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Predictions for 2016
by signingstar

Looking for the legendary happy end that makes you weep

It seems that 2016 is an important and crucial year for your life which you must have already started realising from the end of 2015 because with Jupiter, True Node and the eclipses in the axis of your sign you feel like being in front of karmic missions that you cannot leave aside. You will be called upon to make the first step in beginnings related to your personal and professional life finding your feet and laying strong foundations for your life. You will have to be flexible towards situations for which you are called upon to use your logic when feeling and intuition may tell you something different. You will have to answer dilemmas of amorous interest as you may be pushed to start something that makes you hurry and be a life target when simultaneously, known situations and safe environments keep you chained to the past.

At the same time, Saturn as well as Mars in Sagittarius for many months will goad you to give answers regarding your ability to move with rapid pace, to escape from environments that have finished their cycle in your life and you maintain out of habit. In addition, you will be confronted with occasions of parting from people and daily conditions because in order to move on you will have to be prepared for such situations.

2016 has come to change you and you cannot avoid it. You will just have to be ready for challenges that entice you into a life you may not know. Would you maybe however, like to try it so as to see whether it is the fairytale that you have always thought could become the story in which you could be the protagonist?



Jupiter in your sign until September, 8 promises a very favourable first eight-month-period with opportunities to spread your wings and feel that you start something new which gives vision and meaning to your life. With Jupiter in your sign, the ground will be fertile for you to make the next step in your personal life, to combine reason with feeling in a relationship that the other side can offer without thinking that you suffocate or you are not understood. You will want and you will suggest that your relationship makes the next move so as to have a family because you most probably realise that you can grade things in your life without being under pressure or feeling that you are trapped. You will succeed in starting something at professional level which gives you the opportunity to lay foundations so as to feel that you create a safe working frame which does not only consist of rendering service but is also the opportunity to create something that could leave your stamp behind. You had better though keep in mind that in February and March you will have to be careful with your choices because idealisation could lead you to dangerous choices without realising it. If during that period something starts that you cannot completely control, keep in the back of your mind that the necessary corrective moves can take place in spring when Mars will turn retrograde in Sagittarius (April-June) and you will manage to correct gaps and wrongs regarding your relationship or your career.

Jupiter enters Libra on September, 9 and it may take you away from the lights you were under with Jupiter in your sign but this is maybe the best prospect for you. From that point on, you can capitalise the gifts of Jupiter, you can see your remuneration growing and you can create alliances that can improve your position in a professional cooperation. In addition, you will find a better balance in your amorous life because communication with your better half seems to be better and more substantial. What you must remember though with Jupiter in Libra is that you may be in environments that change fast, maybe even violently. It is a scary situation for you but you need not follow others who have decided to accelerate. Avoid idiotic conflicts and comparisons, and remain true to your plan because you want to establish yourself in your new reality.



Saturn in Sagittarius throughout 2016 is a challenging juncture for you as you are called upon to deal with chronic situations in the areas of family and work which bring inner tension and conflict and which you must bring to the fore so as to rationalise them and solve them. These inner conflicts are probably related to issues with authority people at work and take you back to periods when you had to abide by others’ wishes against your own objectives. You may also decide to put an end to relationships that have lasted long and have no point and dynamic anymore; you are called upon to bring them to surface so as to turn them into valuable weapons when you try to make one more step to express yourself. Finally, you will have to make some compromises regarding the house and family-related issues so that worries out of your control seize to exist. This may scare you because you will have to move out and part from your known environment or you will have to interrupt relationships you were used to have in your life; now it is time you proved what you learnt all this time and how you can implement it in your life. You had better skip any new beginnings in spring with Mars retrograde mostly in Sagittarius (17/4-28/6 passing through Scorpio). You can realise them after that period or following any necessary corrective moves during the above-mentioned period.



The first set of eclipses takes place in March with the Solar eclipse in Pisces on March, 9 opening the curtain. It seems that this first eclipse brings to the fore an issue related to your personal life that could be of your concern in the next three months so as to find solutions for topics that bother your relationship. On the other hand, a new acquaintance this period seems like a small bomb at the foundations of your life because it will bring to the fore issues of your existing daily routine that cannot remain in the dark. The particular Solar eclipse may affect your professional affairs as you will be faced with the prospect to render service in an environment where you are forced to put on a second footing your influence as a leader. On the contrary, you could be given a bigger role than usual which may stress you as to whether you can manage people around you. It seems that the Lunar eclipse in Libra on March, 23 brings on the table the financial aspect of a professional offer which requires negotiation and enough patience so as to be solved in the most favourable way possible. At this eclipse, you need not miss your target which by the way goes through crucial interpersonal relationships during this period.

The next set of eclipses takes place in September with the Solar eclipse in your sign on September, 1. It is an important moment, mainly for the representatives of the first decanate of the sign, as something new may begin; enthusiasm and not hurry is required so as to show your intention to participate in it. The balance between your personal objectives and what others determine for you to do is a thin line at the current juncture because you may express selfish tendencies and dominating behaviours. The point though now is for something to start that takes you a step further, that could help you find your feet better. The Lunar eclipse in Pisces on September, 16 is a good opportunity to redefine some balances that seem to have lost their dynamic and give time and space to the other side to express himself/herself. Even if complaints and unfair criticism or issues that make you step back come to the fore, you need not stress or change your plans. You must simply be ready to step back so as to allow those you really do not want to lose to join the effort anew.


True Node

North Node in your sign throughout 2016 and the respective presence of South Node in Pisces seems like an excellent opportunity to implement your plans which are linked to a new situation. It may seem that beginnings at personal or professional level are ready to take place in February and in March but until the beginning of summer you will have to make some changes in your programme. Some rearrangements in your planning are necessary so as to avoid difficulties and obstacles set by people who wish to impose things on you, while at the same time anxieties and insecurities related to your past may come to the fore. Only by doing self-criticism and changing the course of some facts that seemed certain at the beginning of the year, will you manage to reinvent the meaning of life in situations that move on somehow differently than expected. What you must establish in your life in 2016 is the balance between reason and feeling, between rendering service to others and the time you spend for yourself, between your leadership skills towards challenges and the request for support by other people. 2016 may open new chapters in your life so long as you are willing to break free and fall out with people and spoilt situations that have practically ended their cycle in your life. 


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