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Predictions for 2016
by signingstar

Learning to trust deeply

It seems that 2016 is a transitional year for you as there are no intense planetary events with direct effect on you. It is a year when you can take advantage of the opportunities that showed up in 2015 so as to see your life blossoming; it is a year when you will reap the fruits from beginnings that took place last year. At personal level, mainly during the first eight months of the year, you have the opportunity to deepen your relationship and feel that through it you bring to surface feelings you were not aware of or you were not able to experience unless you were in such a relationship. You can also get into a relationship with a view to having a family; it will change your priorities which will be tested in spring of 2016.

At financial level, you are called upon to invest in rational and well-structured jobs so stay close to companies and people that are not afraid of possible social unrest. You need security and mainly at the beginning of summer you had better trust people who are next to you for years and warn you about decisions and activities that could expose you. Finally, the last four months of the year may help you spread your wings again, plan a trip or start some seminars so as to widen your circle. You should just remember not to leave behind people who became very close to you in order to find yourself in new environments; they should already be part of your life.



Jupiter in Virgo and your 8th Solar house until September, 8 may put your finances in order in relation to those of your partner or to debts from and to you. The first eight months of 2016 is a good period to compromise regarding money you owe, to settle older scores related to loans and inheritances or to make a move with a partner/co-financier for the launch of a new professional effort. In such a case, make sure the necessary steps are small and careful, that they consist of a rather detailed plan at the beginning so that nothing too hopeful but unstable comes up. At personal level, your relationship may be more substantial shall you allow feelings to add some elements to your logic, shall you wish to consider your sexual chemistry as a kind of psychical identification with the other side. In such a case, it is not weird or unlikely that a pregnancy comes up which will make your existing relationship even tighter. Otherwise, if there is distance between you and your partner, it is very easy for third persons, acquaintances and superficial relationships to show up which only satisfy your need for sexual contact. With Jupiter in Virgo you have the opportunity to examine more deeply relationships and partnerships that could change your daily life so long as you are ready to allow the other side to take you on a trip to situations that you would refuse to visit alone.

Jupiter in Libra as from September, 9 starts a new chapter in your life because this placement is more compatible to your philosophy and personality. With Jupiter in Virgo, you will want to travel or there will be opportunities to widen your spiritual horizons through acquaintances and contacts with people who have something to add to your knowledge and professional talents. You will succeed in escaping from a pressuring daily routine so as to do pleasant activities. You may overcome a relationship that imprisoned you or change your mentality towards sexual attraction because mutual trust and mental identification that you so much seek for are present thanks to the person right in front of you. With Jupiter in Libra, move and travel physically as well as spiritually because you need new environments in your life.



Saturn in Sagittarius is a good opportunity to add realism to your plans, to make useful friendships, to screen out people in your social circle who seem to be against your own dreams. With Saturn in Sagittarius, you have the opportunity to set up a team that will be the area where you will start rebuilding your career, the environment in which relationships and partnerships will be shaped aiming at extroversion with foundations, at a new situation that could be your new professional identity. With Saturn in Sagittarius, you will also screen out your friends as you will alienate some people who, according to you, do not focus on your own positive perspective towards life. New acquaintances are also useful, mainly regarding your career, as you come in touch with people who carry in their quiver acquaintances with prestige and background.

At amorous level, Saturn in Sagittarius will remind you that life goes on so it is maybe the right moment to make a move in your relationship so as to have a child. If you already have a family, then it is likely you see your children becoming independent which will initially worry you but in the course of time, you will understand that it is time you handed over the baton to younger generations. Just like at professional level where you participate in situations in which experience is transferred from one generation to the other, it seems that the same thing happens at personal level. Your moves with Saturn in Sagittarius should consist of a concrete plan and not look like rebellious actions in order to just rouse the interest of people around you.



The first set of eclipses takes place in March 2016 with the Solar eclipse in Pisces on March, 9 leading the dance. The area of your finances is affected due to moves you are called upon to make so as to put a possible chaos in order. You will be called upon to settle older scores, to participate in the needs of people near you and to also think of the expansion of your plans, to make a professional move that changes the scene. Remember that at the current juncture you may discover people who are willing to support you because they care about you and consider you a part of their life or your common life. The Lunar eclipse in Libra on March, 23 puts an end to the eclipses of the last two years in the Aries/Libra axis and makes you write down all the new facts in the way you think and how they have alienated your close relatives. You may want to go on a trip that will clear your thoughts time and again or you may wonder whether you must try to escape once more from a suffocating environment of relatives. You may have to hold a serious discussion at personal level so that doubt and unclarity seize to exist regarding issues that should come to the fore. 

The next set of eclipses takes place in September with the Solar eclipse on the first day of the month leading the dance towards a new era. This eclipse will make you wonder whether you trust your better half in a relationship that you cannot yet frame rationally. You may process the new facts in your marriage even by having a child through actions that prove you want to believe in the other side but you seek for the way. At financial level, you had better keep people close to you who find their feet and are in touch with reality because your viewpoints seem reckless and may lead you to extremely risky moves. The Lunar eclipse in Pisces on September, 16 will make you understand even better that it is difficult to walk alone without any support, and you may start re-evaluating your values. It is likely that you sell something that the longer you keep into your pocket, the more it bleeds it out  or you may avoid a purchase because you feel that it is not the right time to make hasty moves. At this eclipse, you must take decisions regarding your true allies and leave aside people who are beside you only out of interest.


True Node

It seems that North Node in Virgo throughout 2016, and respectively South Node in Pisces, focuses on your progress through the real connection and union with your better half. Your relationship may deepen and have a new meaning even thanks to a possible pregnancy which seems to grade things in your life differently. It is also likely that you meet a person who makes you deal more actively with the way you relate as you are called upon to sacrifice some facts related to yourself so as to stay next to a person who seems to awaken your feelings. At financial level, there will be discussions for the common initiation of a professional effort with people who seem to have an analytical way of thinking that can realise a general and vague idea, which surprises you because you function more directly than they do. It is important this year that you realise the diversity of people around you that cannot be an obstacle for your relationship or partnership; the one side though should not prevail over the other. The personal freedom of each person after all is one of the basic rules that you cannot override in any way.   


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