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Weekly horoscope 18-24/1/2016
by signingstar

It seems that the dynamic in an interpersonal relationship of yours grows bigger this week and leads you to the end of a week when many things may come to surface. Your doubts about a person are big and it seems that they become bigger with every possible move of the other side. It seems that the things that have not been said so far, the things that remain in the dark as they could turn into guns in the hands of people who do not know how to use them, the things that are hidden on purpose or even consciously because it is more convenient that they remain in the dark come to surface. With retrograde Mercury in Capricorn, you are tired, you are exhausted and you have retired to yourself avoiding a frame that should be the central stage of your action. By the end of the week though it seems that you can brace yourself and call a spade a spade. Remember that the way you do it may completely demolish buildings that were unstable for a long time now and waited for the earthquake to raze them. Only this way will you make space around you to move towards the direction that you know it to be your karmic mission. 

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