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Annual predictions 2017
by signingstar

Bringing the child within to surface

2017 may be split into two discrete periods, which in general consist of the first semester and the second one. In the first half of the year, you are called upon to deal with changes taking place at work and you must get used to the new facts without necessarily being affected by them directly. New colleagues might join the working space or you might have to change your relationship with existing partners. Fast developments might take place at work, which means that you must adapt to new facts or you might have to seriously consider a new offer you receive. It is also likely that you adjust your daily programme since you must include the new facts of your personal life or because you want to make space for yourself and your personal needs.

It seems that the second half of the year has a more direct effect on you, because the North Node enters Leo, the eclipses take place in the axis of Leo/Aquarius and Jupiter enters Scorpio in October. These elements prove that you move or that basic parts of your life are transformed. You might move out, which means that your relationship evolves or that you meet somebody, who makes you think of your priorities differently. Your relationship might take the next step, which might translate into becoming a parent and which might indicate that your relationship with your parents also changes. At professional level, you will be challenged to dare do something you always dreamt of without waiting for others to do it on your behalf. Your creative nature comes to the fore and you feel ready to give birth to something, which bears your personal stamp.

The beginning of 2017 is somehow lukewarm but it will finish intensely and creatively so long as you are prepared to move and prove that your way of thinking also moves. You seek warmth, feelings and security. You can discover them shall you express what you hide deep inside.



Jupiter in Libra, your 6th Solar house, until October, 10 appears to be a good opportunity to improve your daily routine so long as you can distinguish what you need and what remains in your life only because of habit or because of denial to break free. The opposition of Jupiter in Libra to Uranus in Aries during the first three months of the year might upset your health, because you must take actions which improve the way you grade your priorities in life. Make sure you avoid provocative professional environments and avoid relationships with people from work as there might be confusion. Furthermore, make sure you find time for yourself during the day, because if your schedule is very busy, you can easily burn out. The first nine months of 2017 might resemble a speed race without a finishing line. Make sure you are surrounded by people, who support you, and you set the conditions so as to add activities to your daily routine which secure your good physical and psychological health.

Jupiter enters Scorpio, your 7th Solar house, on October, 10 and it launches a new period in your life. You were tested at work some months ago and it seems that this starts bearing results. You might be offered a better job position with increased responsibilities as well as economic benefits. You might decide to focus on your personal life with the purpose of better establishing your relationship, and to leave aside some professional activities which consumed time from your personal life. If you managed to understand your colleagues and partners well, then a period begins when you can cooperate with one of them with a view to starting a business based on your strong instinct. Only this way will you conquest success and economic wealth.



Saturn is in Sagittarius, your 8th Solar house, almost throughout 2017 and will enter Capricorn, your 9th Solar house, on December, 20. It seems that it does not have a direct effect on you. You must make sure though you pay more attention to your partner, you support people near you, and you test your relationship by taking distance instead of living only for yourself. Your relationship might feel cold, the sexual chemistry and nuance might be lost or you might try to conquer somebody, who seems to need time to get to know you better and let go in your hands. Your marriage might face financial difficulties as there might be debts, which affect your relationship. It is also likely that you see partnerships, professional spaces and relationships around you that come to an end although you thought they would last in time. All these might have an effect on your own perspective regarding commitments in your life.  

Saturn teaches you that everything in life has a beginning, a middle and an end. It is likely that you see some cycles come to an end with a view to properly understanding the afore-mentioned sentence. Your philosophy about relationships and partnerships must change and you must become more cynical regarding intensely sentimental situations. In addition, you have the opportunity to invest in cooperations, which are the result of common professional efforts that might not pay well but create an atmosphere of psychological connection among people who see many facts crumble down. Saturn can be a big teacher in 2017. You get to grade your priorities time and again, which is something you need so as to find your feet.


The first set of eclipses takes place in February with the Lunar eclipse in Leo on February, 11 opening a cycle of developments in the area of family or professional environment. You have the opportunity to digest the end of a cycle or to decide to put an end to a situation, which the longer is open, the more it haunts you. Try to tone down your energy and make sure you deal with what is necessary avoiding impressions and consumption of energy. It is maybe the right moment to make some reconstructions in your house or handle a professional issue in need of your personal stamp. The Solar eclipse in Pisces on February, 26 will smooth things out as you will have the opportunity to take friends’ and knowns’ opinion regarding an essential issue that is in your head throughout the month. It is also a good period to add new activities to your programme and come out of your shell. It was probably necessary though so as to find your feet.

The second set of eclipses will take place in August with the Lunar eclipse in Aquarius, your Solar zenith, on August, 7 being the first. You might reconsider your professional ambitions mainly through your comparison to a parent or through your effort to overtake your boss in the race for hierarchy. A new professional offer might come up that might make you consider the possibility of moving to a new land, somewhere far from the existing environment. The Solar eclipse in Leo, your 4th Solar house, on August, 21 might make you plan your common future with your partner by preparing your house or by deciding to move out. At professional level, you have the opportunity to come in touch and in agreement with somebody, who has a strong personality, so as to cooperate on something that had better start in October. Keep in mind though that you will have to make mutual compromises regarding issues of ego and subjective view towards things.

True Node   

The axis of the Moon’s nodes will still be in the axis of Virgo/Pisces until May, 9 (the North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces). It will be a pleasant period until then since you can promote amorous issues and you can enter new professional environments smoothly. Your professional role might have a creative touch and you might be the person, who inspires others to go on, so as to reach the target. It is also likely that you create a new circle of friends through work and you find a meaning through your participation in groups, which offer material and psychological support to people in need. At amorous level, you have the opportunity to make the next step in your relationship, because you have common points of thinking and perception with your better half. As a result, you believe you have discovered the way to make your daily routine more negotiable than before. If you are single, use this period to make acquaintances with good sexual chemistry and a love life that flows the way you need.

The axis of the Moon’s nodes enters the axis of Leo/Aquarius (the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius) on May, 9 and will bring big tension to your life. The period of the next one and a half year will be challenging for the balance between your private and public life since you are called upon to struggle so as to balance the family needs with your professional ambitions. You are called upon to offer warmth and trust in a relationship that will be tested. You might be the one who takes the initiatives for a cohabitation, marriage and having a family. On the other side, you will be challenged to deal with behaviours that are linked to a parent’s image so as to overcome obsessions and selfishness that do not allow you to enjoy your personal life. At professional level, you need not show off. You should rather offer vision and inspiration, because only then will you manage to lay foundations for your career. You feel the need to build something from scratch or from your own perspective, and you might have to take distance from a professional environment that does not give you this opportunity. Finally, you enter a period when you might lose people from your close environment. You realise that time passes and the life cycle is here to remind you to make your dreams come true on time.     

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