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Annual predictions 2017
by signingstar

Passionately, as you only know

2017 could be a key-year for your life shall you see it as the beginning of your new life. First of all, Jupiter in Libra, as from last September, has set your life in motion with opportunities for beginnings at amorous and professional level. Speed is the new element in your life, because there are opportunities to take distance from the existing old frames of relationships and partnerships and dare jump into the void. If this jump is dressed with a new perception about life in general, you have the opportunity, after May, to jump into the void wearing as a parachute your life partner, the business partner who secures you, or the dream that becomes real.

2017 could be the year when you assume both the roles of the child and the teacher in life. Love may have a childish and romantic dimension since a karmic challenge might be the opportunity to believe in fairy tales with a happy end. On the other side, you can have an essential professional role shall you get involved in a kind of job, which teaches children or people that look for the meaning of life. It is an effort, which can change your public image as from 2018 onwards.

One way or another, 2017 calls upon you to restart your life. It does not mean that you must burn everything in your life so that somebody shows up to give you a new house or a new life. It means that you use all your tools to build your new home, which consists of your new amorous and professional life. All you must do is add colour, imagination, love, creativity and a lot of passion in this house, which can give hope to neighbourhoods with no access to the Sun in the last couple of years.



Jupiter in Libra until October, 10, in the sign which is opposite you and represents your direct interpersonal relationships, is a good indication regarding the opportunity to experience emotional and essential completeness in your life. Jupiter in Libra may bring a marriage (in the traditional or more rebellious sense), a velvet break-up, which gives you the opportunity to meet that somebody who can really complement you, a professional cooperation, which gives a new meaning to the definition of career, or simply the possibility to broaden your social circle and discover a new meaning in your life. The opposition of Jupiter in Libra to Uranus in your sign during the first three months of the year has an effect on those born on the last days of the second decanate and the first days of the third decanate, and will cause intense turmoil since it shakes up situations that are taken for granted. The rapid developments in an amorous or professional relationship might indicate the period of having a child, the beginning of a new amorous acquaintance that evolves really fast or a professional challenge for which you must be alert so as to grab it and take advantage of it. Your life moves incessantly as you deconstruct situations of many years and a consciousness built with old material, as you move out due to a new relationship or job, as you decide to follow the love of your life to a new country or as you set up your own business in a period when many things around you break into pieces.

Jupiter turns direct on June, 9 and will be like the air that blows and clears any vagueness and the misty landscape. This is when you want to start getting rid of many things in your life so as to keep only what is essential. Your efforts to change your life will start paying off and this will be more visible after October, 9 when Jupiter enters Scorpio. Until then, the representatives of the second and third decanate have the opportunity to make moves, which feed back their life, which open up new chapters of opportunities, and which lead to essential but also enthusiastic relationships. After October, 9 you have the opportunity to see the positive outcome of the changes, and to realise why your life speeded up since there are people and situations that feed your soul. You might understand that your emotional intelligence has been transformed, because your amorous choices are different in comparison to what you knew before. It is the moment when the stress of pregnancy and birth will turn into an act of life and will make you realise that the miracle of life sleeps right next to the decision to break down the walls of many years not with your fists but with your hug.



Saturn will be in Sagittarius, your 9th Solar house, almost throughout 2017. It will enter Capricorn, your Solar zenith, on December, 20. Saturn in Sagittarius, which is of concern for the representatives born on the third decanate, is a good opportunity to change the way you see the future of your life through moves that second your public image and will last for long. You might, for instance, invest in a new diploma that will help you change your career or that will second your effort to climb up the hierarchy at work. You might have to move somewhere far due to the needs of your job. This is where you will assume a new role that could be the rehearsal before your new professional identity. You might just notice the big changes in the philosophy of people who come, or you might realise that the world as you knew it is not the same anymore. You might reposition yourself regarding your ideology, philosophy and priorities so as not to embark on a train which departs for a long journey.

At amorous level, you have the opportunity to get into a relationship which changes your perspective regarding relationships. You might decide to break free from a relationship, which is not willing to evolve according to your own needs. This means that you will have to pay attention to any judiciary claims. The way you perceive the meaning of partner will also change since you turn to people who think and operate differently bringing to the fore the meaning of family directly. It might be your role that changes within the existing family and you might understand that the close-to-you people need you so as to feed them with serious and wise views, which were always part of you but you never considered enough so as to open the life path to other people too.

Saturn in Sagittarius is an excellent opportunity to start a new life pattern without necessarily breaking doors, bringing down walls and fighting wild animals. You simply (or better in a complicated way) are called upon to change the way you see things or to be a mentor for something similar to people near you. It is a kind of internal psychoanalysis without a teacher with the purpose of being ready to undertake big weights and the role of the protagonist as from next year when Saturn enters and stays in Capricorn for almost three years.



The first Lunar eclipse of the year takes place on February, 11 in Leo, your 5th Solar house, highlighting the developments in your amorous life. The development of a new acquaintance might fire new elements in your life since you seem ready to burn down old situations and move on. If you are in a bogged down relationship, your partner might be the electroshock your heart needs so as to feel it beating despite the fact that you think it has stopped for long now. The development might be related to creativity in your life and whether you find opportunities to express yourself in the coming days.

The next Solar eclipse on February, 26 in Pisces, your 12th Solar house, might signal the period when you screen out your life. Leave behind dead feelings, an imprisoning daily routine, and a relationship which looks like an altar for sacrifices, and move on. Look at people around you who change their life with the view of walking hand in hand with the new facts and follow their lead. Focus on your health so as to improve your physical endurance and bring back to the fore your emotional balance.

The second set of eclipses takes place in August with the Lunar eclipse on August, 7 in Aquarius, your 11th Solar house. Your amorous life will be on the spotlight time and again, and you will have or want to change your priorities in order to feel alive. The time for commitment might have come even by realising that a child comes into your life. If you gave chances to your relationship but it could not be revived, then a third person would be the last straw.

The Solar eclipse on August, 21 in Leo might be a big turning point for your life, because you feel creative and alive again. Do not hesitate to celebrate your happiness and do not be afraid of expressing your feelings openly. Dare realise the dreams you have and are fulfilled by a partner in your life. The creative and shiny side of yourself comes to the fore and you feel ready to introduce something new to your life either thanks to a love, or a child, or the inauguration of your new professional image and capacity.


True Node

The axis of the Moon’s nodes will still be in the axis of Virgo/Pisces until May, 9 (the North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces) and will give the signal to clear the scene of your life with the purpose of maintaining everything essential and valuable. You will keep on dealing with health-related issues or you will have to cope with the health of close-to-you people or pets; only then will you realise the circle of life. At professional level, there might be the prospect of assuming a supportive role by providing help and rendering service. There should be a specific time schedule for something like this and it should have an obvious benefit to your life. You might also deal with your psychological health, because you notice some illnesses in your life that are directly linked to the development of your amorous life or to the remains of older relationships and eras, such as words that were never said, truths that were concealed, or actions that never took place.

The axis of the Moon’s nodes enters the axis of Leo/Aquarius (the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius) on May, 9 and it signals a much lighter period for your life. Until the end of 2017, if you were born in the second half of your sign, you have the opportunity to discover the love you look for. A karmic acquaintance might set your life on fire and you might have to start all over. At the same time, an intensively karmic professional challenge makes you the focal point of developments so long as you can inspire the people, who are the passengers of the vehicle you drive. You will feel the need for passion and tension in your life that might occur through your intensely amorous and sexual relationship, which might also result into having a child. You might also see your children spreading their wings and you might have to be the one who offers vision in their life thanks to your open mind and the opportunities you give them to invent their own personality. 

The North Node in Leo launches a rather amorous and creative period, which means that the last eight months of the year will make your heart beat faster, stronger and more essentially. Hence, make sure you charge your batteries until then because you will have to really speed up. 

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