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Annual predictions 2017
by signingstar

Love was delayed, but it arrived   

It seems that 2017 could completely change the flow of your daily life due to decisions of amorous interest. Jupiter in Libra (until October, 10) and Saturn in Sagittarius (until December, 20) shape a framework in which love could flourish and could make you move or have a family. You have probably found the ideal better half, somebody who fulfils you, so do not be chained in past choices and in your inability to handle your emotions. It is the right moment to prove you can direct your life as you wish. North Node enters your sign on May, 9 while the eclipses take place also in the axis of your sign in February and in August. Everything indicates that it is the highest time you dared express yourself through relationships, which do not compromise but are also grounded.

At professional level, kick off the new year with some kind of education or enough trips, which open the road to important acquaintances or give you the opportunity to make others entrust you with key-positions. As time passes by, you will be more and more self-confident and you will discover reasons not to be afraid of expressing your personal dynamic as from spring onwards. If you think you can bear weights and responsibilities, dare speak about something like this to bosses and partners. Otherwise, dare realise your dreams and try to build your own career, the space in which you will not fear of being robbed of your ideas and beliefs.



Jupiter in Libra until October, 10 is an opportunity for you to broaden your mental horizons, to meet interesting people, to travel and be educated, or to fall in love and commit. The opposition of Jupiter in Libra to Uranus in Aries (in January-March, September-October) will awaken you and might bring to the fore beginnings, which will set your life to another dimension. If you move, it means that you start your life from scratch either due to a new partner or due to a relaunch of your career somewhere far. Your ideas at the current juncture might come true fast or might be the reasons to leave for new adventures, which you could not imagine could take place in your life. Keep in the back of your head though, that you might be involved in too many things simultaneously without any visible result and you might leave things unfinished. If you want to lay strong foundations for the beginnings and changes you make during the first ten months of 2017, you are called upon to seriously take into consideration Pluto in Capricorn. It stresses that you must be responsible and have a plan, otherwise you will build palaces on the sand by the sea. You might be much more successful professionally shall you combine your studies and ideas with the lessons you have taken from authority figures that you met lately. You can improve your personal life shall you realise that you will always need time for your career. Therefore, you cannot commit to relationships which demand that you cope only with them throughout the day.

Jupiter enters Scorpio on October, 10 and will slow things down. It will make your emotional world much heavier, but it seems to be necessary so that you prove you meant what you said in the previous period. You will have to reduce your trips, to focus on essential relationships, or to change your role in your relationship even by becoming a parent. You will want or you will have to move since you are about to have a family or you want to make a new beginning in your personal life. However, what is important is that you come closer to one of your parents, that you realise his/her influence in your life and you understand how to use the lessons you took in your life. Jupiter in Scorpio can help you establish your life much better so long as you are prepared to come in touch with your deeper internal needs as well as those of your partner and colleagues. You can be very powerful, maybe due to your career, shall you act essentially and not behind the scenes. Learn to use your self-trust in a way which empowers your connection with people and groups. You will discover a side of yourself you looked for, but you could not express to the outer world.



Saturn in Sagittarius might be annoying. You might be stressed and you might feel the need to do something of essence. You might consider that you must leave your childishness aside, to suddenly grow up and take a more responsible look at things. Yes, the truth is that Saturn in Sagittarius might obstruct your dreams, bring your ambitions down to earth, and behave like the parent that did not allow you to feel like a small child, just like in the haunting memories of your past. On the other side, Saturn in Sagittarius is an excellent opportunity to leave your stamp in your life, to add essence and structure to your amorous life, and to have a relationship or family which seems to be your biggest achievement. You might have a child, see it growing up and spreading its wings. You feel a bit blue but at the same time, you realise that this is the life cycle.

At professional level, you have the opportunity to lay foundations for a job promotion, to be seen from another perspective in a work environment in which you had never expressed your ambitions and your ability to abide by the rules and to also inspire others. This is the moment to be at the helm, so make sure you prove you can drive a vehicle with many passengers, with people who trust your instinct to guide them to the exit of the labyrinth. If you think you have completed your cycle at work, you have the opportunity to build your own job, to implement your thoughts and ideas in an establishment you prepare so as to be full of vision and strong foundations. In this effort, remember that there are people looking at you either somewhere around you or from somewhere high. They want to acknowledge your creation, so try to raise to the occasion.



The first set of eclipses takes place in February. The Lunar eclipse in your sign on February, 11 shakes you up (it affects mostly the representatives born in the end of the second and the beginning of the third decanate). A journey might make you consider your professional occupation and seek the opportunity to move somewhere with different prospects in the job market. At personal level, your need to feel much brings you close to somebody, who is very attractive. This means that you must clear your thoughts and memories, because you can easily be confused with silly dilemmas. The Solar eclipse in Pisces on February, 26 might be a good opportunity to deal with your finances. Remember though, that you always seek freedom of movement and expression of your creativity. At amorous level, you might jump into a relationship based on sexual chemistry and you might lose yourself or not be able to find your balance so as to feel you are at the helm of the relationship.

The second set of eclipses takes place in August with the Lunar eclipse in Aquarius on August, 7 leading. You realise you stand before karmic moments in your personal life. You ask for something more from a relationship; you seek passion and fire in your personal life. If you found them, you would be about to commit and you would announce news that would shock your friendly circle. The Solar eclipse in your sign on August, 21 (it affects mostly the representatives born on the last days of the sign) could be the reason for a trip and a moving that sets your life in motion. Passion, creative expression and expression of your feelings are the questions of this eclipse. As a result, you will have to look at the bright side of life regardless of what happens around you. You change the speed in your life and your role evolves. This means that you leave behind people and situations that played a role at some point in the past. 


True Node

One of the greatest news in 2017 is that the axis of the Moon’s nodes moves from the axis of Virgo/Pisces (the North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces) to the axis of your sign on May, 9 (the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius). It seems that the first four months of the year prepare you for a challenge that can give another dimension to your life. With the North Node in Virgo you invest in a job, in screening out goals and people, in clarifying what you want and desire, and in alienating people and partnerships that take more than they give you. Furthermore, you had better frame your personal life, because you need not allow third parties to have access to your life, or to know your thoughts and feelings for no real reason. 

From May, 9 onwards the central stage is lit. It seems that, with the North Node in your sign, you assume the role of the protagonist which will lead you to paths of love, creation and full self-expression. You take a step further thanks to a relationship, which might translate into many things taking place very fast without people around you realising them. You might also leave a relationship that wore you out due to literal or emotional distance, and you might invest in widening your circle towards people, who are sure about their feelings. At professional level, you have the opportunity to lay foundations for an establishment, which entails your view on things. This could translate into selfishness and arrogance, but it is the highest time you brought to surface your wisdom and your belief in yourself which is clearer and clearer. On the other side, you know how to give space to others so long as you are certain that they understand your leading role. You want to and you can inspire third parties, and drive a vehicle in avenues you were dreaming of but you did not dare take until today. If you cannot take the above-mentioned opportunity, then it is the highest time you left an environment that pressures you, and you set up your own stage on which you will be the protagonist.  

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