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Predictions for 2016
by signingstar

Renewing your trust in relationships that fuel the heart

2016 is a transitional year which leads you to the last quarter of the year when you are called upon to make beginnings and expansions in your life. With Jupiter entering your sign on September, 9, the eight-month-period before that you had better feed your soul, offer whatever you can to the efforts of people who need you, work behind the scenes as it is not time you expressed your leading perceptions and reproaches. In addition, the first eight months of the year are exceptional to open your soul through an activity that helps you bring to surface some parts of your life that you insist on struggling to make compatible with your personality when something like this sounds impossible. The last eclipse in the axis of your sign - the Lunar eclipse in your sign on March, 23 - is your final confrontation with people and situations that, as you know, have nothing more to offer and you should leave behind no matter how scary or hurtful this is. Going back to the past at the current juncture may be redeeming only if it helps you see the next step through a new perspective that you will shape as soon as you experience the last episodes of the life you leave behind.

With Jupiter entering your sign on September, 9 a period begins which seems to place you at the helm of developments because you will have to activate some situations at personal or professional level in order to fill your life with enthusiasm. The representatives of the end of the second decanate and the beginning of the third decanate (born between 9-17 October) will feel throughout the year that they stand against challenges and upsets that test their nerves, but at the last quarter of the year they will have to decide instead of keep being inactive. Your speed to make some move during that period may determine the stability of some new facts in your life so long as you are ready to move with rapid pace when you realise that being inactive looks like if you admit your fear to move on.



Jupiter in Virgo until September, 8 looks like a preparatory period, like if you have to deal with the most tiring and repetitive things in your life so as to decide to break free by the end of the year. The first eight months of the year look like an opportunity to finish activities that become daily routine or to end cycles that you maintain in vain. It is also an opportunity to deal with your body and nutrition, to work out or decide to change your eating habits and add new activities that could improve your image. In addition, you have the opportunity to cope with an educational activity which you keep secret from the wider public but which, according to you, is your opportunity to move on in your career without provoking others to deal with this issue. What you must remember with Jupiter in Virgo is to get rid of useless things, to leave aside people, relationships and situations that offer you nothing but on the contrary, burden your body and soul. Most importantly, have faith in out-of-your-control situations because only by giving space to your instinct to decide will you realise its dynamic.

Jupiter enters your sign on September, 9 and it will stay for almost twelve months; it is an exceptional opportunity to be in the limelight again, to make the moves that change your interpersonal relationships. The autumn of 2016 is meant to be dynamic and impressive if you are decided to risk or change elements that it is time they moved to a certain direction. Uranus in Aries at the same time though signals that the moves that will take place are not definitive but will be the electroshock in interpersonal relationships that must start or be renewed. In addition, your preoccupation with an educational subject, the beginning of a new activity that could be the springboard to the next step in your career are favoured.



Saturn in Sagittarius throughout 2016 is like an opportunity to lay foundations for a new professional challenge in your life. You have the opportunity to focus on the expansion of your knowledge in a specific area that could bring you to touch with parts of yourself you hide within and may be linked to relationships with parents or authority figures against whom you never managed to stand. You may want to go away from relatives, to escape from a tiring and restrictive environment which gives you the impression that does not allow you to freely express yourself. With Saturn in Sagittarius, you may feel that your transportation becomes difficult, that it is a procedure which steals your free time and drain your mood and disposition to have a good time. If your job entails journeys and contacts with people, if it includes a kind of discussions and conciliations you do not stand, then it is very likely that you alienate people with a view to rediscovering yourself. This may be more intense in spring so that during summertime, you take decisions regarding moves you wish to make towards the new directions you seek for.



The first set of eclipses takes place in March with the Solar eclipse in Pisces on March, 9 highlighting a health or work issue that could trouble you in order to be mobilised to change something difficult. Your relationships with people at work could make you want to let the steam off but pay attention to the fact that what disturbs you could be the daily routine you and not the others have imposed. On the other side, you must pay attention to health issues because a discomfort this period may bring to the fore something deeper related to your psychical disposition. Balance the demands at work with the needs of your heart even through the start of a physical activity which releases what you carry inside so as to find your stability again. The Lunar eclipse in your sign on March, 23 ends the cycle of eclipses in the axis of your sign and pushes you to say some things that are the basis on which you will build the screening out of the next months. If something new comes up at professional level, you had better try to do more than one things at the same time because there is no certainty in the promises of those around you so as to focus on one prospect only. At personal level, a last discussion with your better half is necessary before reaching any conclusions.

The second set of eclipses takes place in September with the first Solar eclipse in Virgo on September, 1 pushing you to take decisions mostly at professional level. Your decision to start something new should entail the perception that it is likely that you are involved in something that could become tiring and painful; something you will have to build from scratch so as to help you stand out. If it is related to your health, then make sure you cope with your physical situation because you will have to carry strength and stamina in the coming twelve months when you will be in the limelight. It seems that the Lunar eclipse in Pisces on September, 16 mobilises you to deal with professionally-related issues because you must arrange your daily routine schedule. Grade your needs, put your daily routine in order because if your life is chaotic, it is very easy to feel that you suffocate or that you cannot handle your main objective which is to find your feet better.


True Node

North Node in Virgo and respectively South Node in Pisces throughout 2016 highlights your need to make careful steps at work so as to find the way to escape from a situation you cannot control. The continuation of a professional reality which consists of exhausting timetables, persistence in detail, centralist tendencies and paranoia in view of difficulties could lead you to physical or mental break down; you should avoid it. Mainly during the first eight months of the year, make sure you do not exaggerate, you avoid being exposed to dangers that could expose you and find ways to balance your personal with professional life. If you prepare a personal plan, keep it in the dark and do not trust people you have not tested with your intuition as well as some small but basic tests that could give you precious conclusions. In the last quarter though, you are called upon to come out of your shell and assume a more active role in processes which you cannot allow others to define if you disagree. Now, you must have physical as well as mental strength to support something that may change the flow of the situations.  


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