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Predictions for 2016
by signingstar

Learning to substantially relate

It seems that 2016 is split into two distinct periods; the first one extending until September and the second one beginning from that moment and lasting almost 12 months with Jupiter in Libra bringing developments to your life.

The first eight months of the year seem like an exceptional period to deal with educational issues, to add seminars and contacts with people from far away to your life, to go on trips that widen your horizons and establish a new philosophy related mostly to the way you wish to leave your stamp behind. At the same time, you will have to set your priorities correctly, grade some facts that may be useless to your life by now which you will have to finish or exclude from your daily routine because they burden you and trouble you. It is also likely that opportunities for a new job or a new exciting acquaintance come up but these two prospects are two facts you must try out in your life for long time before taking final decisions (preferably after June 2016, because March and April will be two months that will pester you with successive back and forth).

Following September, a more intense period begins because with Jupiter in Libra you are called upon to widen your influence circle mainly through your personal life and your family. You may have the opportunity to have a bigger family, to move in to a new house or stop being single thanks to an acquaintance that awakens your deeper sexual desires. At professional level, lay foundations so as to make an activity in your life more formal, a job that could change your public image in the future. It seems that 2016 stirs you up anew but in a way that brings to the fore alternatives to a life that ended up being a boring and predictable routine.



The presence of Jupiter in Virgo and your 3rd Solar house until September, 8 is favourable for the area of education because it opens the way to a certification that could change your career. Take advantage of the period of the first months of the year to implement an educational plan as you will have the time to indulge in this field. Keep in the back of your mind that from March until summer your free time will be reduced and you will have to grade the daily routine priorities because it is extremely likely that you must cancel some of your plans. Your work routine seems to be intensified, even due to frequent transfers, which could upset your programme. However, the first eight months of the year are quite useful to grade the priorities in your life and also take care of your health because you will have to alienate people and situations that make you lose your self-confidence and targets.

Jupiter entering Libra on September, 9 launches a new period for your life because it seems that you are in the face of crucial issues of your life. First of all, you are called upon to readjust your personal life even through a cohabitation with a person, who is most likely your partner, which could lead you to having a family. Moving out around autumn does not mean that you found your dream house because you just disturb your life’s waters with a view to changing your daily routine. On the other hand though, a new professional offer could change your public image if what you are in charge of finishing is a subject related to the studies of the first months of the year. With Jupiter in Libra, that will remain in this sign until autumn 2017, you have the opportunity as well as the request to make structural changes in your life so as to better establish it. Keep in mind though that the changes that will take place during this period are not the final ones but they mostly have the effect of the electroshock so as to look towards the future without hanging from a dead past. The sense of the changes though is that you must go hand in hand and live together harmoniously.



Saturn in Sagittarius throughout 2016 is a favourable situation for you as its presence in your 6th Solar house may add fatigue to your daily routine and communication difficulties with people at work but it does not bring big changes and structural transformations into your life. You will have to be responsible at work, to pay attention to your relationships with colleagues, to make sure you abide by the hierarchy towards authority people and to finish difficult tasks which at the same time can offer you the opportunity to move on with your career. In addition, with Saturn in Sagittarius you are called upon to fix your schedule so that your personal life fits in your daily routine as it may be under pressure and you may feel that it is on a second footing which may bring you troubles after summertime. Another area in need of your attention is your health because you will have to start realising that your physical needs change, namely you will have to add to your schedule some activities that keep you fit and well-balanced physically as well as mentally.

The period when you need to focus on the effects of Saturn into your life is spring 2016 when Mars and Saturn will be simultaneously in Sagittarius and what is more, Mars will turn retrograde for a long period of time (17/4-27/5 in Sagittarius and 28/5-28/6 in Scorpio). These planetary positions change things and bring obstacles while you try to handle a daily routine that seems to be multidimensional. You will feel like losing the bigger picture of your life, that you are entangled in situations you do not control and that you take distance from promises you gave yourself regarding the change of your public image. At the same time though, you will manage to settle older scores that burden you and escape from some situations you are shouldered or you shouldered yourself without this really being your personal wish.



The first set of eclipses in 2016 takes place in March with the Solar eclipse of March, 9 in Pisces bringing to the fore an educational issue or a moving that could change and disturb your daily routine. You have more and more obligations and the time to deal with personal issues is less and less. You must pay attention to the promises you give during this period and frame your schedule much better so that unfinished business does not make you feel insecure and you do not give a bad impression to people around you. The following Lunar eclipse on March, 23 in Libra is the last one in the Aries/Libra axis and will trouble you because you will have to deal with priority questions that you cannot grade according to your own point of view. It is a good time to make some compromises, to soften your behaviour towards authority people at work and approach parents or older family members that seem to be in need of your presence and conversation. It seems that at this Lunar eclipse a final correction at home is made by thinking to move out which does not necessarily need to take place directly.

The second set of eclipses takes place in September starting with the Solar eclipse of September, 1 in Virgo which pushes you to make beginnings in the professional area of your life. You may start an educational procedure which, in your opinion, opens the road to change work or you may decide to move for some time to a new place where you wish to lay foundations for your new safe living environment. At the next Lunar eclipse in Pisces on September, 16 you may feel uncomfortable in your space or you may feel that you lose your balance and life goal. You will have to make an internal dialogue so that you believe in yourself anew but keep in the back of your mind that isolation at the current juncture is not a good advisor. Count on a person who seems to understand you even with closed eyes because the need of your soul for a shoulder to cry on is huge.


True Node

North Node in Virgo and respectively South Node in Pisces throughout 2016 is a favourable coincidence for you because you will manage to find communication channels with people who seem to open up new ways of thinking and consideration of situations in your life. In addition, you had better accept invitations for trips and visits to places you must reach so as to get an idea of how the world functions outside your microcosm. Another important topic that comes up with North Node in Virgo is the educational field as you are given the opportunity to turn to a subject that could become your new job. Start educating yourself laying foundations and collecting information from people who may have a different way of thinking than you. At the same time, it is a good time to offer your knowledge to others, to try to share your own way of thinking and philosophy like a kind of test for a professional future which will include teaching.

With the North/South Node axis in Virgo/Pisces you have the opportunity to add important elements to your way of thinking which seem to complete the puzzle of your philosophy towards life. Do not stay chained to a way of thinking that does not allow you to look further than today because during this trip you may meet people that could add erotism to your life and interesting prospects to your career. 


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