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Predictions for 2016
by signingstar

Discovering anew your childish enthusiasm

2016 is a transitional period for you as it will give you the opportunity to better find your feet at professional level starting to express your personal talents while at the same time you could find a new meaning in your personal life.

With Mars being for a long period of time in Sagittarius (roughly during the six months between March-September and with a retrograde cycle between 17/4-28/6 entering Scorpio, too) you are called upon to discover reasons for your life to be pleasant and creative. As first, you will try to find meaning through your amorous life, maybe through the wish or even demand to have a family. If your existing relationship cannot move to that direction, a third person will come to stir things up. You may struggle to bring to the fore a talent of yours that could be the keystone for the change of your career. This battle entails a conflict with your inner world as you must overcome obsessions and make sure you turn around your inner worries regarding the way you will present yourself to those around you by exceeding your limits.

In 2016, you are called upon to remember that you can bring to the fore a birth that can change your mood. Make sure you prove that you are satisfied with your effort which should come from deep within. What you must show to those around you is that you are willing to change your priorities so as to feel that you get something priceless, the value of which is not necessarily estimated with money so as to buy it.



Jupiter in Virgo until September, 8 is an excellent opportunity to capitalise profits that came up while it was in your sign last year. You have the opportunity to save some money, to feel more secure through your work remuneration, to make steps at professional level that will help you feel better with the way you handle your dynamic. You will have the opportunity to launch new professional plans and trust your logic and mind to set something up that could lead you high. On the other side, pay attention to what people, who would like to cooperate with you, tell you because there are people out there who aim at making a profit from you using methods you cannot foresee or understand. At personal level, logic and daily routine are two parameters that seem to have an effect on your decisions regarding your relationship; you seek for stability and security but this does not necessarily express the way you feel. You had better be careful with third parties in your personal life in spring as you may leave traces or discover traces that the other side leaves behind.

It seems that Jupiter in Libra on September, 9 and for the rest of the year creates better conditions in your life as opportunities for trips and escapes will come up; it is something you need following a year of heavy burdens on your shoulders. Apart from entertainment though, you had better also deal with educational issues, with the beginning of seminars and programmes that could be useful at your effort to make bigger steps at professional level. Remember that in autumn of 2016 interesting opportunities may come up to be somewhere where you will see your future from a new perspective. Do not miss this opportunity but do not also consider that you found the port you looked for.



Saturn in Sagittarius throughout 2016 is a very good opportunity to stabilise your position in an amorous relationship that could create the conditions to even have children. The combination of enthusiasm with the practical side of life is enough to bring you face to face with a person who could be the ideal better half. The difference in age or intellectual level is a stressful question but on the other side, it is also an opportunity for this relationship to have an educational touch, a kind of mentor-student relationship; relationships that always excite you. If on the other side your relationship is in trouble, it seems that in particular in spring of 2016 you will deal with issues that will probably bring you back to a past that left wounds as you are in front of the prospect of a relationship which consists of two people who seem to have different priorities in their life. These difficulties are the lesson you must learn so as to find your balance in a relationship that can change the way you think of your life. With Saturn in Sagittarius, you will also manage to programme your professional plans regarding the development of an occupation entailing your talents. You will have to be pressured and pushed, to prove that you can handle a professional offer which requires that you show trust in your potential; not only in terms of impressions but also in terms of substance based on discipline towards the goal.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you had better keep in mind that you will be able to better find your feet mainly at amorous level so long as you are willing to trust the other side and take common steps towards a direction which proves that you wish to give birth to something new through your relationship.



The first set of eclipses takes place in March with the Solar eclipse in Pisces on March, 9 to open the curtain. What seems to bother you is your personal life and the sacrifices you must make in order to remain in a relationship that fulfils you but at the same time, forces you to become a team player. Maybe something new appears at amorous level that you cannot overlook and it trips up your career or your existing relationship. The Lunar eclipse in Libra on March, 23 may soften the facts of the beginning of the month because mutual explanations must be given. It may also force you to face honestly whatever happens at financial level and start seeking for solutions through the professional area of your life. Finally, you will be called upon to focus on your relatives because a close person needs your opinion on something.

The second set of eclipses takes place in September with the Solar eclipse on September, 1 opening the curtain regarding professional and financial developments. Maybe discussions have moved on regarding a new offer but you must keep close to you people who speak the voice of reason as you must not be carried away with financial Sirens. At personal level, following a crisis in your relationship or a change that took place within the family, now is the right time to put things in order. The Lunar eclipse in Pisces on September, 16 makes you come in touch with your feelings and the way you are willing to share what you feel with your better half. A crisis in the relationship or a pressure at financial level may push you to look for support from people who realise that you are stressed and you seek for crutches. On the contrary, you may sponsor materially or sentimentally the life of a family member because you can offer vision to lives which lost their target.


True Node

It seems that North Node in Virgo and South Node respectively in Pisces throughout 2016 is like a need to frame what belongs to you and what you can share. You will be in the dilemma of giving selflessly or selling yourself even at a high price, and you must be certain as to when you choose the first road and when the second one. At professional level, make sure you strengthen yourself and grab opportunities to promote yourself at a high price and not sacrifice your needs in favour of partnerships that are probably vain in the long-term. In February and in March in particular, you have the opportunity to feel that you find your feet much better, to acquire something that you start creating in a safe space or take responsibility to finish a task that could change your public image. From that point on, you will have to also deal with your interpersonal relationships and the choices you make as you can spend time in superficial relationships with initial enthusiasm or good sex but on the way, you will feel like losing your time. The deep feeling you seek for on the other side may be an unattainable dream because you are not self-confident enough yet so as to attract the person you dream of. On the contrary, a relationship with great demands from you may be a burden for your personal plans and may force you to admit things that you would not discuss easily in front of your better half. In 2016, you can find your dreamy better half so long as you believe in yourself and you know what you can offer to your relationship. At the same time, you can start working on your talents as long as you stop losing time at meaningless jobs.


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