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Predictions for 2016
by signingstar

At the starting point with a plan and not only dreams

2016 is a crucial year for your life because an array of planetary events are meant to lead you to new paths. Saturn is in your sign and keeps clearing your life so it is necessary that you prove to those around you, and mainly to yourself, that you are willing to break free from situations that seek for a solution and different handling. You will be in a crossroads of changing your professional course and you will have to prove that you have a concrete action plan and not only ideas and philosophies that you always used to keep in your quiver. Instead of grabbing though every possible opportunity that will come to your life during the first eight months of the year, you had better await for the developments during springtime that will bring changes and reorganisation, and then you should take action. While you prove that you can bear the weight load on your shoulders, the last quarter of the year will come when you have the opportunity to add pleasant notes to your life and stop moving in a frame that looks like penal servitude; as long as of course you manage to finish missions during summertime that suit your personality and not challenges that serve as a decoy for some people who decided to lead you to paths on which you only consume your time and power.  

2016 is a year that could change the course of your life even through losses that are necessary in order to move on to the next level. You probably resist to karmic challenges in vain because sooner or later you will understand that you are at this point when you build a life anew that was meaningless since it was a repeat performance that bored everybody involved in it; it is the time for decisions and the mood for renewal.



Your ruler Jupiter will be in Virgo until September, 8 2016 at your 10th Solar house with the wish to open the road for the development of your career or the change of your public image. The transformation into a new person is not an easy and simple procedure because it will not take place via a smooth path. You will have to work hard and prove that you can bring the desired result in the given timeframe. You will have to obey to rules and limits that are either set by authority figures to you or that you set to your own self with the wish to test your endurance in tight schedules. Finally, you will have to deal with the details of a professional reality that, in order to do the trick, should focus on the tiniest detail of the process and not only on the biggest goals. During February and March, you will be confronted with karmic challenges through contacts and acquaintances that place you in the arena of developments; you need not hurry to meet any results because the next months will examine your endurance. Following the beginning of summer, you will have to prove that you can manage situations which are not under your absolute control or in which you cannot have the expected result so that in summer you will be rewarded as expected or hoped.   

Jupiter enters Libra and your 11th Solar house on September, 9 and it seems that it improves the situation regarding the pressure you are under in order to take part in changes and developments that are not your choice. You will discover new allies at professional level and you will be able to trust more easily people who seem to have the same perception with you regarding the targets and ideals in your life. You will find time to deal with your personal life by grading some forsaken elements differently due to the wish you had to focus on other areas of your life. If you are confronted with obstacles and dead-ends in crucial areas of your life, with Jupiter in Libra make sure you approach people who can understand you without having to stand against each other at the beginning of your relationship or partnership.



Saturn in your sign throughout 2016 is a thorn for you if you considered that this year would be an easy ride for your life. With Saturn in your sign, mainly if you are born on the second decanate, you will have to prove that you can second your ideas and views through hard work and wish to change facts. You must have a plan as well as the way to implement it because your viewpoints do not seem to bring excitement unless they are accompanied with actions. You may have to deal with the end of a professional partnership which will scare you because you cannot see a new path ahead of you but this development will give you the opportunity to examine in depth your career and to ask yourself whether you are at that juncture when you are called upon to change the course and not only your job. At personal level, you may erect a wall against the other side or take distance and freeze because it seems that you have lost your enthusiasm or you seek for time to wonder whether it is the right time to take the next step in a relationship that needs to lay foundations.

The first eight months of 2016 will make you evaluate very carefully your moves and words because you will have to justify every decision and need for action. Thanks to this process, you will discover new paths for your life, you will make new friends and coalitions, you will realise your amorous intentions and needs and you will grade your life differently. You must add a plan to your ideas and not add more words to some plans that must step on the ground so as to come into being and have reason to exist.



The first set of eclipses takes place in March with the Solar eclipse in Pisces on March, 9 setting the pace for an intense period about to begin. It is likely that you are confused among choices you cannot make without asking the opinion of people who think and decide in a different way from yours. It is also likely that you have to deal with your house, you have to think through plans regarding the change of family facts considering that there are developments also at professional level. During this eclipse, you must not make moves that prove you are in a hurry and disappointed but you must alienate people who can confuse you even more than you can handle. The Lunar eclipse in Libra on March, 23, which is also the last one in the Aries/Libra axis, will force you to use discussions and contacts that aim at solving an issue related to your personal life. Your need to stand by people who you feel can support you is big but this should not be the counterbalance for an array of difficult situations you dealt with lately.

The second set of eclipses takes place in September with the Solar eclipse in Virgo on September, 1 leading the dance. This Solar eclipse will force you to grade some personal and professional issues differently and you may have to deal with some tiring issues. At professional level, if you are in the face of a new challenge, make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully before you sign and avoid impulsive actions. If you feel ready to work alone, you should keep in mind that at the beginning you will have to deal with many issues simultaneously. At personal level, use your mind and do not act in a fit of anger because it is very important to know exactly what it is you are in charge of finishing. The next Lunar eclipse in Pisces on September, 16 may stress you because it makes you cope with your inner world and the insecurity you may feel in view of your transition to a new situation. Take care of your house, organise your space, warm up your relationships with family members and avoid behaving in a way that hurts people of your close circle.


True Node

North Node in Virgo throughout 2016 and at the same time South Node in Pisces seem to make the climate intense in the areas of career/family. You will be pressured to find new balances and you will have to work hard to make the next step in your career. You may make choices, mainly during springtime, that will not be exactly what you wish for because it seems that you are led with enthusiasm and impulse rather than reason. It is also likely that you want to get in charge of finishing a difficult mission at work that is not as easy to frame as you wished. On the other side, in the area of family, you will be called upon to compromise and victimise some of your personal needs so that a structure keeps being part of your life as you are not ready yet to get rid of it. You will be confronted though with deterministic losses, with the end of a life cycle that forces you to find your feet, to prove that you are ready to second new courses which may even surprise you or scare you at the beginning. What you are called upon to try in 2016 is to function with the tendency of self-atonement and to maintain in your life whatever is truly equipped to be your support in life.

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