instead of screening out you will fill up your life with meaningless objects and activities so as to keep your mind in alertness and stop thinking of facts that force you to be pressed in order to reach decisions (beware of such traps during February and March, and clear the landscape after June).     

Jupiter enters Libra on September, 9 and it seems to improve the climate in your life because you have the opportunity to spend time with people of very common tastes to yours. Your need to express yourself anew may find expression in a new love which comes to add new enthusiasm to your life. You may enter a new stage in your personal life by having a child; a birth which comes to change the way you see life in general. At professional level, you will look for and probably discover allies at your effort to express your creative talents through a new occupation which needs not be necessarily manifested immediately but will start taking shape later on. With Jupiter in Libra, you will want to come out of an introvert period you experienced which is obvious to those around you through activities you add to your life and your taste to express yourself with more erotism in your life.



Saturn in Sagittarius, the sign right across from you, throughout 2016 create the circumstances to screen out your life as it will ask you to crystallise your relationships. Those who are mostly affected are the ones born on the second decanate of the sign who are called upon to take important decisions with regards to their interpersonal relationships. A break-up may shake your life because you will have to deal with home- and daily routine-related issues again. You will have to be particularly careful with issues regarding the management of your property and your professional fame because if your stamp is on unlawful actions, you will be criticised and commented upon, and it will be difficult to handle it. 

On the other side, with Saturn in Sagittarius, you are called upon to structure your personal life, to focus on relationships that can bring a desirable development to your life which may be no other than the creation of a family. You should not consider the presence of Saturn in Sagittarius to be a nightmare for your life but an opportunity to make some issues more substantial and colourful that could be the stepping stone to found your life. You need not feel that somebody decided to be bad and aggressive to you judging every single step of yours and wishing to castigate your inefficiency towards the new facts. The presence of Saturn right across from you is an opportunity to speak honestly about matters that must stop being chaotic situations. In this light, Saturn may bring losses to your life but they are necessary so as to better find your feet and take decisions proving that you are ready to get hold of some situations. 



The first set of eclipses takes place in March and in particular, the Solar eclipse in Pisces on March, 9 and the Lunar eclipse in Libra on March, 23. It seems that the Solar eclipse has an effect on your public image because through decisions and moves that affect you indirectly, you will have to change the way you function so as to come out of the dead-end. It seems that authority figures (a parent, a boss, a partner) decide to speak to you about some issues you will have to handle in another way than the one you used to until today, which means that it is time you took responsibility. Maybe a professional change takes place which forces you to be in a new environment which is hard to accustom to at the beginning because you feel like a fish out of water.  At the Lunar eclipse on March, 23 you had better seek for allies and people who help you have a good time. Establish new trusting relations and make sure you express what you feel to people who may await for your first step. Keep in mind though that if you take serious decisions regarding your existing relationship, you will have to be able to stand behind them in the long run.

The second set of eclipses takes place in September consisting of the Solar eclipse in Virgo on September, 1 and the Lunar eclipse in Pisces on September, 16. It seems that these two eclipses lay new foundations for your life mainly through the status of relationships with people who are necessary or granted in it. You will have to stand by family members with health problems and stand behind decisions of your parents or support financially or morally people who are confronted with financial or self-confidence troubles. At this Solar eclipse, make sure you maintain your logic intact and avoid idealising people and situations because it is very easy to fall into traps. At the Lunar eclipse, you may be under pressure to sacrifice some of your personal desires and ambitions so as to support a team effort or avoid conflicts with people you would not like to stand against. Remember though that the more you bottle up your anxiety and stress and you do not express what you wish to express, the more you will fall into the trap of shouldering yourself with agony and unspoken words which may affect your health.


True Node

The presence of North Node in Virgo and respectively of South Node in Pisces throughout 2016 is a sign that new prospects open up in the areas of family and career, or better in the area of your public image/inner calmness. With North Node in Virgo you are called upon to deal with structural issues in your relationship through fruitful dialogue and not fruitless criticism. The era ahead of you is very good to found the safe environment you look for so as to feel that you are at home or to decide that it is time you had a family. At professional level, it is the highest time you started laying foundations for your new career, you were trained in a new subject that may be the field you want and in which you will try to impress. What you must pay attention to is the balance between logic and intuition, your impulse towards prospects that may be numerous and tempting but this does not mean they absolutely match what you can handle. Mainly in February and March, you will have to pay attention to your moves because the period between April and June may work against your choices due to your inability to discern the truth from the lie, to distinguish the people who approach you with good intentions from the people who come to test your endurance with regards to commitments related to your past. 


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