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Predictions for 2016
by signingstar

An essential and visible auto-catharsis

It seems that 2016 is a transitional year as there are no intense planetary pressures on you. What you must do is to redefine your role inside teams and social groups you are a member of, to discuss with people who can change your viewpoint on things around you. You will have the opportunity to find support from people who may become your friends or members of a professional team that could put your career into a new course. You may also feel that you need to leave behind some objects and facts that are part of your life and you had better sacrifice them for the cause of new beginnings and changes.

Mainly during the first eight months of the year, make sure you are flexible towards new facts that come up in your personal and professional life mainly through prospects that are opened up by third parties. Be cautious and rational towards situations for which you can easily be more sentimental and avoid meaningless conflicts and confrontations that take you nowhere. Screen out environments that start to be tiring because it is of great importance to maintain near you people with common goals and dreams. Finally, do not fear to look inside you after September because you will have to get rid of your own obsessions that keep you chained to situations in which you should move with rapid pace so as to be at the helm of the events and not someone who follows the situations that others define.

2016 prepares you so that in 2017 you are ready to define your life by breaking free from the past deeply and substantially, so take advantage of this self-atonement period.



Jupiter in friendly-to-your-sign Virgo until September, 8 will give you the opportunity to expand your social circle. You will get this opportunity mainly through your work environment, your participation in a new group, the acquaintances you make thanks to your job or the target you set along with friends and knowns so as to build up your own business plan. In addition, it is likely that you have the chance to participate in a new activity which is part of your hobbies, to be involved in a subject that seems to awaken your taste to create something or to construct something that bears your stamp. At personal level, taking careful steps in your relationship may lead you to the decision to have a child which changes the priorities and the hierarchy of facts in your life. If you are single, an acquaintance may turn out to be very exciting since the person in front of you seems to bring to surface feelings that were hidden or were not visible to others around you.

Jupiter enters Libra on September, 9 and will stay there for almost twelve months. It sparks off a more introvert period; a period when you will have to focus on rendering service to people near you or for a bigger social aim. At professional level, you will have to practise the right balance with people who act in a different way from yours and you must be ready for turbulence towards the end of the year. Furthermore, it would be useful to cope with your health and make sure you add to your daily routine new activities that aim not only at your physical stamina and well-being but also your psychical serenity and reorganisation. With Jupiter in Libra, you had better start deleting useless data from the hard disk of your past, empty wardrobes and drawers from memories and get over your obsessions for people who have no reason to be in your life even if they are just inhibitions while you sleep or you are awake.



Saturn will be in Sagittarius throughout 2016 at your 2nd Solar house which defines the area of your finances and belongings. This placement of Saturn makes the inflow of money difficult and it may pressure you either because your salary is reduced or because you must invest time and money in a new activity which will bring profits in the long-run. In addition, you had better deal with assets, with real estate and building sites which you have to settle up or sell so as to stop feeling that you bear debts and burdens that do not allow you to live as comfortably as you wish. At professional level, you had better focus on educational activities that build up your field of knowledge and experiences so as to keep adding assets to your CV with a view to changing the status of your career in the coming two years.

With Saturn in Sagittarius you had better put yourself in the process of changing facts which define your self-esteem, grade people and facts differently so that they are positive attributes next to your name. Material belongings that define your personality seem to change and you start investing in knowledge and contacts from abroad so as to add to your ideology new facts that widen your horizons. Make sure you break free from narrow-mindedness so as not to be left behind in comparison to the steps that others around you make.



The first set of eclipses takes place in March with the Solar eclipse in Pisces on March, 9 leading the dance. It seems that your personal life is in the limelight due to a fact that may bring a new birth to your life. You may have a child or find out about a pregnancy that just took place. A new amorous acquaintance may come up which should however, rationally meet your personal needs and not be based only on your instinct of survival and sexual motivations. You should pay attention not to be all at sea as you jump into a perspective of many choices, you enter a perpetual cycle of contacts and acquaintances and you split your attention among many people. If your professional life feels like a daily routine then the above-mentioned prospect seems like the ideal choice. The Lunar eclipse that follows on March, 23 may play an underground and behind-the-scenes role, and bring to the fore invisible discussions and contacts. At professional level, it seems that there are issues in need of delicate handling and which should be based on discretion and agreements that not many people know about. At personal level, seek for the traces that careless people leave behind because you may discover some necessary facts related to a relationship or a new acquaintance. Finally, you had better equally consider your health because you may have to redefine some facts you forgot to examine lately.

The second set of eclipses takes place in September with the Solar eclipse in Virgo on the first day of the month being the gunshot of the starter regarding a professional effort to create something substantial through a common action. You will have to decide whether you are involved in a group aiming at bringing to the fore a new professional effort that will yield profits in two years from today or whether you step back and you deal with your own ideas and thoughts. At amorous level, it is the highest time you took decisions which prove that you stop having dilemmas and you turn yourself to a person close to you so as to create something that expresses you and makes your life beautiful. In addition, in the area of family, you will have to support your child so as to find his/her feet and spread his/her wings. The Lunar eclipse in Pisces on September, 16 seems to ask you to redefine your rush and dynamic, and to reframe actions that should not miss their initial goal. At personal level, a hurtful and traumatising behaviour must be discussed rationally and cautiously, and you must avoid being involved in procedures of victimisation or idealisation because in this way you will initiate a period of introversion that will force you to go backwards.


True Node

North Node in Virgo throughout 2016 signals the era when you are called upon to screen out your friends mainly by explaining rationally relationships that should find their feet. There will be disagreements with people from your social circle and you may criticise viewpoints and behaviours which will make you look like the person who decided to speak out. It is also likely that the procedure of team work kicks off on a subject in which you are called upon to play the role of the person who manages the roles, and you may have to analyse quite some data on the way which help you record the personalities of people around you. At the same time, South Node in Pisces highlights that it is easy to be involved very deeply in relationships and partnerships in which you will feel like losing yourself but you had better use this fact as an opportunity to discover the power and use of your mind in situations when the heart and soul work more intensely. With North Node in Virgo, what really matters is to criticise yourself and clear the landscape in the area of partnerships at professional as well as friendly level. Do not gather burdensome people, activities and facts because the crystallisation of truth and reality is the main question of the year. 


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