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Predictions for 2016
by signingstar

Training yourself to be expressed with clarity

2016 is divided into two distinctive periods. The first period stretches until the beginning of September, in particular until September, 8 with Jupiter in Virgo which is a positive placement for you regarding mostly professional issues as you can plough the ground for a future development of your career. At the same time, you will have to dig deep inside you, to uproot viewpoints and theories you carry along and you are called upon to transform so as to adjust them to the standards of the new era of your life that cannot be based on changes that take place only at a visible level. The period of the first eight months of the year you had better take advance of opportunities for trips and escapes, invitations for educational seminaries and contacts with people who have a mentality that will help you explain some things you wish to develop in your life but you do not know how.

The second period of 2016, namely the last four months, with Jupiter in Libra as from September, 9 can bring developments to your public image. A professional elevation is also based on moves that need to take place in the family because you will have to close the door to an environment that has started being toxic for your life. The opportunity to make the next step in your relationship seems to take place through a proposal you must make without fearing you may be exposed or you need to unfasten your seat belt. The opportunity to be in new interesting situations takes place through breaks and rebellious moves that are necessary conditions for your life to roll on without feeling that you are stuck in a repetitive routine.



Jupiter in Virgo during the first eight months of the year (until September, 8) is a good opportunity to deal with the educational side of your life, to expand your knowledge, to make steps towards your professional development. The opportunity to deal with a subject that seems to rouse your interest should not be overlooked mainly if it is linked to trips abroad or to meetings with people who speak a different language and therefore could widen your spiritual horizons. In addition, you will have to struggle with yourself and your inner world as you are called upon to deal with your need for a relationship and the demand for time to yourself; this will bring tension to your personal life mainly in February and March. During that period, make sure you lighten your programme from activities and acquaintances that suck your energy and maintain only what is necessary so as to keep on making the steps that change your public image through your choices. Keep in mind though that in spring of 2016 you must pay attention to what happens behind the scenes or deal with your health because your physical endurance is not unlimited and it is likely that you are betrayed at the most crucial moment.

Jupiter enters Libra on September, 9 and will stay there for almost twelve months. It will be the beginning of a period when big changes will start taking place in your life time and again. With Jupiter in Libra and at the highest point in your chart, you will have the opportunity to make an important step in your professional life, to grab professional opportunities so as to make your presence  and ability to take important decisions at crucial moments noticeable. At family level, you are called upon to delicately deal with some issues that seem to be like electroshocks for relationships that hang from a thin wire; the impulse though will be present and inflammatory several times. The changes of this period in your relationship or at work are not permanent because they only remind you that you wish to live, you need fresh air in your life, you seek for the opportunity to escape from a life that looks like a prison. If you want calmness, keep in mind that people close to you do not agree with your intention and will make you react badly towards challenges you must deal with wisely and substantially.



Your ruler Saturn will be in Sagittarius and your 12th Solar house throughout 2016 digging inside your inner world with a view to making space for new viewpoints and thoughts, to building new necessary facts so as to lay foundations for your new life in two years from now. With Saturn in Sagittarius you will have to start bringing to the fore your phobias and insecurities, to dare to be in front of experts who can help you deal with your stresses and obsessions. It is also necessary to start formulating your philosophy through a series of personal actions and not through things you do not wish for others to make and which could have an effect on you. The positive attitude towards things is very important and you will examine it when dealing with difficult work- or health-related situations in spring of 2016. During that period, it seems that you must change your priorities, grade your needs differently, dare to speak honestly to people whose role changes in your life. You will also have to change your way of living mainly by starting an array of activities aiming at a better balance between body and spirit.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, there is the danger of extreme fanaticism against the changes that must take place in your life shall you wish to walk at the same pace with a developing society. When you reach the point of not being able to follow those who overtake you, then either you restart your life or you retire. You need not decide soon because you have the first eight months of the year to evaluate whether you can follow courses that change as time goes by.



The first set of eclipses in 2016 takes place in March with the Solar eclipse in Pisces on March, 9 making you think intensely. You will discuss some new facts in the wider family area and you may be scared because you are sentimentally inclined to decisions. You will have to repeal thoughts and try to fight against your mental obsessions regarding plans that also consist of intuition and instinct. You must be careful regarding turbulences with relatives as it is likely that they bring to the fore discussions that scare you or do not allow you to express yourself freely since you feel vulnerable. The Lunar eclipse in Libra on March, 23 is the last eclipse in the Aries/Libra axis and functions like the redefinition of your public image. Some small changes regarding your professional role must take place, you must discuss new facts related to your remuneration, you will have to express your needs towards a person with whom you wish to have a balanced personal relationship.

The second set of eclipses takes place in September with the Solar eclipse in Virgo on September, 1 being the first and clouding your decisions. It is the moment when you have to cordially second whatever you promised yourself and make the next step on a path that could lead you far away from situations you were used to in your life. It is also the time when you wish to maintain summertime in your life and not return to an environment that you know will stress you and make you be confronted with your inner world and weaknesses. It is the right time to bring to the fore professional issues to discuss with people that it is the highest time you stood against; it is the highest time you expressed complaints at personal level that the more you keep secret, the more they will poison your sentimental world. The Lunar eclipse in Pisces on September, 16 will force you to speak about your phobias and traumatic experiences so as to explain why you are doubtful regarding moves you are called upon to implement. You will have to start an educational experience that is necessary for your professional development but you realise that you must change your priorities and stare the truth in the face and not through lenses you got used to wear. It is the moment when something will take place that will prove to you that as long as you are afraid, you will be stuck to situations that will come to an end sooner or later. Your feeling must speak up so that a relationship or a professional dream of that given moment comes into being.


True Node

North Node in Virgo throughout 2016 is a good opportunity to deal with educational issues, knowledge and seminars that could have a real impact on your professional image. If you are in a new working environment, you are called upon to lie down under and be trained, mainly during the first semester of the year, to offer and render service several times so as to prove that you understand the way in which you will manage to have a more substantial relation to your new work environment. In addition, you had better keep your eyes open regarding seminaries and congresses abroad, dare to go on some trips that can bring you in touch with people who give you an opportunity to see the real picture through a new perspective. At personal level, it would be rather useful to take distance from relatives, to be somewhere far from familiar environments and to try to look at your relationship under new conditions, under situations when you can offer only limited time to your better half. If this is a period when you get over a break-up, try to rationalise some things so as to avoid irrational thoughts that could easily surface from deep within your mind. Remember that in the first semester of 2016 you will have to struggle to rationalise some things in your life, that you had better focus on work without having big expectations for a reward; you will however, lay foundations for something that will pay off by the end of the year. 


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