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Annual predictions 2017
by signingstar

The highest time you reconciled with the child within

In order to speak about 2017 essentially, I will have to begin with 2016 and ask you some questions. The first one is whether you made clear and structural changes in your life in 2016. If the answer is yes, then you try to fit in the new data of your life in 2017. You will obviously be under pressure, because you have a family or you broke up and you live alone in a big house. You are obviously under pressure to deal with the new facts of your career, because you must assume a leading role in a group of colleagues that was not used to it at all. If the answer to the aforementioned question is negative, you must be fast during the first four months of 2017 so as to bring changes to your life. You might have a child and prepare your new house, or you might be trained at high speed in a new professional role, which will reintroduce you to people in April-May.

The main point of 2017 is to adjust to the new facts of 2016. This obviously means that you make corrections to mistakes you made, to omissions you could not avoid and to wrong steps you took. During the first semester of 2017, you might want to redefine some fast decisions you took, or some fast changes that took place and you are not used to yet. It does not mean you return to an old life pattern so as to test whether the new one suits you. You have promised you grew up and as a result, any attempt to fool Saturn and prove you can behave cunningly is condemned to fail. Keep on supporting your relationship, keep on struggling to second your new professional image, believe even more in your innovative ideas, which you must develop in the second half of the year, and make sure you start a dialogue with the child within. The child within will keep on living regardless of whether you become an adult or not. It is probably the highest time this child met the child that will be born in a relationship which blossoms or in a professional effort which will turn your thoughts into action.



Jupiter in Libra, your 2nd Solar house, until October, 10 signals a good juncture to improve your finances and take advantage of the opportunities you were presented with last year. If you are in a new job position, during the first or third trimester of the year, you can ask and take a pay rise, mainly if you prove you are the person who renews the professional space. At the same time, you might receive new professional offers that you must carefully consider before you accept or refuse them, because you should not count only on the remuneration. It is likely that there are prospects before you to participate in something that will evolve very fast or that promises great profits that will not last for long though. You might also seek a way to invest some of your profits, which means that you must be very careful with moves and opportunities that were not structured or sufficiently tested in the past. At personal level, your relationship might evolve by even having a child. As a result, you count your expenses and the way you will manage your obligations. If you are single, you will enjoy intense sexual moments during the first nine months of the year. You have the opportunity to have fun without taking any vows of eternal commitment.

Jupiter enters Scorpio on October, 10 and opens a new period of twelve months, which seems to be more beneficial for you. With Jupiter in Scorpio, you will decide to participate in seminaries and educational activities that might give a new dynamic to your professional image. You might discuss some moves that must take place in the environment of your relatives so as to go on with your professional plans even by investing in a space, which belongs not only to you but also to close-to-you people. This period is very good to go on trips and make acquaintances, to broaden your social circle, and to invest in your mind as well as your instinct so as to make coalitions with people who can be part of strong professional partnerships. At amorous level, your thought to move somewhere far from your existing house is linked to your need to take distance from your close environment, because you want to keep your relationship away from the relatives’ comments and discussions. If it is a period when you must move very often, keep in mind that you might meet somebody in one of these trips, who seems to touches upon your emotional world. This means that an existing relationship, which is not really strong, might be in danger.



Saturn in Sagittarius for yet another year, until December, 20 when it enters Capricorn, makes 2017 a difficult year for you. At the same time, it offers you big opportunities to lay foundations for your life. If you were born on the third decanate of your sign, you will be under pressure at family or professional level. You need big endurance to balance on facts that can change your life. The pressure at home might be due to a relationship, which is not exciting anymore and wonders whether the next step is to breakup or to have a family. You might notice that your partner has some health issues or is moody, which means you cannot turn your back on him/her. Your parents might have health troubles, you might realise they grow older and that you must assume new responsibilities for which you are called upon to be prepared much sooner. One way or another, you understand that the question is not to redecorate your house or move so as to change the climate in your life, but to redefine your role in essential relationships of years.

At professional level, you will be under pressure, because you must change the way you handle your job as well as people you work with. You notice that some people cannot keep on working as they were used to. It is an excellent opportunity to assume roles you dreamt of or to start practising so as to be the person who inspires and offers a new vision; otherwise a professional effort will seize to exist. If you feel trapped in a professional environment, it is not recommended that you just look for a new job. You should seek to invest in new studies that might not be related to your older studies since you are about to change your career. If you see that your surroundings in the country you are do not agree with your way of thinking, then you might go on a journey to a new country where you seek to establish your new living environment in March, April or September. 



The first set of eclipses takes place in February with the Lunar eclipse in Leo on February, 11 leading. This eclipse  might scare you, because there are rumours regarding the change of your financial status, or because you are not paid in time. You will have to focus on your health, because fatigue might result into a burn out, or beware of changing weather conditions, because you are prone to illnesses. At amorous level, your mood is not really elevated or you have thoughts regarding your past. You might therefore contact somebody, who could upset your existing life. The Solar eclipse in Pisces on February, 26 might be a big trap for your life shall you focus on experiencing amorous dilemmas, because it seems you cannot have clear views and solutions. A new acquaintance might let your imagination grow and make you leave behind what you built lately, but you had better be careful. At professional level, it seems that a new road opens ahead of you so long as you have reassured your remuneration and you can maintain the communication with a working environment that offer you clear solutions until today. I would suggest you live the dream, but at the same time, hold somebody’s hand, who can bring you back to reality when you miss your step.

The second set of eclipses takes place in August with the Lunar eclipse in Aquarius on August, 7 leading. You will have to take care of your health as well as that of close-to-you people, because an accident or an unexpected disease might occur, which changes the flow of your daily routine. You had also better beware of your colleagues, because they might spread rumours which will harm your public image unless you entitled them to do so and you cannot refuse what is said. If you receive a new professional offer, avoid listening to the opinion of many people before shaping your final decision, because you must be isolated and connect with your inner world so as to reach any final decisions. The Solar eclipse in Leo on August, 21 might signal your decision regarding an offer you received and seems to scare you. I would suggest you trusted your instinct and avoided using your mind, because only then will you reach the right decision. If there is a health issue, a kind of alternative treatment can give you the solution. This will inaugurate a new way of thinking regarding the way you consume your time in activities that have no real advantage for your life. 


True Node

The axis of the Moon’s nodes will still be in the axis of your sign until May, 9 (the North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces). This means that the first four months of 2017 will be crucial for important decisions in your interpersonal relationships. If you were born on the first decanate of your sign, you might be about to commit to a relationship or break up, you might move or return to your family house, or you might have to take serious decisions about your children. The first four months of the year can bring karmic changes to your life that could excite you and make you jump into the void. Your need though, to escape from a personal or professional environment that bogs you down might push you towards such decisions. They are hard to explain, unless you allow your feelings have a say in the final decisions.

The axis of the Moon’s nodes enters the axis of Leo/Aquarius (the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius) on May, 9 and indicates that it is the highest time you speeded up and you accepted some things as such. At work, correlations might change and you might have to monitor people you work with well, because there are people who aim at harming you. You might assume a supportive role in a group which seeks the voice of reason; that somebody who will inspire without shouting; that person who pulls the strings by maintaining a creative atmosphere without any upsets. You are also called upon to deal with your frequent mood swings that might also bring to the fore troubles regarding your physical health. Take care of your psychological balance. Add activities to your daily life with changes and exciting actions. Avoid becoming who the others want you to be, because you will hurt yourself and it will be visible on your body. You run a period when you must have reached decisions that satisfy you and your wishes. If this is not the case, it is the highest time you cleared your life even if you have to admit you made mistakes during the last months

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