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Weekly horoscope 18-24/1/2016
by signingstar

It seems that the request to finish a chapter and move on is not something that was imposed on you by others but it most likely comes from you and your true intentions and wishes. With your ruler Mercury being retrograde for yet another week, you will have to marry dreams with realism, to link desires with true prospects, to erase guilts and look at the future. The intense conjunction of Jupiter with True Node in your sign may scare you as it opens new roads because it pushes you to take actions that until recently resembled dangerous missions; the point is that you get into the procedure of changing your life by believing more in you. The beginning you most likely make is related to having a family if you are with a person long enough and you see that you match. If you are single, stop seeing pictures from the past, delete some phone numbers, burn photographs and move on. There is something very beautiful out there and you insist on ignoring it because you continue coping with convenient people and situations so as not to need to take decisions to break free in your life.

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1 σχόλια

Εικόνα ζωδίου
15 Jan | 23:53
and if someone is in a relationship that is ready to make the next step but actually the relationship is not working? Then what can someone do?