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Predictions for 2016
by signingstar

Discovering the missing piece to be happy

It seems that 2016 is a crucial year for your life since a range of planetary events takes place right above your head making you the protagonist of the year. First of all, the axis of the Moon’s Nodes in your sign (South Node in Pisces, North Node in Virgo) indicates that you are about to experience karmic missions. It seems that your interpersonal relationships move on to another level and you must trust people who come to add something to your ideology and complement you in areas of your life that you stirred alone without the voice of reason beside you. In addition, Saturn will be in Sagittarius throughout the year at the highest point of your chart, namely changes will take place at professional level; you will move to new environments or you will assume a new role and more responsibilities that may scare you (leadership at work, starting something new from scratch, having a family) but at the same time, these changes will lead you to a new path with new targets. The eclipses in the axis of your sign in March and September make you anyway take serious decisions in your life and change decisions that must follow not only the road of the heart and instinct but also that of reason by handling reality coolly.

The last but more beautiful part of 2016 is related to Jupiter in Virgo during the first eight months of the year which seems to give you the opportunity to widen your social circle. You will have to take action from a practical point of view, to be involved in a professional environment where not only your inspiration but also your ability to bring results within specific timeframes are needed. Furthermore, you are called upon to join groups that need a new meaning in their life and course, a new person who will give vision towards amorous directions that seemed impossible up until today.

2016 is a crucial year for you and keep that in mind. You will be called upon to change parts of your life so do not process the new facts with stubbornness and persistence; be flexible and able to move wherever there is fresh air for your life.



Jupiter in Virgo, the sign right across from you, until September, 8 promises a favourable eight-month-period for 2016. You will have the opportunity to widen your social circle thanks to relationships and partnerships which help you see life through a new perspective for your future. If you have a relationship, it is very possible that you move on to the next stage with the prospect of a marriage or cohabitation even by moving to a new place. It is also likely that the personal life of your children or of people within the family environment develops and you have the chance to see life from another perspective. If you are single, then you will have many opportunities to meet people, to find amorous interest in people who seem to also be the ones who will widen your horizons to directions other than the ones you were used to. In addition, at professional level, you will be given the opportunity to make the next step so as to see your career blossoming either thanks to a promotion or thanks to a new professional offer. Mainly during February and March, you had better be alert because there are many challenges around you. It does not mean that you must accept them all or dare to make steps that could lead you to an unexpected rope-walking. The months until the beginning of summer (in particular, April and May) will prove whether everything new that was launched is real and substantial or just a firework that will not stay for too long in your life. In general, with Jupiter in Virgo you will have the opportunity to lay foundations for a life that need not be based only on instinct and momentary impulses as you used to do in the past.

Jupiter in Libra as from September, 9 will turn your interest towards the financial area of your life. You will want to deal more actively with your remuneration at work, to dare to discuss issues of partnerships that will likely give solutions to issues that provoke conflict and distance among colleagues at work. A new partnership does not promise long-term stability and presence in your life but it does promise new enthusiasm and prospects for your existing life. At personal level, having a child is a crucial point for your existing relationship otherwise you will have to be confronted with the issue of sexual chemistry with your partner and the possible involvement of third persons that bring sparks of passion into a relationship that had lost its balance.


Saturn in Sagittarius and at the highest point in your chart throughout 2016 will bring tension to your career or the area of your life that defines your public image. You are called upon to redefine your targets regarding your contribution to society and you will have to reach agreements or even stand against authority figures who may obstruct your intentions. You may assume a new role at professional or family level, to which you will have to start getting used mainly in relation to your public image. In addition, it is likely that there are losses in the family or in the wider circle of your relatives as you must get used to the idea of assuming roles that you did not even consider before.

You must pay due attention to spring of 2016, mainly between mid-April and the end of June, because you will have to deal with a lot of adversities and big challenges at professional level as your relationship with authority figures seems to be malfunctioning. During that period, make sure you screen out hobbies and activities because you will need to maintain your strength focused on the essential goals of your life. During summertime, you can implement your plans regarding your career and family, and do something that proves you move with rapid pace and you leave behind people and facts who offer nothing substantial with regards to the search and discovery of the meaning of your life.


For a thorougher analysis, do not forget to also read the predictions for your Ascendant


The first set of eclipses takes place in March with the Solar eclipse in your sign on March, 9 leading the dance. At this eclipse, you are called upon to take decisions regarding your progress and well-being, the evaluation of offers you have in hand, dilemmas between the point to which you will sacrifice your own disposition for development and the point to which you will stay loyal to existing relationships and partnerships. This Solar eclipse, which affects mostly those who are born in the middle of the sign, is a good opportunity to open your eyes in view of facts aiming at changing your course towards situations you are called upon to handle with a different point of view. The Lunar eclipse in Libra on March, 23 puts an end to two years of eclipse in the Aries/Libra axis and brings to the fore the need to say some goodbyes. You are called upon to clarify whether you will make the first move for your relationship to move forward or whether you will wait for the developments that the other side will bring. There may also be an issue regarding your connection to a person at personal or professional level; you had better though think it through and answer only after Mars turns direct in the end of June.

The next set of eclipses takes place in September with the Solar eclipse in Virgo on September, 1 leading the dance to an array of developments. It is probably the highest time you gave answers to offers you received and you will have to trust some people who ask to cooperate and sail together with you. Your new life could enter a new dimension but you must not forget that you are also face to face with issues of professional interest; some challenges you cannot ignore without examining first the essence of the new facts. The Lunar eclipse in your sign on September, 16 is an intense, emotionally charged moment as you will be called upon to deal with your phobias and insecurities, to let the wound bleed, to show that you are scared confronted with challenges you cannot bear alone. In addition, you had better take care of your health, pay attention to some symptoms you cannot overlook because they are the sign of difficult internal situations.


True Node

North Node in Virgo throughout 2016 and respectively South Node in your sign create an intensely karmic period for your life. You will have the opportunity to see your life becoming meaningful thanks to relationships and partnerships that have come to add realism to the way you see the future. You will also have to be consistent with the beginning of relationships and professional plans as you must be able to grade the new facts and focus on what is really interesting; only this way will your life be meaningful. If there are proposals that force you to take decisions and make moves around February and March, keep in mind that you will have to redefine some things between April and the end of June because timeframes may be hard to follow and your physical endurance may not be enough to finish everything. The two summer months (July and August) are excellent so that you move with rapid pace, show your happiness, escape from situations that wear you out and cope with people who contribute to help you see life through blossoming and not the end of cycles.    

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